From Being Managed To becoming Managers

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, October 12, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

"India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." - Mark Twain.

From Being Managed To becoming Managers.
India and her children were once considered as ASSETS and we were treated as entities made for stakes.
We were once managed by them and time has come for us to help them show HOW TO MANAGE ?
Interestingly we are not teaching them how to manage our stuffs but their's own.

Cinema is a medium, for an instance, if a Hollywood film shows Italians as people who are either olive oil marketers or hailing from some Mafia, such perspectives shall be etched in our minds. So are you Italian ? You belong to which Mafia ? Do you sell olive oil ?
And so for people Vietnam, China and in the queue INDIA with theirs and ours own identity these movies throw.

Lets take a look...
Now India in the world's eyes shall be seen as Indians either dark or dusky guys. If it is an Indian man, he will be wearing a turban, possibly an athletic man and often employed either as cab driver or as a bouncer abroad. Indians living in their country shall only be seen as livestock owners.

Congested roads, cattle loitering as an Ambassador car propels by farting smog, dusky women in Ghoongat (veiled saree) carrying water pots, dark snake charmers minting money, mild Hindustani music in the background and girls in the outfit of Mughal's courtyard dancing for the beats...
This is how Hollywood and most of the bond movies featured India a couple of decades ago.

That's India that was not. Well, let me rephrase a little, that's India partially it was and it is.

As years rolled, Hollywood in the early 2000's also had it's evolution.
Then India was portrayed as a bunch of hard working youths fitted with headphones and speaking before rectangle shaped monitors in different voice modulations assisting Americans in some hectic banking process or with some product services.  

Thanks to A R Rahman and Slumdog Millionaire.
Many of the Hollywood movies had Hindustani flavour in their beats, that for a change flavoured the globe with some Desi factor.
Whatsoever, world continues to see India as a place spread with poverty and as unhygienic ground. To an extent it was true, being an Indian as we pollute the road each day, we must have the heart to agree as well.

These are the perspectives that cinema spotlights India as...
In reality, India has developed a little but in many fields. India is glowing and emerging.
World nations find India as country of opportunity, as someone said the ensuing century belongs to India and China. Blah Blah Blah...

Development factor in India and for India as a nation is still not so illustrious but it is promising.
On the contrary, Indians have scaled new heights. I meant the Indians who are not living in India. Be it Indian origin guys or also the Non Residential Indians (NRI), they are soaring like anything.

Indians on Demand...
Global giant conglomerates are being run by Indian born Chief Executive Officers (CEO).

Whenever I double click on Adobe Photoshop, all that my eyes focus were on a bunch of Indian names. Balakrishnan, Narayanan, Prthiviraj etc.
Pepsi, Adobe, Deutsche bank, NASA and many a semiconductor forms are administrated by Indians.

Google's Pitchai (Google Images)

Microsoft's Nadella (Google Images)

What is the need for giants like Microsoft and Google to appoint Indians for the coveted posts?

Well, I believe that we the Indians are just composed like our own masala movies.

We know how to respect people, we are tricky enough to know how to win over something by investing our words (Sycophancy). We know how to conserve our vital resources (only when it is our's hard earned but not our natural resources).
Of all, we know how to build a relationship and how to sustain it under all odds.

Basically, adjusting/flexibility and manoeuvring our lives as per our roads are in our DNA.
May be because of that, Europeans and Americans might keep their bets on Indians for heading their billion dollar firms.

We are humble enough to accept our mistakes and may be because of our religion and people around us, we fear for our conscience (not all of us).
We are people on smart pants, we are nothing lesser to our counterparts living in New Hampshire or New Orleans.

Since majority of us started our lives from scrap, we know how to keep our kingdom rigid.
We are known for our temperament and we are as always known for AIMS.

As long as we have our indigenous 'Indian Values' and the ability to achieve stuffs from grass root level and also the kindness, hospitality we are gifted with...
World shall go in the DESI way...
The day is not so far when and where Holywood shall portray Indians as managers of familiar companies and India as a potential land for qualified managers.

Thanks to our family structures and our centuries old tradition.

We are what we are because of what we were !

Submitted for Indiblogger-Lufthansa contest.

