Meet The Monarchs !

vanakkam, vandanam, namaskar, welcome to meet the monarchs show, haha, just tried like a Tv show anchor, doesnt work out for me, :P

Monarchs : sounds crispy right ?? ahem.. well. Largest democracy they call, sovereign state they call, finest republic they call, whatever they call, let them, all of us would have experienced a questions, damn sure all of us and everyone one of us, who went to school would have come across a basic stupid question, WHAT IS YOUR AIM ? answer as follows-> IAS,IPS,IAS,DOCTOR,IAS,IAS,IPS, lolz, this is what i remember from my childhood days, it sounds very funny for me now,none of my classmates are any of the above now.

Ok, let me be precise, Monarch is someone who rules the office and country all over his years, until he dies(naturally, unnaturally) latter will be the often and after his tenure, his son or sons will fight for their father's possession, but what is happening at our country is not exactly as i mentioned

25 is the minimum age limit to enter Lok sabha, is it really possible to enter lok sabha as a MP ?
Yes possible, but conditions applied

1) You must be a son of familiar and powerful politician.
2) You must be a daughter of powerful and familiar politician.
3) you must be at least son or daughter of an actor or millionaire

if you satisfy any one of the above conditions, you have 99% of chances.

Agatha sangma- Youngest minister of state in India is a daughter of former speaker and present strong politician of north east india,

We can add some 8 or 9 persons to this list, it doesnt make any differences, only the name and locality differs and at today scenario, a common man from middle class background can never think of entering politics, he can enter politics by sacrificing his youth life and at his death bed, he will hold some place in party, thats it,,,

this is how largest democracy of the world works !


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