The Parallel Pitches

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, February 23, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

In the world's largest democracy, anyone to everyone can draw parallels between three most powerful fields of the nation. These three fields are immortally intertwined with money, power and fame. And at rare occasions few sting operation would expose the truth behind every colors but they shall fade as quick as they spread. 

If you are a citizen of the so called world's largest democracy, right now three words should have come out of your mouth. ' Politics, Cricket and Bollywood ' If your answers were wrong, its time for you to pack your baggage and also to find asylum.

No matter how infinitesimal or robust the parallels are, these three fields are omnipresent at podium. I would like to brag about one such,

If India and Indians, especially the Indians who dwell at the social networking sites are 'SO MUCH KEEN' on ditching a cricketing team captain for leading his 11 men team to quite a few losses abroad, then why these same so called 'CHANGE SEEKERS' show no interest on changing the lives of about 1.2 billion and counting people over their frustrated attempts on several such failures at the hands of incapable bureaucrats ???

Very interestingly as many knows and as few knows it without understanding the essence, Politicians stage dramas with their responsibilities at office and so the cricketers play politics with their games, and finally actors, actress harness their fans and turns as vote banks for making a foray into much bigger stage called politics. But all three fields are fueled pretty well by currencies. Of course am talking about the pebbles but certainly not about the few existed and existing diamonds at the box.

No matter how worse the situation goes, we can keep sharing status and we can an expertise advice as I just did.
Moreover, we the bloggers and we the social net-workers will be getting topics to blog about every now and then until the majority sector of the nation realizes what's going on.   

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I am Kejriwal...

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, February 16, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

Well, It all began with a punch line ' I AM ANNA.' or whatsoever the vernacular language translates.

AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) members, while staging an anti corruption movement, they sincerely and seriously stole my heart and so a million Indian's.
I felt like, I am so proud to have such Indians.
I decided to vote for them provided they turn themselves a political party,
Provided they field a candidate in my constituency.
I shared countless posts alike my fellow citizens acknowledging and spreading their commendable efforts seeking a change.

And now, on Valentines day I had my heartbroken.
Yes, I can hear you.

1) I am no Delhi citizen.
2) I have not stood in the queue to vote for a change.
3) I was not present in the myriad of Dharnas.

All the way, I was just a spectator and that's the very reason why I call myself as Kejriwal.

I had preferred to watch the happenings.
I stayed back only to pass my comments.
I have always complained and I continue to.
I know it is as easy as passing comments while watching the final over of a cricket world cup match than facing it on the ground as a player.

Summing it up, I wanted a CHANGE. I cried for a change. When I was given a chance to change, I CHANGED MYSELF.
Hence, I am Kejriwal.

You gave me a chance to change the system but I would like to be a complaint box.
I would like to be a Ravi Shastri with a mike instead of MS Dhoni with a bat.
I would like to be a informer but I don't like to be an Army Jawan.
I would like to be a printing press and not willing to be a proof reader.
hence, I am Kejriwal.

When AAM AADMI gives you an 'AAM.' Make use of it either as a mango juice or as a mango jam.
For god sake don't let it rot by staging a dharna.

I feel like being deceived though I am not a loser or also called as Delhi voter who had voted and awaited for change from the hands of AAP.
What you have done shall have the effects on whomsoever comes in future with a passion and zeal seeking a change in the system. Due to your works, that wanna be activist also going to suffer as people will say, 'Look, yet another Kejriwal.'


One of your party worker and the so called gonna be candidate against Rahul Gandhi, enjoyed racism by throwing mud at Kerala nurses.
And so your Minister, who was openly accused for being a racist while conducting RAIDS. And finally, he added that he is new to the field.

Whatever that had happened, It has given me a good insight.
I am not going to waste my Mango, instead I am going to give it someone who has the courage to do something good for the people by avoiding dharnas and making cities standstill every now and then.


Definitely not, corruption could be mother for many evils. Still, there are much murkierstuffs seeking sanitation.
And when you are given a chance to enter the system and when you are given a chance to change at least .01% of the system, why do you still prefer to be a common man who sits in front desktop and rants every day.
I am Kejriwal,
Because, I was not given an opportunity to change the system.
I am Kejriwal,
Because, I love only to complain like a kid, 'TEACHER, HE STOLE MY RUBBER.'.

