Revolutionist's are those who will be the change that they wanted to see , yet another typical Indian example for How not to be a revolutionist,

Naxals -> Naxalbari in the Indian state of West Bengal where they originated and started to bite lambs then sheep then cow, now it has started to bite the most dangerous animal,which animal ? yeah it is human's , yes we are the dangerous animals in the entire world :)

what they do ? and whats they need ? as the communism says that , their purpose is to create free society with no division and blah blah ,

Am not here to oppose communism or communist , there are numerous fine examples for communist ..

But violence will not help to achieve everything , actually it started to root up 5 or 6 months back , continuos killing of cop's and blowing up tracks ? and all those what a terrorist do's ...

Are they revolutionist's or is it a job a revolutionarist wanna see ? Funny rite ..

My pain is that , they stay here , they eats the food and drinks the water from india  and they kill Indians , blows up school's,railway tracks and ultimate pain is that , these dogs are also gaurded from TERRORIST's by our INDIAN ARMY , 

These barbarian's with a strength of 500 or 1000 , threatening a state or country which has multiples by 100 or 50 of their strength ,,,ultimate truth and ultimate madness ,,,

These cowards lives in forest and calling themselves as Brave soldiers , finest joke than what we see in film..

I dont care even if a naxal reads it , naxals are deadly virus and they should be given a perfect vaccine ,,,,

Indian army which is 3rd in world can do this job in a week or so , if we try to do it , we can curb this poisonous snakes in a month ,but as usual we will be thinking of it :) 


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