Swadharme Nidhanam Shreyaha !

Was it mother's womb?
Was it heaven or hell? Was it day or night?

Why I couldn't move myself?
How many days have passed?
Why is that nobody wakes me?

Am I dead or was it a dream?

Indistinct chatter...
Corporal Hanumanthappa, are you with us?

Chopper blade propels...

Chillness failed to freeze his courage...

- Swadharme Nidhanam Shreyaha !
(It is glory to die doing one's duty)

A Boatman's Son

Ever since writing has become my profession, I have stopped writing for my blog. Writing 1000+ words a day and again to write 500+ words for my blog might appear to be an easy task but NO. Putting aside such reasons, I vowed to write a blog post for the man who inspired me to follow my dreams.

There are two kinds of longing. People would often long for a birth in silver spoon family perhaps to take avatar as a sports star or as some successful actor just because they are well acclaimed during and after their lifetime.

The second kind is pretty weird and those are the people who longs to die like a legend, die as a hero which I call as everlasting death.

Many people would make us long and would make us to regret for taking birth in a middle class family or perhaps to have born as not so handsome face or not so glamourous body.
But only very few people would make us feel right from the heart as ‘Wow, what a death! I wish to die like him.’

Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is one such kind and only such kind in the past few decades.
Ironically born to a man who makes boat and help people to reach their shores with the help of lighthouse, Kalam did the same for many of the youths. He guided and will continue to guide the youths just like a boatman.

Modesty and simplicity are the traits I would seek from a fellow human being. Not on many occasions I would such people who by putting aside their talents, money, and stature for mingling with a common man just like interacting with a person belonging to a same family.
Being a well acclaimed statesman, noted scientist, proven bureaucrat, incomparable human being, Dr Kalam was a man that we cannot imagine or expect to surface again in our life.

My Personal Association-
By then I had completed my Engineering degree after a very longggg fight and struggles. During my college days, I would often boast my close friends that one day I would become a journalist. They either laughed at me or discouraged me by stating that why did you opt for Engineering? If you are decided to go with journalism, why study Engineering, a common question. Meanwhile, it was the time my brother had bought ‘Wings of Fire’ book of APJ. Going through his failures, I developed some sort of temporary confidence and belief that someday I could get my dream job. As believed, It happened a little later but it happened. Dream and passion were the two great mission and vision that APJ imparted to me through his book. Honestly, not for the sake of writing this post, I was personally influenced by Kalam for his call to work towards our dream.

Work in India-
What are we doing now? We pick a most controversial issue, and we debate it for hours. We pour in our opinions that we gathered through the social media and some paper reports. But we would do all these by sitting in an AC room perhaps in an AC room of USA or some other nation. We never get out to the real issue but we will talk for hours about what’s wrong with India.

Kalam refused several of his offers that came out of the boundaries for one reason, which is he was determined to use his talents and resources only for India. How many of us would have done this if we were Kalam, I would not have. And so many of us…
Kalam wasn’t the role model for youths alone!

Many people say that Kalam is a role model for youths, yes. I don’t disagree.
How about his message in the form of his life for the grown adults, I meant the experienced persons with their age crossing beyond 50 years. He was the most loved senior citizen of the nation. He achieved it by his own formula. Don’t just blame the younger generation, teach them a lesson with your own life. Teach them what obedience is through your own actions.

Imagine how our nation would have transformed, if many of our former, current Prime Ministers and Presidents have had some of the traits of Dr Kalam.
I have been to Rameshwaram. The queue for entering the Rameshwaram temple was the biggest queue that you can spot in the island.

I have been to Chennai, been to both Chepauk cricket stadium and some of the leading multiplex theatres. Youths crowding there was the longest kind of queue you can see in Chennai which surpasses the queue in public distribution shop.
All these combined, people in thousands were queued up to pay final tribute for the late former President at Rameshwaram. How it happened? Even as a man with 10 kids was forced to live on the streets, how can a bachelor man attracts such crowd?

As Gandhiji said, everyone’s life is a story.
We all know what sort of story Kalam’s was!
Let’s inspire the generations to come, following at least one of his wish could bring a great difference in the life of some people who awaits it.  

Finally, there were some claims to undermine the achievements of Kalam.
I don't want to get into it, but I am sure that Kalam was an excellent human being than any form of his profession ranging from teacher to scientist.
He was the man who proved that height, colour, ethnicity, and language have got nothing to do with achievements.


Tamil Versus Sanskrit

Of late, there has been a much of a talk comparing the classical languages namely Tamil and Sanskrit.

Apparently it leads to a debate seeking which one of the languages is oldest and rich in heritage. Though it is of no pivotal use for us now to debate this lingual issue, it would be great to revive our past and even to carry a glimpse of such topics would be considered as stupendous contribution for generations to come.

