An Open Letter To TRAI !

It was a very dark night very much darker than the life of few people in India, there were street lamps, incandescent bulbs, Edison bulbs and even LED bulbs but there were no current, thieves were not like us, they are intelligent to an extent, they certainly used this opportunity to commit a break-in at a secluded house, but house owner heard a strange noise and saw those burglars trying to break his house door, unfortunately it was a remote area, even if he scream like those heroines on screen there was none to save him, all super hero's are sleeping nicely, so in that darkness he somehow managed to grab his mobile and makes call to his son who is upstairs, operator says " Dear subscriber, your balance is very low, kindly recharge to continue our service" though he had a balance of 25RS, that is BPL line limit, before the operator connects him to his son, thieves made their successful attempt to break-in and what else " THE END ", the end for both the story and that old man., this is just trailer, the worst is yet to come, hold your patience.

I got a message from my service provider, " Due to new regulation of TRAI we are informing you that from now, you can send only 100 messages per day ", OMG just few days back, i made a recharge pack which says me that i can send 49,000 messages for the period of 3 months, it was shocking news for me, then i opened my so called broadband connection by 3:15 pm, home page showed, " web page cannot be displayed", what the heck ? i have kept GOOGLE as my home page, but at times few people begins their internet connection with this page, so i just connected again and checked for news, TRAI caps 100 messages per day, another heart breaking news.

For people who are reading this, it may sound lame, but students and young Indians, uses these SMS to communicate with friends and sometimes to family too, i just wanted to ask the reason, TRAI states reason as follows, TO CURB MARKETING SMS, we are introducing these regulations they said ", after reading this line trust me, i got a message saying " PLOT FOR SALE, RUSH to avail this premium offer ", wow wow....

Dear TRAI (Telecom Regulatory authority of India),
                  Am neither son of Ambani nor a relation to Tata, i can't afford to call all my friends to wish happy birthday or send a friendship day message, SMS is the cheapest way to convey messages shortly and easily, if you are really dedicated to help common man, sit in a room and think for years to curb the spam SMS, don't pluck my freedom, by limiting 100 sms per day will stop marketing companies DO DISTURB campaign ? are you sure they wont send 100 stupid SMS ?? what if they call and promote their products ? will you limit only 100 calls per day ???? you are in a position to take decisions, so take decisions which will not affect people, i am none to direct you regarding your work and you are also none to curb my freedom.
Already several Service providers are waiting to charge for sending messages on special occasions, so that people like me will never wish anyone on any special day.

Few people are doing scams and looting public money, if they are allowed to loot crores in hundred, why dont you allow me to message in hundred ??? regulations like these are making us to think what really happened in august 15 1947 and why TRAI is formed on 1997 and why they gave you independent status, perhaps you can also be limited to make only 100 regulations per year.

Instead of imposing a rule on common man, better find a solution by utilizing your power,money and status to put an full stop for those idiotic marketing people and also when i was driving to reach a destination in perfect time, i got a call from my service provider, DO YOU WANT TO SET THIS AS YOUR HELLO TUNE ? CLICK 5, it was a machine speaking. ask them to stop this senseless business too.
By now, Media is busy on their TRP rating by relaying live visuals of a famous sports personality's last rights, i am not sure whether they will take up this issue,

" I reached home " message is not spam, it is an essential info from a person to his family, Don't curb this.
" YOUR MOB NO HAS WON 10 Crore Rs " This is called spam, kindly curb this and help us to maintain our freedom.


  1. DEEPAK KARTHIK i should appreciate for your individual post here on this TRAI REGARD. i never support the TRAI rule forever THERE PLAN IS TO GET MORE MONEY if you are forced to message only 100 sms. you will try to save it for a most wanted people and call for other people so o will recharge much to in a weak so they can be benifited most

  2. well,the balance reminder is anoying,i got a new postpaid connection an year back in the beginning they set a credit limit of 1500 the moment i wud cross 1000 everytime i had to make a call i would get a message saying you are bout 2rch ur credit limit pls pay up an interim amt to avoid disconection of services.n i wndrd what if i was in some kinda trouble n hd a min to mk an sos call do i nd 2hear bou the interim paymnt?wish sumone wud sue for sms yes i still get 20msgs 2buy properties evn afta d trai rule so its i wud suggest get a blackberry thats wht i hv dne d msngr is gr8 screw d sms


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