Invisible Tears....

Invisible Tears, In our routine, machinist life, we hardly have a chance to understand the smile and tears of a stranger but also a similar human being to us, we never smile at a neighbor, never have a gracious look at the stray dogs, life has become so lame, i have arranged my words collectively in the name of poem, about a small boy i saw as a server in a restaurant.

Why ? Why life is so complicated ?
Perhaps i may view it wrong, whatever it is,
Tears turns as Ink and i pen this with that ink.

"What do you want to have, sir" you asked politely.
The word Sir, i don't deserve it i know and you as well,
Neither you nor me know about each others.
we must be of same age, i spoke with in.

Me and My family ordered a bunch of items,
which is too large for your skinny hands.
I watched you, yes...
I watched your dark hands cleaning the rotten table
I watched your deteriorated dress,
Which have no more place to accommodate a stitch.
You wore a slipper with no sole, such a poor soul.
Infected nails, withered fingers.

But your eyes spoke a lot,
It banks and telecasts your longings.
If you have had a parents like mine,
If you have had a brother like mine,
I am sure,you will be here and enjoying the meal.
One and Only sin that you did,
You stayed in a poor mother's womb for 10 months.

As like other teen guy of your age,
You will also have a dream,
Dream of wearing a pair of Adidas,
Dream of using an Apple ipod,
Will your dream remains as a dream forever ??

I have never seen anyone of the 1000 god's we have,
Not going to see him or her in future too,
Even though, i will seek justice for you, why ?
Why this much much partiality ?

I saw your eyes gazing me and my dress,
I can't explain the feel of guilt i got,
Food was tasty and after few pieces of it,
I started enjoying the food, slowly my guilt,feel for you started to vanish.
But one thing for sure, after seeing you.
I will definitely stop at least one guy like me,
I will not let him feel the guilt i felt by seeing you.
impact of such people will stay in our hearts for few seconds, during its tenure we can try to help few people, for those who are in a position to help such people, Gift them a life, water the withered buds, people spend lot of money in temple, dropping solid cash,gold,silver will never reach god, service to god is service to poorand save some humans too :) :)


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