Shame Shame Puppy Shame !

Shame shame puppy shame all the monkeys know your name, an Indian version to tease and insult friends during my school days, surprisingly it has unknown origin and spread very well across the nation, so whenever and wherever we caught people doing some stupid things we would sing these phrases loud, it is an act of insulting the convict :P

These phrases would very well fix for a recent fiasco, i really wonder why that victim of fiasco is repeatedly drowning in number of such failures, most of you reading these lines, till now you could not have figured which fiasco i am pointing here, that is natural since we are well surrounded by plenty of scams and allegations.

In this post, i have pointed  the glorious game of India and also national game of India, HOCKEY, something strange about our country is people would always neglect government's subsidiaries. like getting treatment at private hospital and traveling in private air craft etc etc. but one thing which was liked by everyone is a government job, but it is also declining in these days. Hockey which is a national sport of billion people, have never gathered a momentum which it deserves.
Cricket which is in blood of 90% of Indian youths saw its first world cup moment in 1983, but hockey gave us a world cup very before it, In 1975 India claimed its first ever world cup, but some how it has never been portrayed as a one of country's finest sport. While egomaniacs refuses to accept their faults and failures to establish a fine base for hockey, we are losing our dignity in the globe.

Per match Indian hockey players earns 1800 Rs, which is not even enough to buy a pair of shoes, it was really humiliating when news spread over said that few Indian players lags hockey shoes, how bad it is ? In a country of billion and in a country where 3 0r 4 people of world's richest resides, a player representing these billions including richest does not have a proper shoe, even they neglect it and they brought glory by winning the tournament, a meager amount of 25k given to them.

i heard a news that, Indian cricket team spent 25 k per day on kart, am not saying or asking to reduce the pay of cricketers, but why such inequality ? we are always well known for inequality and improper growth, rich getting richer and poor goes poorer. we have finest billionaires with us, who builds house and spends money like water, its his wish, but philanthropy in India is worst, only 4 Indians registered their name in best philanthropist of the world, am glad for those four.

Bollywood actors and cricketers who receives lump amount on advertising, can create awareness by helping such poor federations with that money, it will make and gives a lesson for others, we have good philanthropists and good hearts in cricketers but it is inadequate. other than cricket Indian sports are in edge of darkness, people like typhoons and magnates can come up and start a campaign, we started a campaign for tiger, it is indeed a time to start campaign for two legged animals,
Money corrupted should be used for such purposes, some minister has gifted a crown of 2.5 feet studded with diamonds and precious things to a temple, which is richest god in the world, let them eat it alone, don't give a penny for country. if at all we don't revolutionize the  sport bodies. winning a gold medal and a world cup will always remain as a dream of an Indian, it will not be achieved !


  1. well said is the only sports where we are doing wonder Indians are crazy about it...and with the sheer number of population, the money is, no wonder they are rich....of other sports we need better infrastructure...that will come with less corruption...i wonder when we will solve that problem...

    nice post.


  2. being a common man we can never solve or even never dream about solving such issues, all that we can do is, satisfying ourselves by writing with agony :( people at power never try anything, we can wait and hope as usual we were doing, thanks for your comments bro !
    good day ahead !

  3. Such a thoughtful post! Even I wonder why they aren't concentrating on games like TT, swimming, Hockey(especially), or even sports like Archery, horse riding are taking back seat. Logically, Indians started the art of archery but pathetically, we aren't the best in that field.


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)