Science Or God ?? Who Exists ?

hmm .. Pretty Hard Topic huh :)
Have you ever come across the A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME - Stephen Hawkins   ?? it inspired me to write a blog abt this topic :)
well let us go in to our topic ..
One question asked by millions of million ppl around the world , they came here and went but still this question survives and i guess it will survive too :)
Have we ever asked these to us ??
Who we are ? Where are we from ? who made us ? whats our purpose ??
Funny questions huh , but funny part is that we donno the answer exactly :)
Our purpose has become that , have to study and to secure a job , marry and march towards death with a little improvement from our status:)

Who created this beautiful world ?? or it was here already before our grandma and grandpa's ??
you can answer whatever , but we dono the exact thing :)

But BIG BANG THEORY perfectly describes about the expansion of universe but everyone thinks that it was about the creation of universe , it was actually not.,,

But i can say for sure that , world is not created by single person or group ...BCOZ

There was no siva,vishnu,jesus or even islam and not a single god from the millions now we have were there in the neandearthal caves :)

i dont wanna use much of tachinical terms , without using i cant define this topic ..

Singularity -> smallest point from where it is believed our universe has been expanded from...

Dark matter are those which has mass but it is invisible , like these there are numerous unknown ultimate facts going on all above us :)

My personal feeling is that  we had and have God , King , they are just to regulate us ,, am sure abt presence of king but for god ? to realise our conscience and to make us fear for something god's were made i guess :)

we Indians are really inteligent , we have temples for SUN ,MOON and diff planets , while americans have some research centre , also most of them working there also INDIANS :)

As our mega serials , i dono how to complete this blog ,,,??

so am here by saying that , there is science in everything and everything is science .....


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