New Delhi Versus New York !

" There are neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more. "

- Alexandre Dumas.

            The above quotation means a lot, we often compare ourselves with some other entity and for sure, we will either end up in a satisfaction of what we are now or a dissatisfaction about our current position.

Nowadays i think a lot weird and as an example i have made very few stupid comparisons here, first of all in a cricket frenzy nation if i make a post as Delhi vs New york, folks will think it as an post for some sports, spare some time to witness yet another post which has shades of sarcasm.

Unity in Diversity, vibrant culture and various backgrounds. finest languages and finest cuisines, blah blah, i have read all these on essay's, for every Indian student, Heritage and unity in diversity are very familiar topic, whenever there happens a essay competition, this is the FAQ.

     Just ask ourselves, are we all really united together as an single element ? are we all heading towards an equal growth ? or at least are we all in a harmony ?, these are the hypothetical questions, i remember Iron man of India, how hard it is to unite all part of India, a looted India and sometimes harassed India and stereotypical India. Sardar Vallabhbhai patel took all possible efforts to unify a single term called India. now i really feel that If he is alive now he will definitely regret for his efforts.

   On the other hand lets take USA, they fought hard and paid price to buy several states like Alaska,Florida,Louisiana,New Mexico from various colonial countries and i really do not know how united they are now, but for sure they are very much united than what we are today.

For sure and obviously i can say that we are united in the time of disasters, natural or war whatever it may be, we are also very much united during cricket matches and sports except IPL, but at certain occasions we really lose that unity, few years back we had a major problem in Maharashtra, Natives scared Indians from Bihar for taking up their jobs and problem for water in between Karnataka and Tamil nadu. why so and reason ?

In my perspective, i think language and statehood are reasons for the slag in unity, when Hindi was about to made as national language, there was a huge uproar in south, yes everyone loves their mother tongue. but if Hindi has been made as national language and compulsory, India would have seen a very much and better growth than what we are now, there are no other countries with this much varieties, even the most populous country in the world has a common language for its people and for USA language is not at all a problem and states are not at all problem, so there prevails a harmony with in states.

As of now, we have 28 states, we are not sure about the numbers in future ? even now people are fighting for new state, what they do is, halt and grudge the entire state, so that maximum damage can be made to public, am happy that sardar is no more to witness such idiotic efforts. people tweets as " azad " independent state etc etc blah blah, as such when there is trouble to kashmiri's only few people beyond the border raises their voice for victims and similarly when there is problem for tamil fisherman's, only tamilians raises the help voice, not even external affairs minister. with all these few awkward incidents, it is so lame to say that we are not united, i can say one rock solid reason that we are united, people in uniform day and night safe guarding every inch of our soil are not risking their lifes to save Bihar or west bengal or Karnataka alone, they frontier the whole nation, but few donkey's inside border and spoiling the integrity should be slashed in it's ass.
We can't easily blame it and blame everything on politicians, every Indian is responsible for this.

Few days back i saw a shocking open letter to a Delhi guy from a south Indian girl Is that what you do to a guy or girl who is also a same Indian like you but might be darker perhaps not as beautiful as you, is that what you do to abuse her ? As a south Indian guy i have experienced several humiliations over the net and have witnessed humiliation of a north Indian guy vice verse.  i remember a wonderful SMS sent during the hard time of Mumbai attacks, most of the NSG are from different parts of India than Maharashtra, it cleverly attacked a leading politician and also the mind set of Indians are not great, just imagine if Statue of liberty is located in India, it is some how green in color, but if it is here for a year about 6 feet of statue would have turned RED, why so? PAN MASALA color is red :( 

SADHBHAVANA will not come either by fasting or by violence, it should be spontaneous, showing kindness to other humans irrespective of color and ethnicity, language can come only by realizing the ill effects and good effects of being an INDIAN and a lot to be done for turning an India which is United only on essay's to real life, as the following passage says


"" The Indian history is a witness that casteism and communalism have never done any good to society. This is also my own firm conviction. Gujarat has understood this and having overcome these evils, it has adopted the path of Inclusive Development. We are committed to work for a developed Gujarat for a developed India.""

Let us Hope For a New India.


  1. every country has it's dark shade...we have ours too...and because it is ours, it hurts that much more...long way to go for us....

    good one...


  2. Our country has many flaws and I would take many years to overcome them...Nicely written, the quote in the beginning is too good...

  3. @Sub: Yea, every country has their own flaws, our problem is bigger since our population is also as big as that :P
    @saru: Thanks a lot !


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