UnSuNg Hero's

KARGIL WAR-Forgotten !!
If you ask a child as who is a favourite heroe , the answer will be Rajnikatnth,Amitabh,Sharukh,...
Well , will these heroes trek around 10kg's on a chill mountains ? will these heroes bleed ? will these hero stand in 10 degrees or at least these heroes carry a dead pal to the camp ??????

The Real Heroes are forgotten , They are not identified even !! Its 10th anniversary of kargil war !! Lost life's wont come back because of the flowers kept by the ministers or soldiers , do you think those soldiers are treated as what they deserve ?> Here inside India We are joyfully riding bikes , watching movies ,Sitting in conditioned air rooms...Its all because of those soldiers who frontier our country day and night !! How many of us know how many soldiers gave their life , how many wounded ?? Patriotism among people is fading...Patriotism is not singing anthem on school assembly or by watching India's match ... patriotism is the only thing what those brave soldiers has !!

Allowance given by government to a M.P is like Banyan tree .... but the salary for JAWAN ?? its incomparable !! Think yourself !! just remember the martyrs and their tear shedding family !!

What we do inside our country is very guilty , even though there are many brave young guns going all the way for army, that's wow !! what i can do for them now is making people aware about their sacrifice !!

For those who sweated Blood For India ...
Great Salaam !!!


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