What India and Indians desperately needs is not a school boy who keeps complaining and crying each day.
Instead India needs a grownup who wishes to give the change as much as he can.

You have simply wasted a golden egg, It is highly doubtful whether you shall be given yet another golden egg. Whatever happens, you always have your way, STAGE DHARNA.

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A Suicide Mission !

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, January 05, 2014 | Best Blogger Tips

Soldier 1: What's your guess ? What could be waiting for us there ? At the other end ?

Soldier 2: Mate, I don't have any guesses, you cannot guess something that you have never heard, seen or told of... can you ?

Soldier 3: Brothers, I am neither sure of our survival in this mission nor about meeting you brothers in the heavens at rest, but I would like you to know that I have always enjoyed your company at CLOUD NINE.

Soldiers: Same here fellas, to the death we shall DROP like anything!

Soldier 2: Alpha 2 Base !!! Prolific green fields at sight...
Soldier 3: Roger that.

Airman First class to all Droppers.
Estimated Time of Landing: 7... 6.... 5... 4...

Soldier 3: Dear Lord, forgive me for all my sins. If I am to die in this invasion, evaporate me back to my homeland, so that I shall fall for yet another time.

Soldier 2: I am going to make a landfaaa .... ....... (Beep)
Soldier 3: Soldier 2, you there ??? Are you wit.... .... ..... ... (Beep)
Soldier 1: I survived the fall, am over some leaf. I repeat, I survived the fall. Any droppers with me?

MISSION Accomplished !

Meanwhile, First generation humans in the virgin Earth were wondering about the tiny drops showering from the heavens. These primitive creatures without realizing the suicide mission of the rain drops with an objective to make the humanity SURVIVE, remain buzzed UNTIL they sip few droppers.

A little later, as the 'SUN' man visited the battle field with his temperate rays. Wishes of SOLDIER 3 was granted. yes, he was evaporated back to the clouds and he is all set for yet another suicide mission.

Pic: Hdwallpapers

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Uncertain About Existence...

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, December 01, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

GRANDSON: ‘Dad, we are supposed to be at airport in an hour?’

DAD: ‘YES, you’ve asked it hundred times now, at least try remembering your University.’
‘Go get grandpa’s blessing.’

GRANDSON: ‘Grandpaaaa... time to fly.’ ‘Just two years. We will see each soon.’

GRANDPA: ‘Two years?  I’m not sure about seeing each, but you MAY see me. Take care!’

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Tharangambadi- Land of Singing Waves

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, November 10, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Along the stretch of Coromandel Coast, there exists a tiny hamlet ‘Tharangambadi’ a place well known for its rich heritage and legacy imparting knowledge on various visitors and their cultures. With yet another name embedded in its history as ‘Land of singing waves’ the Tharangambadi hamlet has witnessed various rulers from Nayaks, Danish, British and finally with the Independent India. Besides, Tharangambadi has also sustained several name changes alike its owners from being called as Trankebar, Tranquebar and finally to Tharangambadi.

According to the historians here, fascinated with the India’s rich legacy and eyeing an establishment center here, Danes were first to touch the shores of ‘Tharangambadi’ which was often dubbed as ‘land of singing waves’ due to the enchanting hymns of the sea waves in its coast. As per the historical records, on May 5, 1620 AD by then King Vijaya Raghunatha Nayak of Thanjavur province granted permission to the King Christian IV, his counterpart of Denmark to establish a trade center at Tharangambadi by fixing a rent for ` 3,111. Later on the very same year through a Danish Navy captain Roland Crappe, King of Denmark purchased the Tharangambadi and surrounding area from the Thanjavur king, which paved way for the Danes to began establishing the stone fort ‘Dansborg’ at the coastal village. And on 1777 AD, Tharangambadi came under the complete control of Danes. After 68 years of Danish regime, Tharangambadi for yet another time sold to British with a capital amount of ` 12.5 lakhs. As centuries have past and witnessing the change of owners from Danes to British and then to Independent India, the majestic fort located at the coast still attracts tourists with its rich legacy.