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A fantastic product steal

Deepak Karthik | Thursday, October 02, 2014 | | Best Blogger Tips
A fantastic product steal

Though, I might not be a vigorous online shopper, but i would definitely like to share a recent online shopping indulgence of mine, that might make me shop more liberately from now on. I recently bought a skater dress from the ‘monochrome edition’ section of Myntra, which truly allured me into purchasing it. More than the dress itself, the entire look and feel of the ‘Monochrome section’ was fantastic. 

Almost everything under this category seemed worth grabbing, but thankfully I could get a hold of myself and came down to one scintillating dress out of all. But in the search of a perfect dress for me, I ended up choosing the one that was also huge in price. But by then, I had made up my mind to buy it by any means!!!

This is what led me to search for Myntra deals and offers, and it is when I came across a fantastic website named CupNation where you can find almost every retailer offering you with the best deals. Luckily, I found the latest Myntra couponson the same couponing website. And I picked up the latest coupon code for Myntra, which was also perfectly applicable on my purchase amount. The coupon code promised to help me grab an additional rebate on my total purchase amount…..and it actually did!!! As soon as i applied this coupon code on the checkout page of Myntra website, I grabbed a discount on my entire purchase amount…

BINGO!!! And that truly made me really-really delighted.  Over all, a great online shopping experience at Myntra is what I indulged in, a few days back. More credit goes to CupoNation which is one of the India’s huge inventory for coupons!!!!!
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A middle-aged man was seen sobbing badly with a pack of ladoos before a portrait. A portrait of an old man adorned with flowers and incense sticks. Finest quality of ladoos and aromatic sticks available they are.

His hand is full of ladoos, ladoos that can tickle taste buds. Ladoos in handsome quantity,
but why was he weeping then ?

PIC: Google images

Well, his deceased dad was fond of ladoos but never got an aplenty of chances to taste them as his only son was busy buying candies for his own wards. And the weeping son had no time to spend for his feeble father but had enough to change Facebook status and display pictures every now and then.

Now, he abuses god and the weak heart of his father's for snatching away the old man from him.
Just like he abused the invisible god for taking away his mother a couple of years back.

It took a heart to realise the importance of ladoos in his life at the cost of a heart which is now probably engulfed by raging fire which was set by none other than him.

"How delightful my father would have felt if the realisation has come a little earlier?", he lamented.
A couple of dogs looking at the scene barked,
"Funny humans, aren't they?. They starve a heart that beats for love love and feeds a portrait with all their hearts."

Let's show some love for hearts whose stations can be reached any time now !
Better late than never.

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What are the Specialty of Jogging Shoes

Deepak Karthik | Friday, August 22, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

What are the Specialty of Jogging Shoes

Wearing old and worn out sneakers for jogging or running is completely unadvisable. Such shoes do not offer the right amount of comfort and support required which results in lower-back or foot pain. Jogging shoes are specially designed to provide benefits in comparison to regular sneakers while jogging or running. The key features that make them so special are listed out below so that you can profit by investing on them and using them for jogging purposes.
Chief Characteristics of Jogging Shoes:
Here are the chief characteristics of jogging shoes that differentiate them from other regular shoes in terms of their build:
  • Outsole – This is the jogging shoe’s bottom or base part and the quality ones usually comprise of two rubber varieties in the outsole including the blown and the carbon rubber. While the carbon rubber has much weight and is stiff in nature, the blown rubber happens to be light in weight and is flexible as well as cushioned. Any pair of good jogging shoes will have split heel and flex grooves in the outsole. The flex grooves are meant to fit in horizontally from across the outsole’s forefront and tend to roll plus flex the foot ‘at the ball’ while jogging. Split heel on the other hand, encourages the heel-to toe functionality while jogging.
  • Midsole – This is basically the area lying between the upper art and the outsole and is made from shock-absorbent material. Its construction as well as material composition influences the support and cushioning system of the shoe which is why midsole holds great importance. A functional jogging shoe will contain either of the two cushioning types; i.e. the EVA and the polyurethane. The former is light in weight and offers durability as well as stability while cushioning the shoe; while the latter is denser and more stable adding heaviness to the shoe composition. The stiff materials within the midsole offer overall stability and prevent excess of inward rolling.
  • Upper – This is the jogging shoe’s outer body and the materials used for making this part needs to be heavy-duty leather and lightweight mesh. Such materials not only offer stability but also snug fit and comfort.
You can find the most comfortable and highly efficient branded jogging shoes at healthkart at quite reasonable prices. is one of the most popular online shopping stores for sports equipments and accessories today which provides health and fitness products at discounted rate by using healthkart coupons for more offer and deal visit
Other factors that you must know while shopping for jogging shoes include the following:
  • The Traction Factor:
As mentioned above, the rubber in outsole enables jogging in areas of rough terrain. Traction is also essential in the jogging shoes for maintaining balance in wet, sloping and other conditions where the earth is loose. This is the reason why you must look for jogging shoes with sufficient traction in the outsole.
  • The Breathability Factor:
Materials that promote breathability include synthetic leather and nylon. The synthetic leather is flexible and strong yet light in weight and is highly recommended. At times, manufacturers install thermoplastic urethane (TPU) in thin layers to increase the shoes’ durability along with the breathability factor. There are some waterproof jogging shoes that help keep moisture away while allowing the feet to breathe.

