Please Neglect Diesel Engines !

Yes, as my post title says, please neglect diesel engines, but as a condition do that only if you satisfy two cases,
CASE 1: I don't care about my country and my fellow citizen and especially i don't care about my next generations.
CASE 2: I have my own oil refinery wells in gulf.
And what about people who don't satisfy the above two cases, well we have a solution for those who are neither oil refinery owner nor a selfish giant, solution is ? exactly a diesel fueled engine.

Being a Mechanical engineer(so called) if i have been asked " what kind of car can i buy ", my answer will be definitely a "diesel fueled car", unfortunately till i write this line none have asked me a suggestion so far. why is that diesel engine preferred over petrol engines, very very simple, Diesel is cheaper than petrol, this is what we can say to person who have no idea about automobiles, but there are so many facts beneath them !

There are so many cars and companies running on roads nowadays, when i was in my single digit age that is late 90's, there were only 3 famous cars that can be seen on Indian roads, they are ambassador, maruti 800, premier padmini. but along with me Indian automobile sector has also groomed.

"Tata", one of the world's and India's most prestigious car makers, used Fiat engines in some of their vehicles, As fiat and their other counterparts from european continent still remains as best of the world. We are well used to different type of engines nowadays, V-Tec from Honda, variable valve timing, TDi from Ford turbocharged direct injection, but FIAT's MULTIJET diesel engines made a revolution in diesel engines sector.


Diesel engines are often considered as low power and non eco friendly cars, but Multijet technology changed that perception on diesel engines, Alfa Romeo, one of my favorite car and so billion people's favorite car used such multijet engines, In India, the Multijet engine is manufactured at Fiat’s Ranjangaon facility and they are assembled on state of the art assembly lines which have a high level of automation for all critical operations to guarantee world class quality, besides performing in depth checks are also environmentally friendly.

Fiat is the pioneer in development of diesel engines, unijet engines were developed by them in early time and it is also considered as a revolution . what is unijet ? unijet uses two injectors to inject the fuel in the engine cylinder, let me tell you the difference between gasoline and diesel engine.

Petrol engine is also called as spark ignition engines, where a spark ignites the mixture of air and fuel that has been sent inside the engine cylinder and the ration of compressing the air fuel mixture inside engine cylinder for a petrol engine is quite less on other hand diesel engine also called as compression ignition engines, where high temperature achieved by compressing the fuel is enough to ignite the fuel, no need for specific spark and compression ratio for diesel engines are higher compared to that of petrol engines, diesel engines are costly and greater in size compared to petrol engines, but remains good in fuel consumption issues but also diesel engines need greater maintenance.
A surprising news to all Indian made car owners is that, maruti sx4, tata indica vista uses and used Fiat engines.

Technologies alone cant make fuels credible our next generation, some conscience is also needed, in this case, very much needed, SUV the brand name which makes people to claim proud, it consumes hell lot of fuel and mileage that it gives is too low for its consumption, in a house of 4, Four separate cars whatever cars they are multijet unijet tdi vtec etc, is always a waste of resource.

It is just like, taking bath by mineral water in a land where it is tough to find a cup of drinking water, cycles can be replaced by cars and bikes to travel inside a institution, walking is a good exercise instead of walking in treadmill, a small walk to a cafe with your friend will be pleasing news to the generation which can use fuel for their ambulance, we cannot expect or imagine our oil prices to climb down and it is so lame to think of it when we are wasting the resources,

Instead of worrying about the past, we can introduce new technologies to our country like alternate fuels and flex powered vehicles, we copy so many things from west from fashion to film, why not copy a good piece of technology which save life !
A technology which utilizes fuel properly.


  1. Nicely explained and a compelling message in the end. Did not know that Tata and Maruthi have used Fiat engines. Best of luck for the contest. Do check out my entry, a lighter take here Free from fuel hikes

  2. Instead of the thinking of the price perspective, We need to think this..diesel cars are fuel economical at present. And also bio-disel which has less pollution and renewable can be used in the diesel cars.

  3. Very well explained Interesting it’s too good


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