Everyday Is Not The Same !

Everyday is not the same, obviously there are 7 different days in a week, each of them differs by their name and order, but this is not what i meant here, Everyday is not the same, especially in India, a country with billion people and as same number of deities, everyday is not the same day here,

August -7 -2011, the day i wrote this article, it has a significant value and it is Friendship day, about friendship there are infinite words to describe in various languages, a word " happy friendship day" to our close, distant,intermediate friends, it means a lot,. Everyday we have friends and we have languages but why we are not wishing them ? is that what you ask ? i will give you a example, you are living everyday and every possible second of your life, but why your birthday is special to you ? or to your people ? we cant be wishing happy new year for the entire year but we ought to wish on the new year night or at least on new year day, like that so A friendship day wish on its day, as i said It means a lot !

Why i write these things ? As necessity is mother of all invention, experience is father of all my blog topics, i want to wish my best buddies a Happy friendship day but today i fear i cant afford to wish them ! :( you know why ?? for indians it will be obvious for other buddies, let me explain

Most convenient and cheap form to communicate with buddies here on india is TEXT MESSAGES(SMS), where every service provider will provide you a finite amount of messages for certain amount of money which can be used in stipulated time, for 3 months by paying 49INR you will be given 1000 free text messages, which will elapse after that time, in between these days , you can use it for free,, now you ppl got it ? i dont wanna bore much.. let me straight..

Since this day is friendship day, wanna wish my friends a small word, but the cost for it is Rs 1 per message, if i have 45 buddies to wish them it takes 45rs(1$), which can be afforded but it is considered as waste of resource, This trick on applying cost for a free message is developed by this Service providers so people will at any cost use this message to wish. see how talented they are ? much talented than our politicians who cant hide the looted money lolz :P

Am not scolding them or blaming them, but am thanking them for not allowing me to wish my friends at cheap cost !! long live airtel and rise rise the salary of your ceo's with my 1rupee :(


  1. btw, "happie friendship!!" wishing u here for the same reason what you've stated in your post!! :P :P


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