Healthgenie offers the most functional jogging shoes that have all the above factors in their build. These branded jogging shoes are highly preferred by sports persons and athletes and you can easily access them through this popular online shopping store at truly affordable prices.
- *Guest Post

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The Contagious...

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, August 17, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

There are several blog posts of mine that I wrote owing either to the compulsion of the people or succumbing to the tyranny of the time. But, many of the fewest posts that I pen down due to the impact caused by several occurrences deep down in my heart are either appreciated by my friends or left untouched and unused alike the public dust bin.

Cutting down the crap, here we go to the post...

                                                         " The Contagious "

Before I begin, trust me this post is not about EBOLA.
Over a period of time as humans rolled down the clock, some deadly diseases have always scared the shit out of the humans. Be it plague of the past or Ebola of the present or whatever disease that gonna threaten our humanity in the future.

Why is that only negative things are so contagious than positive things?
Why our happiness are not contagious ? or why not our love be contagious ?
Can they never be contagious ?
Not really, They CAN BE.
But we simply are so lazy to take initiatives...

Human beings have become so busy, the other day, I saw a man who is familiar to me got injured in an accident. All that I did was just stopped my bike and ran to rescue him. He gave me a smile and said that he is all right. I was not alone, there were people around him but all of them are people known to him.
It is HIGHLY unlikely for me to stop my vehicle if he was a stranger to me.

Deep down in our heart, we have the GOOD us. The good person in us who cares for a total stranger, 

'Son, get into the bus. Don't stand near the foot board.'
'Sister, your shawl appears to be vulnerable for getting struck in the rear wheel. Tighten it.'

These words may look so normal and so casual. When we utter such word and when we move away from the spot, as I said, deep down in us we will have a very very special feel that money cannot buy.

Incident 1:

I have my friend Vidhya who used to tell me the below...
'Never donate a rupee or two for a old aged homeless people. If we can afford, why don't we buy them some food or drinks. That would feel great.'
Later, I saw her buying a dinner for a homeless woman. That smile on that unknown woman's face, damn... You know, those are the thing that world needs the most.

That contagious thought grasped me...
Couple of weeks later, a homeless grandma came to me and sought some money. Though I had enough to donate, I bought her a tender coconut.
'Have this' I said and gave her the greeny tiny tender coconut with a straw.

Since that incident that took place by early hours, the whole day, I was so happy. I felt so positive and I felt so good about myself.

Incident 2:

I was so held up with my work on a busy day and of course it was a worst day with my mobile crashing out and I was rushing home on a rainy night.
I had a fellow passenger and it was obvious that he hails from some North-East state.
He spoke so good English. Fine English, that was way better from a daily labour.
We spoke, we spoke and went on...

He hails from a poor family, as an eldest son, he left his studies after 12th. Since then, he has been a nomad, working at hotels, construction sites and metal industries across the states of India.

I asked him, 'Why don't you head for home.?'
I know, It was a stupid question. But, I wanted to know how he expresses it.
He said, 'Bro, my siblings are studying. Parents, they are cultivators. I wish I could contribute some breads to my family. So, here I am.'

He was around my age and it was evident that he took his life so cool. May be he confiscated his feeling within him and could have acted as if he was all right.
I had this urge, give him some money...
I asked him how much money he has for a journey for Bangalore.
Surprisingly he had nil bucks in his wallet. And he said that his friend who was sitting at the other end was helping him out for reaching Bangalore.

