well , God ?? God ?? hmm Does He exists ?

Before that let me tell you that am an atheist and am sure that i will not be partial towards it . i will tell you the truth of happening !!

I will explain from my perspective,

God -> Blind mechanism that was made, but it has no intelligence behind it..

If you ask " who is God " to a guy one who think that God exists ..

His answer will probably be " God is one who made you to ask like this or God is one who CREATED THIS WORLD " My question is " Then who created GOD ? " If he was himself formed , why not this world have a chance of forming itself ?

What Does He Do ?

That guy answer will be " HE PROTECT US AND MAKE US TO SURVIVE "

well, My qn is then why such fatalities of TERRORISM,NATURAL CALAMITIES , number of unknown human beings dieing ?

If its all happens by FATE ? then for what purpose the GOD is ??

If a 2 months old baby dies by Bomb blast , is it a fate ? if so , why that baby was killed even it was named after a god ??

Just think friends ?? why should we believe in a unseen , unfeeling matter in the name of god ??

Why don't you believe yourself ??

Religion rooted deeply in the name of GOD,





DOES JESUS protects only Christians ?? or Muslims are being protected by ALLAH alone ?

or those who follows shiv are only protected by him ???

WHO ??? who protects whom ??


Now goes most important thing ...

If a guy who was traveling months to see his god in temple was killed in a accident , then for what he exist ?? then for what you are praying him ??

JUST THINK .... how many riots we have seen in the name of religion ? how many father's killed ? how many brothers killed ?? what that god was doing ??

GOD is nothing but , a virtual thing made by our idiotic ancestors to fear someting and follow rules !!

see , we have a power karma all above us !! it was called in different names !! but it doesn't have any powers though it was named as power , think like it and trust yourself , enough amount of money has been spent in the name of GOD to some useless maharishis or some fake rascals !!

Believe in things ., what you see and you practice !!

You are the god of your life and also guard of your life !!! No other can do anything on you !


  1. listen, d existence of god is just a belief... if u've earned d right to believe in urself then others also have their own right belive in whatever they like... to b frank i'm not sincere towards god but d feel that there's someone who is above all gives great morale... u know what d existence of god is scientifically proved..(study DAN BROWN'S Angels and Demons..).. d superstitious beliefs can b questioned but have u heard of any god asking his followers to perform any rituals..!belief in god won't make mountain smaller but climbing easier...

  2. NOPE buddy !!! It was never proved practically , just a blind belief !! thats what i said !!

  3. u know what, d creation of antimatter has raised several questions than answers..! Find out why antiparticles are called GOD PARTICLES..?!

  4. Antiparticles are god particles ?? who told ??? am telling there none named GOD then how damn it could be a god particle , then it will be a particle of non existing barbaric belief NOT WHAT YOU SAY !!!

    SEE there are antiparticle in every cases , i hope you went addicted with dan brown , he s not the person to explain all , bcoz he doesnt experienced too ,, each have their own concept and idealogy ,,,,

    this is my ideology and i dont have any regret to it dude !!

  5. There is a super natural power is there other than human that we are telling as god.

  6. God was a concept created by humans for convenience. Today it has become 'supreme' for us humans ourselves...


    Great post!


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