Do NoT ReaD ThiS PosT

Do not read this post, why did i made it as title, simple, i am not going to tell anything new in this blog, it has clearly and elaborately told by others., you cant find anything new in my following words, if you are still interested to find out what is written below, well go ahead !

Two words which rocked and rocking india for past a month are, ANNA and LOKPAL, to be frank i tried to confine myself to not write a blog on lokpal, reason is people got used to it in their daily life, whenever they switch on some news channel, they flashes these things every second and front page of all news papers carries these messages. this is some thing we should be proud of, after 1947 India has never seen such a historic scene, people waving Indian flag walking out in streets and bikes carrying tri colour, really it makes me proud, while most of the days not only on elections, we can notice our national and regional parties flag flying high in lamp post and  even at traffic signals, at least in that case,this is really a dramatic change Indians have noticed.

While rest of the world watches it as a turmoil, we Indians(other than ruling party) watches it as a change for a cause, so far India had a descent image, whenever foreign leaders visits our nation, they wont miss this word " LARGEST DEMOCRACY OF THE WORLD", but really they dont have a clue how this largest democracy works, It never matters how other countries views us as, we always remained as soft target for terrorism and we are country which wont hit back, even if we know the epicenter of all such terrorist activities. wiki cables deliberately shows our impotence towards terrorist attacks.

The bandwagon effect, it is not a perfect phrase to denote our lokpal fight, weeks before London saw a drastic riots which really marked a black spot on English people, being one of the oldest country in the world, their people still remain as barbarians, Our fight for lokpal would have really ashamed them and taught them How to protest, while the london guys used social networking sites to burn their own buildings, Mighty Indians used for a constructive purpose, there are something English people should learn from their past colony.

As for now, crowds supporting anna hazare is keep on increasing, how does it happened ? are all of them who raising slogans are aware of entire lokpal ? for the latter question, obviously it is NO, not all of them who supports hazare at streets are aware of it entirely, while media which should be unbiased is now a PRO LOKPAL, media has a great role on this, all over India there is a huge wave for anti corruption, 2g scam, common wealth scam, aadharsh scam and upcoming wimax scam, it really stirred people's patience.

I really dont know when will our parliment pass this bill, a week or month, perhaps a year, constitution, democracy, laws, what for these are ? for the welfare of the people, if those people will be happy by passing this bill on parliment, why by passing it ?

One thing which is very true and obvious is WE CANT ERADICATE CORRUPTION, we can reduce it to a greater extent with lokpal bill and one thing which i hate in lokpal is bringing PM under its control, if you dont trust our prime minister of india, how can people trust thos who are in lok pal panel /.?
I want to quote what my brother said, " TRUST SHOULD BEGIN SOMEWHERE ", without trust we cant survive, so why not trust our PRIME MINISTER ? and neglect him from lok pal control.

It took 10 days for Rahul gandhi to break his silence on lok pal issue, he says that he want to think and speak, but now opposition feels that How could he speak without having his turn ?, what is wrong in their question, all of a sudden how can a person violate laws and on other side even if he has spoken not on his turn, why make it a issue ? Unsolved mysteries....

We are not sure what will they pass, when will they pass , where will they pass, as we are doing for half a century, lets hope for a good news !


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