Corruption- " THE RISING"

> Word used in vain by freedom fighters..(If They Are Surviving this Gr8 world )

->Word used in tolerence by mid class people( Noway Than to experience )

-> Word used casually by Rich people ....

-> word used in Joy by the guy who receives it !!

This thing comes to me about the state of corruption in my vision , i dono whether because of wearing spectacles it was magnified for me ???

All over from the begining of evolved human , GOD is omnipresent they believed, Later centuries believed pride of KING of country was omnipresent , In mid of 18th century ENGLISH Invasion was omnipresent .. Now in 20th century CORRUPTION is omnipresent this all in my spectation., i dono how it will be in future !!

As corruption perception index INDIA stands 72nd place .... Thank god it was not 2nd as we stand Both in population and Aid's .....

Corruption is an invisible problem sometime may look like giant too (only for its victim ).....

corruption makes frustration in the mind of young guys searching for the job and unable to get it at the right time ...this frustration develops in the roots of them and make them an social terrorist !!

Are we WEll aware about the corruption prevention force ... How many of us ?? eevn my fingers are enough to count ...(Single hand)

All i want you now is to make awarness among people, not now after getting settled in the mean time you can create awarness..i dono whether you may come across corruption to get settled !!

Thank you for reading this !! Bye !!


  1. excellent man...
    u deserve to be india's first citizen...

  2. Thanks a Lot :) But i dont deserve it :)


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