DO India Have An Oppostion Party ?

" We strongly condemn this action ", " We demand justice ", " We want perpetrators to be punished ". " We want Prime Minister to resign ", " This country is under corrupt government ", Other than shouting this words in front of numerous mikes and cameras, what have our opposition parties have done ? ? ?
After seeing such blame game quotations, one prominent question which arise is that, " Do we have a strong opposition party in India ? "

India follows BICAMERALISM, which has two houses of parliament, though we have two houses, very rarely we can see them functioning smoothly apart from market style uproar of opposition parties, India is a nation which follows MULTI-PARTY SYSTEM, which allows multiple political parties to contest and can form government either in coalition or separately, But other than Congress Party, i don't think that we have a strong party, Let me explain my statement,

  • Raman Singh - Chhattisgarh
  • Narendra Modi - Gujarat
  • Prem Kumar Dhumal - Himachal Pradesh
  • D. V. Sadananda Gowda - Karnataka
  • Shivraj Singh Chauhan - Madhya Pradesh
  • B.C. Khanduri - Uttarakhand
  • Arjun Munda - Jharkhand.
  • Sushil kumar Modi, COALITION and Deputy Chief Minister of BIHAR .
BJP remained in power at center along with several coalition parties, from 1998-2004, previously for just 13 days they remained as ruling party in 1996, vajpayee as prime minister, They really performed well in the rise of kargil war and testing India's Nuclear potential, it was great period for India other than few disgust communal riots happened in 2002.

Now Let us have a look at Ruling congress party stats,
  • Jarbom Gamlin - Arunachal Pradesh
  • Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy - Andhra Pradesh
  • Tarun Gogoi - Assam
  • Sheila Dikshit - Delhi
  • Digambar Kamat - Goa
  • Bhupinder Singh Hooda - Haryana
  • Prithviraj Chavan - Maharashtra
  • Okram Ibobi Singh - Manipur
  • Pu Lalthanhawla - Mizoram
  • Ashok Gehlot - Rajasthan
  • D.D. Lapang - Meghalaya
  • Oommen Chandy -Kerala
 Out of 28 states, it is impossible(right now) for any single party to rule all of them, regional parties plays a major role in capitalizing their region, using the language factor and they are constantly surviving in their respective state, such as Tamil Nadu, where it would be either DMK or ADMK will be in ruling position, so at this places National parties must take a good step in making coalition, congress are better heads than BJP in this, so they made timely move and joined DMK in 2009 elections which helped them to come in power, where BJP had no seats.
Congress party which is very famous right from freedom struggle is well spread in all parts of India, But BJP which was founded in 1980's is not as familiar as congress in all states, Except karnataka in south, BJP has no great deal, like that in North East regions, BJP is not a big fish, But along with alliance congress makes a good revenue there.

With so much of scams, Common wealth games, 2G spectrum case, Aadharsh Housing scam, Kg basin, Air India, CAG reports continuously indicts the wastage and poor plan of the ruling party, even though we have this much of corrupted and tainted cases, How congress maintained to win the polls of 2009 again ???
1) Their 2004-2009 tenure was really an average score, there were no great scams and they shaped country decently, they had a good growth rates.
2) There was no strong politically a opposition party to beat Congress.
I find the second reason as main for second term of UPA, because BJP is showcased as a communal party, just because of 2002 riots, though they are strong and deep sympathizers of Hinduism, their lack of good leadership and good coalition made them to sit in opposition side again.

Communist party of India is also not great front runner, other than states of West Bengal and Kerala, they never carried a momentum with them, even now they lost both their power houses, other regional parties will make comic like forming 4th and 5th front and they never made it to front, always stands last in poll results, positions like this will make a single power party to think that they are the head. so as the result of it, mistakes happens.
Instead of just blaming in press meeting, if opposition parties make a good move by making people to trust them, will give them good chance to form a government, whenever there is fear of loosing the power, politicians will really do lot of good favors to maintain their power.

India is not single party nation like China,Cuba, though they are single party nation, china shows a vast development and control over the world,i remember and quote a funny line i heard from my teacher.
In school when we asked our sir, " to whom you will vote ? ", he replied with smile " your question is just similar to, selecting any one among two thieves to loot your own house ", at that time i could not understand it, but not all the politicians are bad and not all the people of India are good, mistakes and problems happens everywhere, Being Indians if we are united together, it will be a great strength.

Just learn how John McCain and Obama, gave a smile and a friendly pose together after election, can we imagine such thing in India, if anything like that happens, i bet we will develop a lot than we are now.

Other than throwing mikes and kicking tables of Public property, they can contribute a lot to the growth, i saw few clips of Kashmir assembly proceedings, one so called member of Legislative assembly, was standing above the bench and shouting, is this ethics ????  is this civilization ? for doing such atrocities people voted and elected you ? are we Humans or Monkeys ? even monkey's will behave well, we need some strong laws for such mis-behaviors and MLA should not resign his post without the permission of people who elected him. agony continues but this post ends here !


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