5 Kind Of Mankind In India....

            " Do you know with whom you are messing ? ", " Do want me to emboss a punch on your face ", These dialogues are often heard and spoken during our bullying times of schools and colleges, We are always surrounded with people of different platforms, people of different characters. Most of us would always love to establish ourselves as a powerful phenomenon, we want to showcase our power,pride and values. for that we would often exhibit something. well as the headlines says 5 Kind of Mankind In India, in my point of view, i have categorized 5 kind of powerful people who can stamp an impact on Indian society, can also call as 5 kind of powerful people from India too, Only Forbes will release powerful people list ? why not one by ourselves,

Everyday i am witnessing some kind of surveys,polls indicating some kind of results, they say that they survived middle class,upper class etc etc, they say they surveyed south India west India North India etc etc, i still believe i belong to any of those class and very much sure of living in some part of India, but i have never been surveyed by anyone neither my family nor anyone whom i know, but all surveys holds and speaks for me, pretty funny and i wonder after seeing them " WHERE ARE THEY TAKING SURVEY'S, WHO ARE THEY ACCOUNTING, WHY DO THEY ADD EVERYONE'S OPINION ? " so i decided to conduct and categorize people based on my view :P :P :P

5) CORPORATE MAGNATES: Financially powerful people, who fuels few politicians for mutual benefits, power drivers for growth and Indian economy, because of people like them, India is not country of JOBLESSNESS, we have enough indigenous companies which stands taller as such of those well developed, these people have also helped India to grow by donating (in past), personally i have great respect for TATA family, we are fortunate to have such people from India, who really shaped Indian education by contributing in so many ways, there are few black sheep too, who avoids paying tax and instead of helping sufferers to sustain, they party all the night, of course its their hard earned money perhaps their grandfather's hard earned money, they have all rights to spend and burn it, corporate social responsibility( CSR ) which can be done better than now, is often considered as a alternate to cut down the tax levied and so people builds 100 floor house with helipad, few donates diamonds,golds ( in kg) to temples and making god's still richer, Philanthropy in India is like feeding a nut for elephants. mouth which needs are many but hands which feeds are too low. their ratio are worst than our child sex ratio :(, so only these tycoons are stands at last, capability and talents are there, but a resource which is never used is no way different than hazardous waste.

4) CRICKETERS: Sportsman's really deserves a place in all time powerful people, because whatever they do, it will become a style, just like kids addicted to cartoon characters, their attachment towards the cartoon hero's are pretending be a such a hero, it has no difference to a teenage youth who is ardently addicted to his sport idol, but as far as Indian dictionary is concerned, sports means cricket, switch on your television and watch for some advertisements, from laptops to ceiling fans, cricketers are promoting it, can you tell me a hockey player or football player who promotes products in such a way ? If you take list of richest sports people from India, 8 out of 10 could be from cricket. cricket has huge impact on India, If a cricketer decides to shorten his hair, people starts to shorten theirs too, if a cricketer wears Number 10 jersey, even those who never played a game desperately seeks a similar jersey, if a cricketer endorses a specific brand of health drink, kids do buy it. if a cricketer decides to go for a temple, our 24X7 would never miss a chance and chanting " WE ARE SHOWING YOU THE LIVE VISUALS OF MR.X visiting his favorite temple, he has been seen wearing a white t shirt and let us have blah blah blah ". across the globe it wont matters much, as for as India is concerned CRICKETERS are IMPACT makers.

3) FILM INDUSTRY: Recently we witnessed a great slope on manufacturing sectors, % plunged badly, i know an Industry which never bends. Film Industry of India, BOLLY WOOD , KOLLY WOOD, TOLLY WOOD, whatever wood it may be, being  world largest producer of films and i think first of a cinema industry to come in the short list of Wikileaks, Film industry of India never requires an introduction and reason for its inception in powerful list. There are certain amount of stupidest creatures who are very much interested in gossips, there can't be a shame like gossiping about a person who we never know in person, but cinema gossiping is one the well paid jobs, beloved journalist will pay and fight a lot to publish it first on their papers and posting a glamorous snap in mid page or front cover, it increases its sales, directly or indirectly we are also one of the prime reason for this culture,there are so many idiots who splash milk over the lifeless POSTERS of their actor, Politics has its one of the four leg of its chair in cinema's, politicians uses actors in campaign( funniest ), few states of India have had considerable amount of Ministers,M.P,CHIEF MINISTERS hailing from film industry, no doubt film industry id POWER HOUSE in India.

: No list would complete without a politician, either good or bad, either about power or weak, either about killing or getting killed, politicians are strongest and powerful people in the world, i no nothing much happens around in the globe and even not much in India, but as far as a common man's view, politicians are powerful people, right from grabbing land from farmers to kidnapping and killing the one who stands against, if you look back at the list all those in NUMBER 5,4,3 will gears up to number 2 in some part of time, people who has strong foundation in film,sports,business will automatically qualify for the post of politician, though their success and loss depends on their familiarity with people and money, politician is collective name given to the powerful people, often there is a phrase, bureaucrat who has an excellent academic record and qualifies himself for Indian police service, whatever it is is, But he must salute a politician who would have just crossed school, since they rule people of strong and weak, they are undoubtedly POWERFUL people, ranging from Nehru to Manmohan singh, well respected and much criticized powerful people belongs to the community of politics.

1) SPIRITUAL, COMMUNAL LEADERS: i am not sure how many of you will agree to this, but according to me they are very much running ahead of politicians and all other members, because being in a land of spirituality, one thing which attracts and attracted foreigners to India other than its wealth is our spiritual culture, which gives peace and rest for those who comes here, but never given like such to people of our own, why they are powerful ? though many of such fake leaders are proven guilty and behind bars, there are few genuine people, you and me know very well that, politicians are very much attracted towards rituals to safeguard their posts, so we have heard them doing such ritual things and we have found few evidence too, even big fish politicians who have all considered as country's finest, receives blessings from such communal and spiritual leaders, these communal and extremists are very much responsible for vote bank politics and in a country of castes and religions which is equally as big as our populations, politicians and businessman, even actors need blessings and support of these people to achieve and taste success, esp to maintain harmony inside a nation of multiple languages and religions, these people are very much needed indeed., either they know nothing or everything about spirituality and either genuine or fake, the words coming out of these leaders are very much powerful, at times they also play a major role in promoting peace.

Any list of powerful people would comprise people's from this category and rest of us belong to another category " which is of no use, but to just eat,live,enjoy,earn and live happily with the family "

That's it, so called my list and view of powerful people from India ends here and like in films before starting the first scene they will show " characters shown are imaginary and not to hurt any of the living and dead people........ " i'm ending this post as, words used here are only to show my views and not in an intention to hurt anyone :P

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  1. Your classification is right.These five are the elite class of India indeed. But there is a 6th class which could be added to this elite class of Indians. The Government servants belonging to the elite services. ( non elite groups could be the military in peace time, the postal service, etc) They appear subordinate to the politicians, but in reality that is not the case always. They are the complementary power of the politicians.


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