TortoisE As The KinG oF JunglE

Bedtime stories of all kids has one thing in common and that is " Lion is the king of jungle ", but years after i fear that tortoise will replace lion as king of the jungle, my fear came after reading a shocking news in today's news paper, The Hindu quoted " Sports bill rejected ", we often speak and often blog as in a country with billion, it is shame to have medals in single digits and many times a single medal, we blame politicians for this and at rarest of the rarest time, when politicians takes this matter, something for sure disrupts and collapse the initiative so easily.

One such example is Sports bill, which will bring sports body which is scattered all over India in to a strong bond, partiality towards cricket will be optimized, because of this vibrant sports culture, we are ranked in medals tally lower than small countries like Kenya and Nigeria, they don't even have infra as we have, but they scores much and better than us,
To be a Manager or to a be a CEO of a reputed firm, they ask for 10-20 years experience in that specific stream, but in a national level and in international level to head a sport body, there are no eligibility criterion, you don't need to hold a bat to govern cricket community of India, just a name politician is enough, politics is everywhere and politicians are omnipresent.

To be a politician all that you need is money or else your father or mother to be a part of a national party, dont have above two ? no problem, act in a film and enter politics, this is the stage of politics, i would like to explain about BCCI here, yes the powerful cricket body which has power to bend the international cricket community.

BCCI - Board of cricket control in India, some times cricket control in world, Shashank manohar as president who is a lawyer by profession and never played any form of cricket and N,srinivasan as secretary who is a chemical engineer and industrialist, if you take our neighbor cricket boards, Both pakistan and Sri Lanka are governed by former cricketers and definitely not like us, our cricket body has politicians,lawyers,industrialist and very few former cricketers. Former BCCI president and also present Agriculture minister of India, where 70% people practices it, he holds two jobs, Rajiv shukla a misiter of state and also U.P cricket board member holds another strong position in BCCI, Farooq abdullah NRE minister and Vilasrao Deshmukh another minister also falls under Politicians cum cricket governors.

Omar abdullah, J.K Chief minister and son of Farooq abdullah a cabinet minister, tweets that sports head should not be a part of cabinet which decides on approval of sports bill, as a result that TWEET was REMOVED.

70 year is age limit to be in office says sports bill, but those old people believes they can do whatever a young man can do, why not play for India ?

  • Under the Bill, the BCCI would have come under the Right to Information Act, which means none of its activities could be kept secret any longer.
  • The board would have had to place its audited account on their website and would have had to present them annually before Parliament
  • The board would have had to ensure that at least 25 per cent of its officials are former cricketers and that none of its office bearers are over the age of 70. 
I don't have patience anymore, if at all we want medals and want india in medals tally, reforms at sports are not enough, reforms at politics should be made at great level, up to that Let tortoise rule the jungle and let tortoise be the head of Lion.

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