  1. 1629- During the Danish rule,  Tharangambadi was renamed as Trankebar and then as Tranquebar for convenience.
  2. 1845- British colony bought Tranquebar `12.5 Lakhs from Danes and it was served for little time as Capital of the erstwhile Thanjavur province.
  3. 1986- The Tamil Nadu government changed the name Tranquebar as ‘Tharangambadi’ in both English and Tamil.

The gigantic two storey ‘Dansborg fort’ stands as a testimony for the rich cultural heritage of Tharangambadi, with the first floor of the fort accommodate spaces for large canons to spearhead the attacks, few large rooms are also present which has been believed to be constructed for administrative purposes. The ground floor of the fort hosts spaces for prisons and animal stables, besides a tunnel way for the royals to abandon the fort in case of an enemy siege are found. However, the tunnel fearing toxic gaseous and insects has been prohibited. After the takeover of Tharangambadi by the British, Tharangambadi served as district headquarters of the erstwhile Thanjavur district from 1845 to 1862 with an establishment of collector’s bungalow at King’s street of Tharangambadi. 

Apart from the historical legacy, Tharangambadi beach is well known for its rich ozone content. It was identified as the one of the Ozone richest beach in the world by various observatories conducted by the Danes in 1960’s and also by the local researchers here. However, the presence of Ozone (O3) content and its prevention from the hazardous ultraviolet rays in the sun light still remain as a least known fact to the majority of the locals here. The ozone content in air is said to be on its high during the span of April to July. 

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External Affairs- Have Some ' Viagra '

Deepak Karthik | Saturday, November 09, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

There are quite a few articles which I have wrote in frustration, vexation, joy and just like that. This article belongs to rarest of the rarest in my blog, written straight from heart. Kindly pardon me for HARSH words.

Do India have an external affairs ministry ?
I don't think so, obviously it is a mere waste of tax payers' hard earned money.
India's foreign policy sucks and so the most of our policies.

Panchsheel- an utter JUNK !

1) Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty,
2) Mutual non-aggression,
3) Mutual non-interference in each other's internal affairs,
4) Equality and mutual benefit, and
5) Peaceful co-existence.

The above points are not external affairs, it is just like " You eat your chocolate and I will eat mine. I will not ask yours and so you. I will not question whatever atrocity you do and so you. I will not scratch your back and please you too don't." - BULL SHIT !

India and Israel has got very little dissimilarities.
Both the countries does not have healthy relationships with its neighbors.
Both the countries suffer any time intrusion and attacks from its neighbors.
But Israel for sure will hit twice for every time it is being touched. But India would either stop playing cricket or would stop convening peace talks by concluding some Rocky Balboa kinda quotes.

Past month, you and me do not know exactly that how many intrusions were made by militants, we do not know the real casualty figures. But External affairs minister knows it and so defence minister.It doesn't matter whether we know or not, results gonna be same with teh ministry - dead silence.

Google Images

These idiots shall not open mouth anywhere but at Parliament, thereby making it as the murkiest fish market across the globe.

If at all India needs to play a major role in world politics, people might say 'First clean your home before you venture out for social service." So True. If we have to clean our home and wait for it, Possibly our great grand son's grandson would say 'It would take another century.'

India gave asylum for few Tibetians and earned China's vengeance.
Though India liberated Bangladesh, still it has got few troubles with Bangla.
Beneath our foot, there exists an island, Sri Lanka, which gives damn to India.
And China ? To them India is dust.
Yeah Pakistan, If it was not our Indian Army, we would have taken rebirths.
Nepal ?
Safe house for fugitives, yet we cant secure them.

People blabber about India becoming super power, people blabber about India successfully testing missiles, of what use they are ?
Missiles are being dusted each day and so our Jawans are martyred every day.
Go test the missile at borders instead at barrier island.
Let the neighbor pee in pants before they step out with a thought to touch Indians.
You do nothing, and so I strongly suggest you 'Viagra'.
After reading the above article and countless political protests seeking India to boycott CHOGM. I really understood that India is an impotent nation in handling troubles within and in and around its territories.
As long as we stay mute for whatever that happens around us, we can never be a regional super power. Cant even dream for taluk level super power.

No one asks you kill innocent civilians in neighborhood, but why don't stand up to voice your concern ?
Alike the million Indian, I end my blabber rant with an expectation that someday in calendar, we would get some real External Affairs Minister.

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Emotional Extortion !