I did not advise him but I gave him few encouraging words about his guts and contribution for his own bloods somewhere near the mountainous slope of Assam. I offered him few traditional Tamil savouries like groundnut candy and sesame candy. His face was filled with happiness. I gave him some 200 bucks, asked him to use it for food.

He was speechless and astonished. 'I never imagined that a total stranger from thousand kilometres away from home could help me like this.'
I told this incident to none of family members as they would suggest that I was fooled by some tricky man. But, seriously, the joy he had on his heart was so evident.

I shared him my Facebook ID and asserted him that I ll let him know if I come across any opportunities of his interest.

We do have some people whom we like less.
If we don't like their company and if we believe that they don't deserve our company, all that we can do is just leave the hall without noise.
Why go argue and fight ? Why aggravate pains ?
Art of leaving is so tough to pursue but too damn good for peace.

One good contribution of yours can let the people around to forget what you WERE and focus upon what you ARE.
SO Here I End This Post By Saying A So Easy Phrase And At The Same Time A So Tough Phrase To Practice.
If you have the power to make someone happy do it the world needs more of that ."

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TINSI- A Tale of Metal Hearts

Deepak Karthik | Saturday, June 21, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

Bob Dylan, a famous American Musician once said, 'What is money?, a man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.'

Bob Dylan is not alone, here comes my favorite actor Anthony Hopkins. Let's take a look at what Mr.Shining said, 'Passion is the genesis of genius.'

I know a couple of guys with whom I shared the 'Automobile Engineering' classes at SASTRA University, Thanjavur. When you have the passion glowing within, whatever comes your way to prevent you from achieving something shall find its place at graveyard. Similarly, these two guys are most active guys of the whole Mechanical Engineering class as these two boys would always have the answers for any question that our professor asks. So, I had this intuition that these guys gonna pursue something closely associated with Automobiles. As I guessed, the two guys YASH SRIVATSAVA and GOPAL KRISHNA from Uttar Pradesh are pursuing something often branded as 'ROCKET SCIENCE' among our society.

'What they have done?' is a question which should have been the most familiar question for Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and our own Flipkart's Bansals. Not just them, it ought to be the familiar question for anyone who staples his heart and body to a field he loves most and fights from anything to everything for quenching his dreams.

While watching the Formula 1 racing events, am not sure how many you had this though but I had and I still have it. 'Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault.... When shall we witness an Indian firm's name ?.'

Yeah, we do have Force India racing team. Kudos to them for familiarizing the sport in India. But apart from Karun Chandhok and Narain Karthikeyan, how many of our Indian names have surfaced in the event ? how many of our Indian manufacturers names have flashed in our televisions ?

It is not that we do not have the talents but the fact is, our talents are camouflaged by fear of failure, fear for family, and fear about society. Because of such fears, so many Einsteins and so many Rutherfords from India were reduced to ashes by terminating their lives as a peon in some government offices.

Unlike them, Yash and Gopal have initiated TINSI Race Cars for two reasons...
1) It's their passion and they are pursuing it.
They have the dream to change the way people and even Engineers look at Engineering. As one of my professor Mr.Pugazhendi always quote, 'Engineering is all about planning and execution.'

Here we go, a chit chat with the minds behind TINSI.

1) What is TINSI ?

Well, I hear you. So your thought process is going like this? , 'Even as our roads remain pathetic for commuting with a cycle, are you joking ? Racing cars in India ?. I can watch them in ESPN.'

If Vikram Sarabhai had such thoughts, there would be no ISRO and so no Chandraayan.
If  Abdul Kalam preferred not to take risks but to end up as a boat builder, we would have missed an inspiration.

Sending out a clear message to the society that there is nothing such called rocket science, TINSI was initiated with an aim to familiarize the least spoken topics of automobile and that is 'Racing Cars.'

