ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE LAW* (*conditions applied)

Article 14 of Indian constitution says that " All are equal before law ", i hope great hearts who framed this great constitution is failed to prefix CONDITIONS APPLIED tag, i dint say anything out of a proof and i dont have that intention to blame anyone.
It's happening and happened and for sure will happen, Constitution says all are equal, but minsters and mp's can have a greater allowance without any austerity, their allowances are much greater than ex service people, even if a slim voice is raised against reducing the salary and austerity, they will swing the assembly,

They will throw a cm of a state for his corrupt office and will ask him to step down, but they will make the person who that former cm shows as a successor, its just like appointing a thief to rob.

LOKPAL Name that makes politicians to have nightmares, why this govt is so slow on making it as a act, its very simple, its just like a carpenter designing a coffin for himself..

ALL ARE EQUAL before law, so a most backward class student can pay just 50 bucks for buying any application, where a forward class student should pay 250 or 500 bucks for the same application., not in money alone.

F.C Student must take a high score of 199/200, to get a seat, which can be easily packed by a S.C student of a score 185/200., that's it all are equal before laws, a person working for railways can travel for no cost and a person who works for roadways can travel on bus for no cost, can a person who works on bank can take money for no cost ?

SUch a wonderful system we have. conditions applied !


  1. please provide your opinion... do you think lokpal will hava a large impact?

  2. definitely maybe, it is unpredictable, unless there is an intention of not bribing in people's mind, even 100 lokpals cant bring a change


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