My Worstestest Night...

After posting a post already, today i restricted myself not to write an another post, just because of two reasons 1) I don't have patience to type 2) I want the readers who are already few in number to read my previous post of this day, but these 2 reasons are shattered in to pieces after facing one of a worst night i ever had. i have shared my experience here and it was really irritating too the core while experiencing it but once it turns to your memories it will make you smile, if you wish to read about worst experience go ahead...

It was a sunny day, 365 days of Chennai almost sunny days, people who stayed here for a while or even at least for a day, would realize this temperate zone and the intimacy between sun and this region, i have heard people pointing a note " winter of Chennai is just like summer in my place ", that is the kind of thermometer scale we have here, morning part of my day was really good other than so called broadband connection from a company which starts with R, though it had a speed like dial up connection, they named it as broadband, such a sense of humor they have. i had a typical south Indian lunch and with tummy full, i tried to switch on television and watch some 24X7 radio cum news channel, while i gave a look at clock, i was shocked because clock gonna strike 3, like such Americans have an alarm for national security(watched in Die hard film), i was rushing to charge my mobile,
It was almost 2:58 PM and then that disaster took place, Fans stopped, Televisions were dead, mobile is not eating the charge, oh yuck " CURRENT CUT " a local word to denote Current shut down, as such school students have schedule for their periods from 3 pm to 4 pm, this are have survive without current,technically we must go back to dark ages of our grandfathers, in this hot noon it is so hard to survive without air conditioners and fans, i just opened a small paged novel, i have no patience in reading pillow sized books where before finishing the book i would go to the start and read what happened :P, so while going through the novel, i was almost drenched in sweat, i tried to wave papers as hand fan and almost succeeded by sleeping, i was desperately waiting for clock to knock 4.

Yes clock knocked 4 times but i dint woke up and just slept nicely with a fan on full swing and totally forgot to charge my dying mobile and then i woke exactly by 6, plugged charger in to mobile and there comes a twist, current dies temporarily again, err then i waited for Mr or Miss or Mrs Invisible(current) to come, got bored and so went for a evening refreshment, had a good bath but still then current dint show up, went to rooftop just roamed over the balcony and i can see so many heads doing the same, people here will come out only during the time of crisis, it went for a hour and then a rejoice echoed as CURRENT CAME from small guys of my area,
I ran like BOLT and opened the doors, keeping doors open for 10 seconds is also a grievous mistake in today's social life, i have a bad experience for that too, i just kept my LOCK opened in the gate, while i checked it back after hours, i cant see a lock in the place i kept, bussss some intelligent thief looted it, i don't know what i am going to do with JUST key or what he is going to do with just a lock, then opening the door and switched on the light, as like reverse button current went off, err then walked back to balcony and of course by locking doors echoes of rejoiced suddenly blurred :P

Continued my walking part, after 20 minutes same echo rejoiced as " current came ", this time i decided to go after few minutes, like our ministers who will reach disaster place as late as possible, so i went after a while, this time when i switched on, Thanks Satan current was still alive. it was CLT20 cricket match, as like normal Indian youth am also a crazy fan of cricket, match was between HOME( Chennai super kings ) and South Africa's Cape cobras, i was really resting back and watching the toss, coin was tossed and was expecting Chennai to win the toss, as before CURRENT CUT.

This time i decided to continue the novel in candle light, great scholars studied under street lamps, hehe let me be a so called scholar, it was irritating to study in that candle light, so was just sitting and looking at my mobile which was dying in my hands, started texting my friends to kill my boredom, it was comforting to text friends.
Time went on to 11 PM, no sign of current and it was sweating again, new rule from TRAI made all young Indians to send only 100 SMS per day, beyond that you can't send a single message, so i was conservative in saving messages, hell !!
I wanted to sleep badly, but there were no current and my mobile reached last point on battery and i reached my limit for messages, it was all silence and my mobile is all new NOKIA 2007 model, which is basic i cant even hear songs, i was just sitting and then good news Current came but a bad news it went off again.

Then i scolded people of Electricity board and TRAI with myself and started to show my temper to lifeless things, i reached 0 tolerance and i cant carry on with this anymore, i felt alone and mobile ripped, err what an ugly night, at last current came and as fast it came, match was over :( :( :( dint even see a single ball of that game !! then i decided to share my temper, i have this blog for that and so shared my so called worst night, there are people who would have faced worst than this, but it was a real test for my patience, which i dont have so just shared it here and felt free, so now i can sleep happily :) good night :P :P


  1. Ahhh! Power failure irritates so much. Telangana strikes have been hitting us so much! Sad!
    Especially when there is so much humidity!
    It has to be your worst night! So, now you know where to plan your other nights. :)

  2. LoL,Humidity is absent in both air and hearts of politicians, its our fate !


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