"To eradicate this misconception, it is required to correctly train the young engineers, who are just going to step into the professional field. At present, even the dedicated Automobile Engineering courses in India are not providing the students with enough information about a lot of things which form the back bone of the entire vehicle behaviour. Modules like Vehicle dynamics, which are major topics of research in UK and Germany, are not discussed in an elaborate manner. This leads to a situation where a modern day student of India becomes an easy prey to the belief that what he/she learns in Engineering School will not be practically used in his/her professional life. It further leads to a lack of enthusiasm towards learning. 
Thus, to arouse among the young engineers, a passion for the real Automotive Engineering, TINSI has been launched. " as quoted by TINSI. 

In a nutshell, tell us what are you planning to convey through TINSI ?

"TINSI conveys to society and especially young minds to follow their hearts, to pursue something in life without which it is even difficult to breathe, to enjoy your work. A lot of youngsters come to TINSI asking what is good for their future or what will be the scope of the profession they pursue. This is a very serious situation. This kills new thoughts, new initiatives that have capability to take the civilization forward. The fear of failure has been infested so deeply in the hearts of youngsters that they are not ready to make mistakes. TINSI tells them it’s your life go get what you want. TINSI instills in young minds confidence to convert their hobby into their profession. 

TINSI believes that you are successful when your hobby becomes your profession because this journey, which is full of fears and situations that tear you apart, converts you into an invincible force which is ready to face any circumstances even outside your profession. TINSI conveys to youngsters that money and fame are the by-products of the work that you enjoy. Money and fame automatically follow you if you do what you love. "
Yash Srivatsava (Left), Gopal Krishna (Middle) with their beast.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I am happy to share you a fact...
You know what, many of my Mechanical Enginner friends does not even have the faintest idea of  'How to change a flat tyre when stranded in a road and perhaps, half of them doesn't know HOW TO DRIVE A CAR.' But trust me, they are Mechanical Engineers. So it is evident that there is something very wrong with our Engineering curriculum, there is a difference between playing cricket and reading a book briefing the joyous moments of playing cricket. what we lack here is 'PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE!.'

How do you find the education system in India ? Especially the Engineering curriculum ?

"Education system in India since nursery is more syllabus oriented then Student oriented. It focuses more on completion of a particular syllabus in a class, rather then focusing on the development of students. So we think in schools, instead of covering syllabuses, students should be given opportunities to learn about every profession, so that they can get a feel of everything. They should be monitored and motivated towards pursuing the skill they are found best at. This is how you invoke hunger for skills in a kid, who can later become an expert professional. Every expert professional loves what he does and this love can be more passionate if it starts at a young age. How wonderful one will feel, if he/she starts something as a hobby and later forms a career out of it ? 
Therefore degree courses come later, firstly school education has to be changed. If the input (kind of students) to the degree courses will be good, then the things in engineering curriculum or any other degree curriculum will have to change, as weak trees cannot stand intense storms. "

Five years down the lane, where you see yourself and TINSI ?

"Five years from now we see ourselves having all the technical facilities for Research and Development in the field of Race Car Engineering. We also see ourselves technically sound and experienced to assist Indian Road Car Manufacturers towards implementing our Racing data in road car development, hence enhancing the safety levels of road cars and enhancing their dynamics and performance features, thus making them more accessible.

In parallel we would like to change the way people and even engineers look at engineering, as just a job oriented training. We would like to do that by setting engineers as examples in front of the society, for people to see the real role of an engineer in society building. "

As a classmate and as a person who admired you guys for following your passion, I wish you all the very best for your endeavors. I wish that someday I can proudly say by pointing my fingers at TV screen, 'Those guys standing nearby that bright racing machine and I were classmates.'

To know more about TINSI, Chk
TINSI Facebook page-

Hitting roads !

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I Miss Her !

Deepak Karthik | Saturday, May 03, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

We are in a relationship for more than half-a-decade by now.
We never had a fight except during the times of troubled internet connection.
She never demanded me a thing, neither she frowned her face.
Of course, we both had struggled a big time while in the period of viral infections.

She nurtured me, she taught me words, she taught me how to write,

And of all, she gave me beautiful and talented friends.
I owe her on a large scale.
The kind of love she had and she have on me is what we call as an unconditional love.

Damn, I was an idiot all these five years.
I expected her to shower me more, I expected her to attract people for me.

I expected her to stay beautiful and stay same as she was in the beginning.
Neither she asked me a question nor refused to act for my commands.

