The Whistle Blowers..

Hey folks,

Things to be followed

1) if u hate this note at any moment, u can cont ur rest of all works.

2) if u are interested in it, read it to the core and adjust with my mistakes:)

We open governments :)

Guess what ?? It's WIKILEAKS...
An article(so called), combination of words about the rise and rise of wikileaks..

Ppl who know better than wat given here am sorry, ppl who dono anything abt wikileaks welcome aboard :)

USA the ultimate,supremo and titan wateva.. Barack obama said " Change we can " perhaps the best influencial phrases that can be used to woo votes,White house has a typical spirit, which will get in to the body of all President's who step inside, that is spirit of " INVASION"..

Afghan,Iraq.. Americans landed up there as they land at california or florida,. started roaming in humvee over the streets without PASSPORTS and CITIZENSHIP, test fired their new range of bullets over innocent civilians and humilated the prisoner's at prison's.. N number of incidents which wud need a bundles of paper to quote...

I dont believe in god personally, ppl wud say "there is a person who ll be watching us over the day and night"

I dont know that god has an avatar as JULIAN ASSANGE....

One man show by assange assasinated many US presidents and diploamats over the country in their sleep...
how does wikileaks verify information ,how julian assange get information ,What julian assange did recently?

Bradley Manning a soldier of US army was believed to be the reason for such leaks and people say assange got in to the sites and hacked by himself and some says chinese hackers helped him..

it was not an espionage(spying) not stealing as we see in Bond movies, no matter how he did, why he did !!

What that Matter's is wat he did !!

Each and every second some politician in some corner of some country is getting a nightmare about wikileaks, i remember i have studied a phrase of vivekananda " gimme 1000 youths .... " give us 1 julian assange each country, politicians will never sleep :)

India, World largest democracy, terribly hit by wikileaks,
Day 1 : Ruling party was accused by opposition party, by having wikileaks as the evidence,
ruling party says " it cannot be taken as evidence"

Day 2 : opposition party was accused by wikileaks now, ruling party says " wikileaks has given us evidence "

GREAT indian tamasha :) :) from Gandhi's to Bjp's wikileaks shows equal magnitude, though our Indian laws says that all are equal before laws, but SC requires 85% and no need to pay, FC requires 99% with full fee :) fantastic secularism and equality show !

Whenever Wikileaks releases a cable, some policle table experiences an earth quake...

whenever wikileaks name comes in paper or media, Indian parliment which was already a fish market will be converting itself as DISCOUNT market wer MP's will bargain watever possible :)

Expecting a lot from assange in future.......,

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  1. Yes, Assange is a gift to us(read it 'us' not US :P )As a single person, he has brought about a revolution. But, I believe, all the cables need not be true. There might be few flaws


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