IS THIS " TrysT WitH DestinY " ?

A government of the people, by the people, for the people,
These are the words i remember from my school days, i remember these words very well, have written several times as an imposition for changing the order and committing spelling mistakes, if a child of 10 or 12 years old is asked to do an imposition for just changing the order, what punishment can we give to the white hairs who totally boycotted these ? While Gandhiji,Nehruji,Nethaji,Bhagath singh lives as statue and in the name of streets and blocks, 2G and CWG lives in the heart of India.

My deepest feeling is as follows, Few days ago i received a mail from Timesjobs saying " DISH CLEANERS URGENTLY NEEDED " am not surprised by it, any money which comes by hard work is not to ashamed of, crazy thing is the qualification criteria they said " ANY DEGREE B.Tech/B.E blah blah " For a post of cleaning the dishes, they need a degree but for a post of developing a nation and its billion people there are no qualifications required !

If you have ever switched over your Mtv, star cricket, Espn to Lok sabha Tv, what you are witnessed or about to witness will make you laugh, i was seeing a parliment in session of UK, it is really really awesome, a single man speaks and 100's of ears listen, but whereas in our parliment 100's of mouth speaks unfortunately no ears can hear it, which has the right to be called as parliment ?? even a fish market in my locality will be very civilized than those !

August 15 1947, a day which cannot be forgotten by a true indian, to mark our independence day what we do is, in school times i will reach school in early hours and the only thing i wait for the chocolate they provide at last, in college times we will plant some trees, here it is so easy No national anthem, no parade and nothing,

Our television channels on independence day, will begin the morning coffee talk with some hero or beautiful heroine, who has nothing to do with our independence day and will conduct shows and telecast film which cannot be related anyway with our independence day, very few tv channels with a sudden flash of knowledge and love over the nation will display patriotic songs(with advertisements), no one will remember the jawans who go through fire and water everyday,  what we achieved over these 64 or 65 years(i am not certain how to calculate) is really a commendable job, but we could have achieved a lot, without corruption and with a strong judicial system.

We made a bitter relationship with china and supporting tibet, without reasons we sent our army to sri lanka and got our prime minister killed, but politicians before 2k were really lived and served of their ages, but politicians of today india is also living and leading the life as our ancestors, Patriotism is really at stake, with solid percentage of 30 to 40 % of people in below poverty,we are providing our beloved MP and MLA with numerous allowances and solid payments, while most of them are crorepatis already, they find tough to maintain austerity..

Without knowing such people are about to come, fathers and grandfathers of us fought with british and shedded blood, they sacrificed all their youth life inside bars, donated blood to soil and the spirit they had, wah wah , am ashamed of myself, ourself , because of not living a life like them, my inability to act against such injustice is killing me everyday, as a common man with no powers, what i can do is like this, sharing my temper in the name of blog, happy in dependence day !

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