In the midst of my negligence and laxness, she still supports me and acknowledges me.
My love, from my head to toe, I swear in the name of god,

You are the reason for what I am today.
You are the reason for the office I hold today.
You are the only person who reflected my vision without being doctored and the soulless soul that helps me to exhibit the few talents of mine.
But today, I am being swayed. I could not able to spend much time with you considering the chemistry we had in the past that envied half the keypad world..

I sincerely miss you.
I will find a way in the coming days to spend my hours for you, to beat out each other's loneliness.
Till then rest my love. Rest !

- I miss you my blog !

Beloved fellow bloggers,
My blog is not the lone thing am missing but also the post of yours.
I recall the days with Indiblogger, those memorable days, when I was fortunate enough to read the best posts that Indian blogosphere could ever see.
I am missing all those fun nowadays. 

Do not forget me :D
Pardon me if I am not consistent in reading post of yours, Will try to be back soon !

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The Aspiring Author – Checklist!

Deepak Karthik | Thursday, May 01, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

Hi all,
If you are curiously reading this post then you might be one of the Author-Wannabes who are following the footsteps of ChetanBhaghat, Amish Tripathi, or PreetiShenoy. India is a weird country, the following meme nails it!

Most of the aspiring authors are engineers who desperately want to show their hidden skills; so what do they do? Blog! Yeah, that’s how all author aspirants try to gain some fan base. Blogging is to Writing as CAT is to IIM – at times, this is true and at times this can be a serious case of stereotyping. Well, as a professional content editor and writer myself I have come across a lot of newbie authors (bloggers and non-bloggers) – few I know personally, and a few professionally. Knowing different people is an art of gaining different experiences that we can never gain by ourselves in this lifetime. I have compiled a checklist that every aspiring author should keep in mind. More than a checklist, this will be a series of Do’s and Don’ts.

1.       Never Quit That 5 Digit Salary Job: You might be earning somewhere ranging from 10,000 to 80,000 or even more based on your experience, talent, LUCK, and the buttering skills (no offence meant :P ). Now, in the craziness of becoming an author don’t quit the job. Want to know why? Well, you can write a full-fledged novel (when I say novel it is a book of 70,000 words or more) in some 2 months’ to 2 years’ time (depending on your momentum); the proofreading, editing phases, publishing, and release will take another 1 year. So it almost takes 1-2 years to give life to a book and as a debutant author, you may earn a profit ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 6,00,000 or if lucky even more. I am not scaring you, I am just telling the worst case scenario and a probable best case scenario. So 2 years of time and only this much profit, still want to kill the golden egg laying hen (your corporate job)?

2.       Pick your genre wisely: Once you have decided that you are going to write a novel the first thing that should be picked is a genre. Decide what you want to write about at an outer level – Fiction or Non-Fiction. Further scrutinize and find a proper genre in it. Most of the writers just write a memoir or something from their life. Yeah, it is a great idea – you already have the story and screenplay, you just need to revamp it with commercial elements. However, that depends on two things – how effective your story telling skills are and how beguiling your story is. The two best examples of semi-autobiographies or memoirs which caused a sensation are “2 States” – ChetanBhagat and “I too had a love story” – Ravinder Singh. The other option is to go for a really crispy story or concept and build it from the scratch. Most of the Indian authors of this era are writing cheesy, slapstick, and light-hearted romantic novels. These maybe good for a one time read but then if you want to nail it big, think different. You may stick on to romance but add more elements like thriller, comedy, or even melodrama.

3.       Research: This is one of the most important to-dos for any aspiring author. To write one book, you should have read at least 20 different books. You shouldn’t copy or adopt anyone’s style or concept but you need to learn from the positives and negatives of each book. To become an ardent writer, you need to be a voracious reader first. Read different books, short stories, columns, newspaper, blogs, etc. Inspiration may come from anything and everything.

4.      Write Daily:Consider write as a rite! Write at least a page daily – a poem, a story, a diary entry, or anything imaginative. Like any other skills, writing also improves by practice. If you are feeling the writer’s block then you need to relax and concentrate on other hobbies for a day or two and then write again. If you feel that you don’t have enough topics to write about, there are a lot of online blogging communities which provide daily, weekly, or monthly prompts. My recommendations are Daily Post by WordPress, Write Tribe, and IndiSpire by IndiBlogger.

