Me, You, He, She, They, It, We are all actors !

Hmm Hmm, Me, You, He, She, They, It, We are all actors !. Bit confusing ? or understood ? Neither ? fine fine, according to me toughest job in the world is solving mathematics(Maths the word i hate in my life, even in afterlife) and like that easiest job is advising others. everyone of us would have either received from someone or bestowed advice to someone, it feels a lot to advice our friends or family when they are confused, it does not matters whether we follow what we advice, but while advising others all of us will become a mahatma(pure soul).
so in this post i really don't know what i am going to write or written, spare some time to read this nuisance.

As of today, i have heard to few spiritual leaders, some of them still preaching philosophy and many of them are behind bars, they have all one in common, from the best philosopher to the worst philosopher, everyone did one thing in common, that is asking questions ! Just put what, why,where,who,when,whose in front of a sentence, definitely you will take or need a break for sure. Life without asking question is incomplete.

A brief history of time, Stephen Hawking's excellent book, begins with an inspiring question and that is children will ask questions, which cannot be answered or asked by adults, very true.. who i am i ? not the film i'm mentioning here, just ask who i am i to ourselves, if we answer our respective name, why we are named ? if we answer for personal identification, why to identify ? because there are so many fellow human beings, if there are so many human beings, why we are here ? why we are still producing ? blah blah blah...

Imagine (purely imagine) or dream that there is an conversation as follows between god and young boy, Dear god i have studied hard in school, spent nights and days for marks, now i crossed them and then in college, then ? then what find a heavy pay job and earn a lot, okay i found one, then ? then what ? spend that huge pay,enjoy yourself,save for your family,help others,help needy(tough one esp for billionaire's),live with that money, okay i did i did, i did all you said, then ? then what beta ? marry a gal. make two family in to a covalent bond, have some babies, spend your young life in growing up that boy or girl, okay oof executed as you said, then ? haha so you have spent all your time till now with some work, you are old now, get some rest on chair, very well said, am resting, what's next ? here comes the toughest job, you have to answer your kid for whatever you have asked me so far ? i answered, then ? fine, you have completed your cycle and your are asking too much questions, so find a bed and sleep forever R.I.P.

It took 21 years for me to understand this simple and stupid life cycle, just think that in what way we differ from our parents and other humans who lived and left the same world we are living ? they worked, had some good foods, married and produced, cared and grown their young kids, made them to study,work,earn and asked them to marry, had good time with grand children and one day all of them died, their relatives, friends cried cried cried, at one time they stopped and carried the lifeless body to grave yard, buried or burnt and at last returned, for few weeks remembered them and after some time, got busy with their domestic chores.
i know a popular proverb in Tamil, " AAdi adangum Vaazhkayadaa AAradi nilame sondhamadaa " literally means, " Life is full of up's and down's but at last what all of us own is just 6 feet of land to bury ", ahem ahem lets not go too sentimental, because even after posting this am not and you are not going to change our routine cycle life.

we came with nothing and while departing we are definitely not going to take anything from this earth. pharaoh's time are over, none going to bury the jewels or cash with us, but we can definitely have some pleasures while we are here and even when we are not here, just think that if each day you make a man smile, you make someone worried in to happy, seeing happiness in others happiness has no match. love everyone and be on harmony,lets have some humanity, feed the hungry mouths, help others. ENOUGH ENOUGH DEEPAK, see what i said is true, when we are advising others, we will tell a lot, even something which we never followed :P :P myself is an example for what i said., i personally feel that all of us here are acting our part, we are here for some reason, few people are here to make someone smile, more people are here for a reason to make someone cry., whatever it may be.

"wherever there occurs a EVIL, i will take avatar " this is what said by most of the religions and god's, i think we don't have any evil's occurring here or perhaps no avatar of god is ready to take on that evil, so actors, act your part perfectly, we have got just one life, just live it happily and entirely. while living our life lets just make the poor ones to live a happy life too. Life is nothing but just a cycle, an endless cycle which will exist as long as earth survives.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves - Buddha.


P.S: I am no philosopher to speak philosophy, i just shared what i felt about life, if at all it sounds awkward, i cant ask sorry :P :P ( another P.S:plz don not scold me)


  1. as long as earth survives, and beyond...let's live and laugh...great post :)


  2. haha, exactly SUB, as long as sportive and easy going people like you reads my post, my so called posts can also survive :)

  3. I heard DEepak Karthik has gone lunatic for sometime. :P :P . So, its true!! :P
    KIdding, funny post dude but good. I request u, plz, stop thinking too much, else one day or other, i'll see u behind the bars! he.. he.. :P :P

  4. everyone in this world are lunatic for something, proud to be a lunatic :P :P i posted this for a social cause cum fun :) so no issues,hey all in this world are behind bars, aren't we ? from the view of people inside bars, we are also behind bars :P :P :P :P :P


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