School Of Exaggeration

Few days back, obama quoted Being president of america is the best job in the world, but what is the easiest job in the world ?? you will be very aware of it, if you have ever watched 24X7 news channels, it is damn easy to exaggerate and slam things, that is what our beloved so called media people are doing, i know it is lame to blame it entirely on a single whale called MEDIA, few of the media are doing a commendable job still,

In Fact they are the whistle blowers in certain incidents, they do the best job in reporting things from remote part of the world, where even god cant monitor :P, such a strong media which showcases the people's trouble and a brave media which telecasts the dirty face of hailed politicians,businessman,celebrities and whatever you may add, the same strong brave media is also doing another thing very perfectly and what else it would be ? English language says it as " EXAGGERATION "

Being an ardent fan of all 24X7 channels that i can able to see, one thing i hate them and one thing they all have in common is act of exaggeration, from cricket to chit chats, what they do is merely exaggeration, it really put the viewers in a state of irritation, you can say and must say good morning at morning time, you cant be wishing it all over the day, but we must understand their situations too, when they have no other news, they must run their channel all over the clock and calender, they have no other options left than exaggerating and making the hole bigger and biggest.

This is the blog which i wanted to write for over a period of time, when mumbai was ruined by terrorist activities and alike 2 billion indians, i was always desperate to hear some live news and info, so what i did is just switched on one among the 24X7 news channel, news anchor was putting up all her efforts and feelings to describe how it was there, i really appreciate it, but in another channel i saw a sentence flashed like this " we are first to telecast this video, exclusively on this channel alone" another channels shows " we are first to show you live pictures of people running over " like this we can see more examples,

A perfect journalist and media man will not be aimed at the fame or credits for what he did, he will be aimed at the result and well fare of the society, if the former is the case, what they did was to claim the credit for their work but it looks so lame, Media can shake this country, people will believe whatever they say, once they telecasts it and thats it billion people seeing it will believe it emotionally, when such a media with huge effect on this country can bring impacts which are good, why showcasing your fame ?

Another recent example is anna hazare fast, indeed it is an semsational issue, but i saw few reporters exaggerating the fact, morever some tv channel relayed the blood pressure, sugar level of anna on air, what is this ? in order to show your supremacy over the rivals, lot of good things can be done !

I was seeing few scenes of the film " PEEPLI LIVE ", i scolded those scenes for deliberately hitting out at indian media, like they are aimed at TRP rate or whatever they call, but as for now, it makes me to think alike those film maker view , there are lot of news happening in the land of billion people and they worth attention too, then why exaggerating anna ? as a matter of fact, what anna hazare fasts for is worth reason to exaggerate, he is making miracles there, but relaying things again and again like other channels, will make people to write stupid blog like this, Media has a great role to play in country like ours, but it should be used wisely !


  1. Very, very true. The media should be unbiased in all aspects of their profession.
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  2. A undeniable truth!! :D But, deepak calm down, you're talking as if you're watching those 24x7 channels for news! :P :P ;)

  3. what else we would watch for ????
    These kinda damages can be done in private...

  4. thank you very much for information, i like it !

  5. True! I like the way you have tried to bring the concept. There are many grammatical mistakes.

    Good Post.

    Media has its pros and cons.



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