So, Tamil versus Sanskrit.
I assure you, I am not going to be biased or eccentric with my post just because my mother tongue is Tamil.
As per the literatures of Tamil, one should respect others mother tongues as such he expects others to respect his own language. To each his own...

Before we go into the lingual debate, let us take a look at Hinduism which is considered as indigenous religion if India. Though India is secular and 'few' Indians are secular, we have to embrace the fact that Hinduism had played a pivotal role in shaping India all over the years.

Both Sanskrit and Tamil are associated with Hinduism.

In Hinduism, Manu has been considered as progenitor (first man) of humanity. It is said that Manu was once a king of Dravida kingdom, which is apparently located at Southern part of India. By then it should very much different. Besides, it is said that Manu moved to north along with seven sages to protect himself from great flood (Tsunami?). Later he went on to write Manusmriti, some sort of handbook for Hindus but Manusmriti wasn't a holy book for Hindus.

On the other hand, Kumari Kandam (Lemuria) is believed to have eaten up by Tsunami. Lemuria or Kumari Kandam is believed to be the oldest civilization ever existed, way ahead of Atlantis, Indus Valley and Sumerian.

If Manu was a king of Dravida kingdom, shouldn't he be a Dravidian having some indigenous language of his own other than Sanskrit. Could that be Tamil ? or some language that served as a prototype for Tamil. Speculations...

Besides, 55 percent of the inscriptions found in India had Tamil-Brahmi scripts.
However, experts say that Sanskrit had a rich grammar and had the ability to record it in written format.

Though Tamil still survives in both forms of speech and text, Sanskrit is by and large exists only in texts. Amount of Sanskrit speakers is way less compared to the native speakers of Tamil. Though we argue Sanskrit as mother of many European languages, perhaps Sanskrit might have had one for itself.

My speculation is that, Sanskrit could have evolved from Tamil (just a speculation, no proofs). Latter one survived and survives in vast area such as Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and some of Maldives. So the concept of Kumari Kandam, a submerged Lemuria civilization could be a plausible fact.

Apart from the that, it is widely accepted that Dravidians supplied food for Pandyas during the Kurukshetra. It should be possible either Dravidian kingdom must have been extended till today's Maharashtra and Gujarat. Supporting the speculation, even Indus Valley civilization had the Dravidian style of ponds with ghats on four sides.

I might be so wrong with my concepts, correct me if I'm wrong.
Comments and debates are welcome...

But I am so strong on saying one known fact here, contributions of Dravidians and anything from South such as the mightiness of Chera, Chola, and Pandyas were overshadowed by someone or something from the North.

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Neglecting Nearer Stuffs...

Few months ago, whole of India erupted in joy for celebrating the milestone achievement of an Indian made object entering another planet of our galaxy. Indeed a stupendous achievement it was. Lets' not talk rocket science.

I am from Thanjavur, if you are not familiar with this city you should probably Google as 'Thanjavur Big Temple'. If you have Googled, you must be seeing a gigantic stone made temple standing tall and pride. Whenever I used to mention about my home town, people used to ask me about the looks of Big Temple, the one we were talking about.

I shall not consider their enquiries seriously as I used to commute past the temple a number of times in a day. But for a person crossing the temple for first time, he would glance the monument as if a hungry beggar stares at Mutton Biriyani. Not just me, people hailing from such iconic locations would seriously give a damn for their icons existing within their boundaries. For people nearer to Taj Mahal, it is not a great big deal to talk about it. Similarly for people living at the down hills of Himalayas.

What we infer here is, we sporadically neglect our own identities situated nearer to us.  
Not just monument or people, even the history.

We talk so proud about the invasion of Alexander or Mongols, How many of us know about the great sea expeditions of Cholas. Cholas literally conquered several parts of today's South-East Asian nations beyond Sumatra Island.
One such neglected subject is Kumari Kandam.

Could be so true as several hypothesis commonly put forth a claim that world's oldest civilization could have perished at the ancient 'Lemuria' (submerged Kumari Kandam). The same land mass is also believed to have served as an ancestor to the Atlanteans (Atlantis), Aryans (Arctic) and other human civilization till today.
Though nothing can be proved with concrete evidences (as of now), I personally believe that there is a civilization sleeping beneath our modern day Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Poompuhar which is presently reduced to a meager fishing hamlet is speculated to have functioned as a major sophisticated port city of Lemurians.

While the underwater city 'Dwaraka' in the Gulf of Khambat was carbon dated to 9,500 years old. As per the Tamil myths, it is stated that the sea swallowed kingdom that was once believed to have situated in a land mass i.e. Kumari Kandam about 11,000 year ago. Kumari Kandam (Lemuria) could have existed in the same or earlier time frame of Atlantis which perished at the other end of ocean according to Plato.
WHATEVER, It is so sad to realize the fact that we the potential Indians do not have enough interested historians, funds and adequate technologies to probe this ancient treasure.

