MADE IN INDIA but NOT bought in INDIA..

well, umm.. I really do not know how many of you had a strange feel, when your fellas or some strangers hear to metallica or pink floyd- NO ?? and at least have u got that feel when someone cheers for chelsea but not for our own east bengal ?

what im exactly trying to say ? is that what you ask ? its just nothing.. wanna scold ppl who places our own indian things in their side and dying for alien things... If you have gotta  facebook, just look towards any of your friends(indians) pages, they would have liked federer or nadal but no somdev, they would have liked ferrari or red bull, but no force india.. what our indian things lag ??? the thing that most of us lag here is " INDIANism " inside us..

why is that so ??? why is that we feel ashamed to reveal ourselves as indians and why is that we feel ashamed to hear our local songs ? common answer is, if you hear ilayaraja or a.r.r in loud speakers you will become a local guy, if you hear beethoven loudly, you will become an high tech ass hole.. arent you ?

Another funny thing, if you have noted any of the american houses, they would have hanged an american flag, but here, it fantastic,, people will fly their party flag at car front, it will be a great confusion for foreign visitors like where they have landed...

you cannot see an american supporting for indian cricket team, you cannot see an english cheering for indian hockey, but you can see an indian cheering for an non indian team....

Many of our guys are loved to be called by the foreign players name and pop stars name, they often change their names even... funniest part is, people without knowing the lyrics of pop songs, they loves to murmur the lines, pretending to be a so called hi tech ass..

There are no mistakes of being a  citizen to the world, but forgetting our own country and our own signs for being a citizen of world deserves a shame and apology !


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