United Nations- Deaf As A Post !

Deaf as a post, few days before i was reading this metaphor and after reading it, i was scratching my head to find a best example for it, what in this world could be deaf as a post ? i presumed a man without two ears as a deaf as a post, but even while seeing something with his eyes, he can hear the unsaid words, then what else could be the best deaf in the world ? well, unanimously it is our UNITED NATIONS.

What is United nations ? There are no words am going to put up here to make you all understand how this stuff works, everyone knows what is UN, to be precise it is league of countries, which is aimed to maintain peace and brotherhood among the nations, this is what my history teacher told and believed in my childhood days, now while looking back at those days, it surpasses the comics of charlie chaplin.

United nations is the baby of league of nations, league of nations failed to maintain peace and stop second world war, that is the reason they said for formulating this so called united nation, funny thing is even after the induction of UN, there were so many wars and genocides, so can we search a grandson for league of nation ?

I am an Indian Tamilian, one of the world oldest and finest language, the reason for writing this article is also because of being tamilian, GENOCIDE OF TAMILIANS IN SRI LANKA !!
am no bernard shaw or milton to play with words, i will use my best to explain the pain of my people. i(we) watched them bled, cry, die. i cant do anything to save them, to save my people i did nothing, world did nothing, so called united nations did nothing, toddlers to white hairs were killed without mercy, how many of us know this fact ? how many of us reacted to this fact ?
what did UN reacted ??

United nations security council comprises 5 nations, which has VETO power, means overall authority, they are given this to maintain peace and stop war, funniest thing is that those 5 members are CHINA,FRANCE,USA,U.K,RUSSIA each of them served world wars and killed a million., today they have become the permanent members, they can stop or start any decision, what did they do stop my people being killed ? China is busy on disrupting TIBET and USA,UK,FRANCE are busy on deploying fighter jets to middle east, While Russia is developing their missile technologies, none did anything to protect my people, even Indian government!

Not only for sri lankan tamils, so many african nations such as somalia and few others were seriously troubled, with famine and tyranny, what UN did ? Ban ki moon serves his next tenure, what he achieved in his first tenure ? answer is LEt us watch as we watched by folding our hands!

With these powers, it is quite clear that, UN is just a puppet in the hands of those powers!
We watched and will watch !



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