From Being Managed To becoming Managers

"India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." - Mark Twain.

From Being Managed To becoming Managers.
India and her children were once considered as ASSETS and we were treated as entities made for stakes.
We were once managed by them and time has come for us to help them show HOW TO MANAGE ?
Interestingly we are not teaching them how to manage our stuffs but their's own.

Cinema is a medium, for an instance, if a Hollywood film shows Italians as people who are either olive oil marketers or hailing from some Mafia, such perspectives shall be etched in our minds. So are you Italian ? You belong to which Mafia ? Do you sell olive oil ?
And so for people Vietnam, China and in the queue INDIA with theirs and ours own identity these movies throw.

Lets take a look...
Now India in the world's eyes shall be seen as Indians either dark or dusky guys. If it is an Indian man, he will be wearing a turban, possibly an athletic man and often employed either as cab driver or as a bouncer abroad. Indians living in their country shall only be seen as livestock owners.
Congested roads, cattle loitering as an Ambassador car propels by farting smog, dusky women in Ghoongat (veiled saree) carrying water pots, dark snake charmers minting money, mild Hindustani music in the background and girls in the outfit of Mughal's courtyard dancing for the beats...
This is how Hollywood and most of the bond movies featured India a couple of decades ago.

That's India that was not. Well, let me rephrase a little, that's India partially it was and it is.

As years rolled, Hollywood in the early 2000's also had it's evolution.
Then India was portrayed as a bunch of hard working youths fitted with headphones and speaking before rectangle shaped monitors in different voice modulations assisting Americans in some hectic banking process or with some product services.  

Thanks to A R Rahman and Slumdog Millionaire.
Many of the Hollywood movies had Hindustani flavour in their beats, that for a change flavoured the globe with some Desi factor.
Whatsoever, world continues to see India as a place spread with poverty and as unhygienic ground. To an extent it was true, being an Indian as we pollute the road each day, we must have the heart to agree as well.

These are the perspectives that cinema spotlights India as...
In reality, India has developed a little but in many fields. India is glowing and emerging.
World nations find India as country of opportunity, as someone said the ensuing century belongs to India and China. Blah Blah Blah...

Development factor in India and for India as a nation is still not so illustrious but it is promising.
On the contrary, Indians have scaled new heights. I meant the Indians who are not living in India. Be it Indian origin guys or also the Non Residential Indians (NRI), they are soaring like anything.

Indians on Demand...
Global giant conglomerates are being run by Indian born Chief Executive Officers (CEO).

Whenever I double click on Adobe Photoshop, all that my eyes focus were on a bunch of Indian names. Balakrishnan, Narayanan, Prthiviraj etc.
Pepsi, Adobe, Deutsche bank, NASA and many a semiconductor forms are administrated by Indians.

What is the need for giants like Microsoft and Google to appoint Indians for the coveted posts?

Well, I believe that we the Indians are just composed like our own masala movies.

We know how to respect people, we are tricky enough to know how to win over something by investing our words (Sycophancy). We know how to conserve our vital resources (only when it is our's hard earned but not our natural resources).
Of all, we know how to build a relationship and how to sustain it under all odds.

Basically, adjusting/flexibility and manoeuvring our lives as per our roads are in our DNA.
May be because of that, Europeans and Americans might keep their bets on Indians for heading their billion dollar firms.

We are humble enough to accept our mistakes and may be because of our religion and people around us, we fear for our conscience (not all of us).
We are people on smart pants, we are nothing lesser to our counterparts living in New Hampshire or New Orleans.

Since majority of us started our lives from scrap, we know how to keep our kingdom rigid.
We are known for our temperament and we are as always known for AIMS.
As long as we have our indigenous 'Indian Values' and the ability to achieve stuffs from grass root level and also the kindness, hospitality we are gifted with...
World shall go in the DESI way...
The day is not so far when and where Holywood shall portray Indians as managers of familiar companies and India as a potential land for qualified managers.

Thanks to our family structures and our centuries old tradition.

We are what we are because of what we were !

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A middle-aged man was seen sobbing badly with a pack of ladoos before a portrait. A portrait of an old man adorned with flowers and incense sticks. Finest quality of ladoos and aromatic sticks available they are.

His hand is full of ladoos, ladoos that can tickle taste buds. Ladoos in handsome quantity,
but why was he weeping then ?

PIC: Google images

Well, his deceased dad was fond of ladoos but never got an aplenty of chances to taste them as his only son was busy buying candies for his own wards. And the weeping son had no time to spend for his feeble father but had enough to change Facebook status and display pictures every now and then.

