Hey there , Am heading out of a long time to start a new topic abt DREAMLAND FOR MANY ppl , even me...(PRO-Americans will hate this blog)
New york,Holly wood,white house,Disney land,Universal studios,MIT,Harvard, and loads ... these are the few among the popular American icons that we know ...
I believe there is a greater and darker side for America , perhaps united states of Americans !
As like in India,They don't have separate language for each state,,they are united by language which helps them grow faster and in a shorter way!

who are these Americans ?? Lets go back and see .. Red Indians or Native Indians are the real inhabitants of what we call now as America,,,These Americans flew all the way from England and drove the native Americans out and they call themselves as Americans... i believe you know abt Columbus day that has been celebrated and avoided by few Americans !
These white homosapiens,, they have become as super power by doing all the good and bad stuffs and now they ask world countries to follow certain rules, which have been broken by them earlier !

     The United States was the first country in the world to develop nuclear weapons, and is the only country to have used them in warfare...
They started developing nuclear weapons during 1939..
They used it in hiroshima and nagasaki...
they tested the strongest ever nuclear test "TRINITY"...
like these they have tested 20 times before our 1st PM jawaharlal nehru office time :)

They invaded Afghanistan,Iraq,Columbia,and hell a lot, in the name of peace they have killed civilians !

when it comes to help a nation with technologies... They are asking us N number of assurance to guide us in N-Deal

N-Deal !
        When coming to the N deal .. they gave us numerous regulations and rules for empowering our country ,, am glad that they helped ,, but when America which invaded lots of country and many countries like Russia,china,France,Uk can sit as the permanent member of UN security organization ,, why cant India ?? why cant a republic India or other republics be as permanent member ?
One out of every six humans in world are Indians.
India is the worlds biggest, most vibrant, liberal, secular democracy....
we got a temporary seat after 18 years ... but those who invaded are sitting as permanent mebers !
                    Obama and more americans were very angry about the oil spill in gulf of mexico and asking compensations,, US were the 1st do underwater nuclear test ,, where the hell environment rules were at that time ??
you will get benefit by exploiting the resources and after you will stand in my country's growth ... ??
There a time will come , when America will bow its head to India .. but that time will come only when there is a proper head in rashtrapati bhavan and PMO !
Americans Americans Americans..... i wanna quote a message here
Most of the doctors in US are Indians
Most of the scientist in NASA are Indians
Most of the research fellow in US are Indians
Most of the obama's team comprises Indians...
These birds flew away from India ,, because ???
There were no backup's ,, no money and no place for doing research in India ...
we wont appreciate anyone .. all tat we are motivated is towards money .. if something gives money ,, we appreciate it !
Indian doctor , i forgot his name and so my fellow Indians ,, he was the first person to discover cloning tech ,, as there was no support,,he left it apart,, and today some other men took the Nobel for findings in cloning :(
All that i wish is ,, future indians will be strong enough to face the challenges,,hope these times will change.. INDIA a super power ,, its too hard but not too far :)


  1. the problem lies with us...i believe in adaptation and exploration than the old nativity and discrimination..people need a sea change of mind here than any other thing that need to be reformed...moreover,a passionate brain looks for better place where it can thrive..at the same time,we should try to apply it here,provided it does not hinder your progress.its just one world!!..nothing more..

  2. hope this would be an eye opener...

  3. Hi Deepak karthik...

    I appreciate your article . At the same time there is no point in talking about who is intelligent and who is not and keep waiting for America or any other country to bow down to India soon....

    If possible, Be that indian who brings in change....Talking is no help....Dont wait for the change to come be the change that you expect...

    No younster in India is ready to try their hands in politics which is the backbone for any country's growth and advancement. Majority of the People at the top most level are all either illiterates or limited learned...

    Will you take politics as your profession leaving what ever you are right now?...Ask this question to young India including yourself ..how many YES u get will decide..what India would be...

  4. @karthik:) of course problem lies with us ,, but it has been tharshed up on us ,, i dont soeak here abt destiny or some other stuffs ,,
    i spoke abt the nuke deal and oil spill matters and the other side of americans , who want to rule the world !

  5. @gowri::)
    current scenario to become a politician in india ..
    you must be
    1) richman
    2) Film star
    3) sports personality
    4) son or daughter of a politician !

    They are the ppl who can be politicians ,, obviously i dont have any relation with that list !

    i just post my views and words are from me ,,,

    without talking nothing will be initiated :)
    for my age i can do this ,, i need some time to bring the change !

  6. Good one deepak...i like ur last comment specially:)

  7. Good one deepak...i like ur last comment specially:)


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