Deepak Karthik | Sunday, October 20, 2013 | | Best Blogger Tips

"I am quite afraid that I may not be alive to see your marriage, and those ensuing joy filled moments.", Says Grandpa with a frowned face.

What do you think, a responsible grand daughter could reply ?
Will she say, "I don't need to bother about your death bed wishes, live as long as you wish but do not push me for experiencing a nuptial knot ?."

Most of the grand daughter's mind voice would be echoing the above phrase.
However, they do not, can not have courage or ironical heart to convey the rough response through their mouth.

Because, it was those withered skins which held them up in the air while the girl's parents' were busy making money for their future days.
It was those impaired ears, which acted sharp and swift for the calls,
"Thathaa !!! cockroach!!! in my room. come save me..."

and  so the very same anemic limbs of now ran fast to save his angel from the clutches of minute cockroach by then.

Such pressures blows within the body of the girl who is at her early 20's,
pounds through heart, mind and everything.
Firstly, she asks for some time, she says she needs much more time to understand herself and whether she is capable of handling the aplenty roles coming aboard as a home maker, working woman, perhaps as sister in law and mother in law.

Such circumstances holds a plethora of views and opinions.
To the parents, its about perfect timings, better families, and matching astrology.
To the senior most people, it is a question of witnessing a extravaganza, overseeing the transformation of baby stepping in to a bigger school of womanhood.
To the family, it is a time to have fun along with the 'long time no see' family members.
at times, it is also all about the display screen for the family, for portraying their caste's potential to the public for wooing the neighbors with ecstatic foods and receiving with dazzling outfits.
'One day match?'

But to the girl, her only concern should be and will be  "Will I be living the life I wished or my family's ?."
Heart would regret for not satisfying the wishes of people who held her up and cared her like an angel.
On the other hand, it buzzes her like she has missed some of her individuality to lead a life she wished.

Among the abnormalities, adding insult to the injury....
Saddened father and burdened mother might say, "Do you think we will bring worst stuffs for you?"
and continues ...
'It will be us to standby you at all times.
Trust us, we will give you best and we know what you need and when you need.'

-Words would be strong, since they are genuine. No one knows whose mistake it is, was that too much of love ? or was that too much of expectation to ask for some time???

All of a sudden, she will get a call to rush home soon, only to see a bunch of men and women dressed up so well, waiting to see her face, alike the way a family goes for picking a car in a showroom.
This part of procedures, I do not know 'How to term it. ?'

Arranged marriages are certainly enjoyable provided the pair along with family is at no urge.
Arranged marriages can be adorable, provided the hearts were not force fixed but attracted alike magnets.
Here, I do not understand why no feminist stand up to oppose the forced marriages for an educated and well settled woman.
Instead of sharping your weapons against men and few animals all the time, why don't you educate the educated families ?
I do accept, such stuffs cannot be imparted from outsider.

Emotional blackmails were there and are there...
When do these moms gonna understand that blackmails can not always necessarily earns an happy ending as they had ?
At least, guys arriving to pick the girls alike the bike models should able to understand the feelings of the woman. There can be no great torture than mental agony to satisfy family, future family and self.

It is so sad to say that forced marriages are almost like prostitution, only difference is former is legal and latter is not. Former is recognized by the society but latter is not.
But few women ending up their lives and dreams with forced marriages or prostitution have an identical source of originating back from their FAMILIES.

Dear families,
Women do have some dreams, they might wanna contribute their families.
They have the dreams to buy their brothers and sisters some beautiful stuffs, they might have some wishes to tour with their friends.
Perhaps they may have some deep desires to continue their friendship even after their respective marriages.
They may feel that they are not yet ready for the knots.
They may feel insecure to step in to a man's life...

Those fears and dreams cannot be quenched with your compromises and emotional extortion.
those brainwashes cannot wash away the stains encountered by two disinterested hearts.
Neither an astrologer can. 
Not to forget, many guys of today's society equally suffers the outcome of forced bonds, in such circumstances gender is no matter of discussion.

Let the fruits ripe themselves...
Do not blackmail with feelings, do not confess your wishes aka pressures over the creature caught between the transformation of girl in to woman.
It would be great, if you support your sister, friend, or cousin to sustain the pressure as that of encountered by a pressure cooker. There should be hands to wipe the tears vented out as an outcome of emotional extortion.