5.       Connect with people: As a writer, you must connect more with the people. This is not just for increasing your followers or fan base but also to know what the readers want from you. As a blogger, having fellow bloggers as blog readers is more than sufficient, however if you want to be an author then you must connect to non-blogger readers also. They are the ones who will buy your book in lumps and they are the actual fan base. Fellow bloggers or writers will be a motivational factor, as well a very good critic but at the end of the day when you publish a book, the public opinion matters and remember, “Never underestimate the power of a common man”.

6.       Attachment and Detachment: When you want to be a writer, you must be attached as well as detached. You must be attached to feel and empathize with every single person and story around you at the same time be detached enough to write about it.

7.       Publishing Woes: Okay, so you have found a genre, conceptualized a story, wrote daily, connected with people, and got inspiration from real life scenarios, completed the writing – What’s next? Publishing!! Well, before that there are couple of other steps like proof reading and editing but let’s wrap it all up into a single term called publishing. So what exactly should you do in this phase?

·    Do the primary proofreading. I know, it is difficult to proofread you own story, but the primary proofreading should be done by you to retain the authenticity of your work. Do it carefully and relaxingly.

·    Write a witty, catchy, and unique synopsis for the story – Don’t give away the story but still make it very appealing.

·     Make a clear cut summary – this is the one wherein you will write the whole plot in a single page.

·     Keep an intriguing and impressive title to your story – Keep it as unique and as catchy as possible.

·    Mail the title, and sample chapters (mostly 3 chapters – 6,000-12,000 words) to the publishers. Also, courier them if needed.

·   Don’t send it to too many publishers. Select the top level publishers and mail them. They generally take 30-90 days of time to get back to you. Breathe, relax, and wait. Once they get back to you and if the answer is affirmative then you can move on with the steps they say, else just relax and repeat the procedure with the next set of publishers.

·    Decide on one thing before mailing the publishers – do you want the book to be published immediately or you want to be published with the reputed publishers? There are lot of self-publishing houses which will charge you some investment for publishing, and they will publish the book within 2-3 months. If you prefer to go with traditional publishing then go for the traditional publishing houses, they won’t charge you anything and the publishing process is fully traditional and streamlined; it will take a minimum of 6 months – 1 year to get published.

I hope the article was informative. If you are interested to know more, I will be glad to do write more on each of the above mentioned issues separately.

Happy Reading and Writing!
Lots of Love,

SrilakshmiIndrasenan aka Stri is a freelance content writer and editor. She writes technical, creative, fiction, motivational, fashion, and relationship based contents. She has 4+ years of experience in content writing and editing and also she is open to jobs like EmCee and Wedding planning. She blogs at where she writes on categories like fashion, social issues, short stories, memoir, reviews, and humor. Reach out to her at or on her FB Page:

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The Parallel Pitches

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, February 23, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

In the world's largest democracy, anyone to everyone can draw parallels between three most powerful fields of the nation. These three fields are immortally intertwined with money, power and fame. And at rare occasions few sting operation would expose the truth behind every colors but they shall fade as quick as they spread. 

If you are a citizen of the so called world's largest democracy, right now three words should have come out of your mouth. ' Politics, Cricket and Bollywood ' If your answers were wrong, its time for you to pack your baggage and also to find asylum.

No matter how infinitesimal or robust the parallels are, these three fields are omnipresent at podium. I would like to brag about one such,

If India and Indians, especially the Indians who dwell at the social networking sites are 'SO MUCH KEEN' on ditching a cricketing team captain for leading his 11 men team to quite a few losses abroad, then why these same so called 'CHANGE SEEKERS' show no interest on changing the lives of about 1.2 billion and counting people over their frustrated attempts on several such failures at the hands of incapable bureaucrats ???

Very interestingly as many knows and as few knows it without understanding the essence, Politicians stage dramas with their responsibilities at office and so the cricketers play politics with their games, and finally actors, actress harness their fans and turns as vote banks for making a foray into much bigger stage called politics. But all three fields are fueled pretty well by currencies. Of course am talking about the pebbles but certainly not about the few existed and existing diamonds at the box.

No matter how worse the situation goes, we can keep sharing status and we can an expertise advice as I just did.
Moreover, we the bloggers and we the social net-workers will be getting topics to blog about every now and then until the majority sector of the nation realizes what's going on.   

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