Now, he abuses god and the weak heart of his father's for snatching away the old man from him.
Just like he abused the invisible god for taking away his mother a couple of years back.

It took a heart to realise the importance of ladoos in his life at the cost of a heart which is now probably engulfed by raging fire which was set by none other than him.

"How delightful my father would have felt if the realisation has come a little earlier?", he lamented.
A couple of dogs looking at the scene barked,
"Funny humans, aren't they?. They starve a heart that beats for love love and feeds a portrait with all their hearts."

Let's show some love for hearts whose stations can be reached any time now !
Better late than never.

The Contagious...

There are several blog posts of mine that I wrote owing either to the compulsion of the people or succumbing to the tyranny of the time. But, many of the fewest posts that I pen down due to the impact caused by several occurrences deep down in my heart are either appreciated by my friends or left untouched and unused alike the public dust bin.

Cutting down the crap, here we go to the post...

                                                         " The Contagious "

Before I begin, trust me this post is not about EBOLA.
Over a period of time as humans rolled down the clock, some deadly diseases have always scared the shit out of the humans. Be it plague of the past or Ebola of the present or whatever disease that gonna threaten our humanity in the future.

Why is that only negative things are so contagious than positive things?
Why our happiness are not contagious ? or why not our love be contagious ?
Can they never be contagious ?
Not really, They CAN BE.
But we simply are so lazy to take initiatives...

Human beings have become so busy, the other day, I saw a man who is familiar to me got injured in an accident. All that I did was just stopped my bike and ran to rescue him. He gave me a smile and said that he is all right. I was not alone, there were people around him but all of them are people known to him.
It is HIGHLY unlikely for me to stop my vehicle if he was a stranger to me.

Deep down in our heart, we have the GOOD us. The good person in us who cares for a total stranger, 

'Son, get into the bus. Don't stand near the foot board.'
'Sister, your shawl appears to be vulnerable for getting struck in the rear wheel. Tighten it.'

These words may look so normal and so casual. When we utter such word and when we move away from the spot, as I said, deep down in us we will have a very very special feel that money cannot buy.

Incident 1:

I have my friend Vidhya who used to tell me the below...
'Never donate a rupee or two for a old aged homeless people. If we can afford, why don't we buy them some food or drinks. That would feel great.'
Later, I saw her buying a dinner for a homeless woman. That smile on that unknown woman's face, damn... You know, those are the thing that world needs the most.

That contagious thought grasped me...
Couple of weeks later, a homeless grandma came to me and sought some money. Though I had enough to donate, I bought her a tender coconut.
'Have this' I said and gave her the greeny tiny tender coconut with a straw.

Since that incident that took place by early hours, the whole day, I was so happy. I felt so positive and I felt so good about myself.

Incident 2:

I was so held up with my work on a busy day and of course it was a worst day with my mobile crashing out and I was rushing home on a rainy night.
I had a fellow passenger and it was obvious that he hails from some North-East state.
He spoke so good English. Fine English, that was way better from a daily labour.
We spoke, we spoke and went on...

He hails from a poor family, as an eldest son, he left his studies after 12th. Since then, he has been a nomad, working at hotels, construction sites and metal industries across the states of India.

I asked him, 'Why don't you head for home.?'
I know, It was a stupid question. But, I wanted to know how he expresses it.
He said, 'Bro, my siblings are studying. Parents, they are cultivators. I wish I could contribute some breads to my family. So, here I am.'

He was around my age and it was evident that he took his life so cool. May be he confiscated his feeling within him and could have acted as if he was all right.
I had this urge, give him some money...
I asked him how much money he has for a journey for Bangalore.
Surprisingly he had nil bucks in his wallet. And he said that his friend who was sitting at the other end was helping him out for reaching Bangalore.

I did not advise him but I gave him few encouraging words about his guts and contribution for his own bloods somewhere near the mountainous slope of Assam. I offered him few traditional Tamil savouries like groundnut candy and sesame candy. His face was filled with happiness. I gave him some 200 bucks, asked him to use it for food.

He was speechless and astonished. 'I never imagined that a total stranger from thousand kilometres away from home could help me like this.'
I told this incident to none of family members as they would suggest that I was fooled by some tricky man. But, seriously, the joy he had on his heart was so evident.

I shared him my Facebook ID and asserted him that I ll let him know if I come across any opportunities of his interest.

We do have some people whom we like less.
If we don't like their company and if we believe that they don't deserve our company, all that we can do is just leave the hall without noise.
Why go argue and fight ? Why aggravate pains ?
Art of leaving is so tough to pursue but too damn good for peace.

One good contribution of yours can let the people around to forget what you WERE and focus upon what you ARE.
SO Here I End This Post By Saying A So Easy Phrase And At The Same Time A So Tough Phrase To Practice.
If you have the power to make someone happy do it the world needs more of that ."