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(NaMo) Will This Pass Away ?

Deepak Karthik | Monday, September 30, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Never has the choice of prime ministerial candidate been so much a part of mainstream social discussions like this.

An emigrated Pandit from Kashmir to humble Kumars from Bihar to Chowdarys and Reddys from Andhra Pradesh to art loving Banerjees and Chatterjees   of   Paschim Banga to surname   less   Subramaniams   and Palaniappans of Tamil Nadu, all talk about the repercussions of a specific prime ministerial candidate . The prime ministerial candidate is none other than, Narendra Damodardas Modi or NaMo, who is being hailed as a Messiah of sorts to bring about a change in way, India functions as a nation.

You must be wondering why I haven't added surnames from minority communities in the paragraph above. Because, their views has already been misinterpreted, magnified and colored with a religious fundamentalist view by none other than our so called 'Pseudo-Secularists', who have watched religious   pogroms   right   from   post-independent riots to Sikh   riots   to occasional sectarian violence and had given their valuable arm-chair philosophers  styled  views,  which  just  doesn't  resonate  with  people  from either sides.

So now you would have started to think that, these words are coming from a person who supports Modi secretly and acts like a politically neutral person in outset. I don't blame you for it is a symptom of a disease that is spreading like a viral infection.

With me posting this on a blog, which naturally qualifies as a part of social media, let me talk about the cyber warriors of BJP and Congress. No other election has brought about such a level of clear divide, about how people approach certain issues. No other election has been contested on the basis of economic indicators as this.  In fact, when Raghuram Rajan, Governor of Reserve Bank of India, recently released a ranking for states based on Multi Dimensional Index, there was a furor of activity in social media for it ranked Gujarat as less developed in contrary to the public opinion, that is Gujarat is a state where milk flows in gutters, glittering gold could be found in street sides and power is generated by some unknown Shree chakram of Vishnu.

Thanks to this issue, because it brought out a single factor that unites cyber warriors of BJP and Congress.  That is, they are suffering from a serious disease which makes them immune to 'Hard facts'. A very serious disease which makes them blabber hollow claims , lie with a straight face , make completely   irrelevant   personal   remarks to deride a personality and importantly to enter the discussion thread on Facebook , discussion forums and troll everyone.

It is this disease that makes them quite a difficult group of people to argue with. Argument is defined as an attempt to convince someone of something by presenting them reasons to accept a certain conclusion. But it never works with them because

1. Reasons do contain hard facts and the affected people have deep disregard for anything that is a 'fact'.

2. The moment when they feel the argument supports a conclusion that is against their pre-conceived notion, they hop from one topic to other or accuse us of being a racist, religious fundamentalist, pseudo-secularist, leftists, Hindutva-vadi and to top it all, 'Traitor'.

Before 1990’s everyone watched Doordarshan and  received  similar  news across the country. Then, political parties started their own TV channels to peddle their point of views to public. The extreme example is found in Tamil Nadu, where watching news bulletins from channels of opposing parties would make any sane person to think whether they are living in two alternate universes at a same time. The problem starts there, for the lazy us, stick to a news channel than surfing more than 2 channels to know the truth. The more we hear from a specific news channel, our political stance slowly gets tied to their ideology.

Enter Facebook , twitter and the scene is getting more fragmented. People can choose the news they see and they have started forming a bubble around them. The bubble effectively covers their head which makes it extremely hard for us to take the facts to their well-functioning asset, which is their Brain.

Here, I would like to quote an example. On such a discussion on Gujarat, I stated to a person that Gujarat has a low HDI index.  For information, HDI is Human Development Index, which is globally accepted parameter to understand the social well being of a citizen. The answer which he gave shocked me, for he openly claimed that HDI is based on falsehood and added that it is inhumane, for it reduces people to some numbers. But he was part of a larger band, which plays the same tune for years, that is, their state has higher GDP and hence their citizens are well off. Am still trying to come in terms with how GDP is related to people's well being.

So here is a truth that has emerged.  Even before Lok Sabha polls, the Narendra Modi factor has divided people into two separate groups and I believe that this is to continue further, even if Modi wins these polls or loses it. Modi has already won the mind game for  he and  his public relations machinery has turned the game from BJP vs Congress to Modi vs Congress, in eyes of Anti-Modi fans and Modi vs Ills that haunt this nation, in eyes of Modi fans.

Win or Lose, Narendra Modi has entered the national scene and he is indeed a figure to reckon with. Call it illusion or real, the public relation machinery of his, has captured the imaginations of millions in this nation.

What if Modi loses his 2014 LS Polls?

He will get elected as Chief Minister of Gujarat for the fourth consecutive time and we may get to hear Rahulisms in upcoming Independence day speech like,

“Politics is everywhere. It's in your shirt, your pants”

“You go to a night club somewhere in Spain and there’s Amitabh Bachchan on the screen there, dancing around. That’s the power of India. That’s the power of Indian people”

“These roads can’t have potholes. They can’t break down in six months. They have to be big roads because they are going to carry strong people, strong forces”.

Am sure that would make us all proud and of course it's a point to cheer for many aunties and young girls who wanted him to be Prime Minister for his cute and charming looks, just like his father.

And here  is  a  social  media  alert:  
Brand  Namo  has  entered  smart  phone market too.
To hell with marketing.



Jeyannathann Karunanithi, a post graduate pursuant at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchy. Jeyann, an avid interest for expressing his opinion on issues pertaining to politics, racism and technology etc.

He blogs at:

Thank you Jeyann.

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Deepak Karthik | Thursday, September 12, 2013 | Best Blogger Tips

Aahmeer Khan: Bro, My mom's birthday is nearing and I should gift her something better...
Shahrook Khan: Cool Macha, So where you gonna buy and what you gonna buy ?

AK: Well, Flipkart ? Zovi ? or eBay ?
SRK: Ok and what you gonna buy dude ?

AK: How about a leather hand bag Mama ?
SRK: Machi perfect da, but why purchasing it online ? 

AK: Dai, I am in Mumbai and mummy at Chennai, do you expect me to book tatkal ticket for Chennai Express ? and that too with IRCTC website ? NEVER ! 
SRK: Valid point..

AK: I zeroed up to this bag, Check this link and let me know.
SRK: Ah Ahmir, Honestly I won't buy this since i do not know how it feels and what kind of material bhaiya, will that be heavy to lift or soft to handle, Kya feel ????

AK: (Mind voice-Well, this guy at times thinks pretty well)
Rook Bhaai, You have just opened my eyes. 

and now I am booking a ticket for Chennai Express.

SRK: Aww... That's good Aahmeer bhai.
(Mind voice-Don't overestimate the power of online shopping)

This is no funny conversation and as a matter of fact, probably many people known to us are just skipping online shopping just because they were denied a fair chance to feel the material of the particular product and an opportunity missing to select from wide range of products as showcased at malls.

Well in case if people are avoiding shopping online for a reason, that could certainly be the non availability of an option to surf in wide range of products and pick the best one to feel handy, yes that "feel" is missing.

"Tactile Sensation"
Definition as per wordnetweb: 
sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin.Though virtual shopping is now a well known technology, the experience of shopping from Chennai with your friends from Mumbai, Singapore and Delhi by putting all you guys in an virtual mall and giving you freedom to observe wide range of products ?
That's awesome.
How about giving freedom for the shoppers to feel the material of the product ?
Like, how it would weigh while wearing ? How light the material is ? and How soft the silk is ?
If we can provide them this combo pack, I must say that would be a groundbreaking technology.
For sure, that technology gonna cost hell lot of money.
Accept or not, someday in calendar and some hours in clock, This technology would be achieved at any cost.

How about designing gadget like head belt to give feelings for your neurons about the touch of an imaginary object ? Having a database about all the physical feel of the objects and giving an option for the consumer to download them and feel through special made gadget ?
That must be awesome.

Well, if ask me to suggest such technology, I confess that I can only provide spark :D
Shopping by 2030, for sure it would be awesome and interesting if and only of the online websites provide as an opportunity to feel the wanna buy products.

The strong may or may not survive.
But the one, swift to either adapt self according to the changing environment or adapt the environment according to self can survive a lot better than what rest can.
By 2030, in case if you and me survive, lets see whether we can feel the touch of an object before placing the order or NOT !!!!

Submitted for 
eBay and Indiblogger contest

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