Bleed, Mourned and Forgotten !

           " This Number You Have Dialed Is Currently switched off, please try after some time " says the operator for a call made by a wife, who sent her husband with smile and cried after seeing a flash news on television. The developing and untold pain of a wife, of a son, of an old mother for their loved ones to check whether they are safe is equally unexplainable. The moment i saw the news " Blast at Delhi " i presumed it that would be which happened few months ago, but TV anchor was telecasting it live on air. as usual numbers blinked on screens, x died y injured and feared to increase.

And as usual, rescue operations were on and as usual journalist surrounded the site and as usual police personals were engaged in limiting the area and as usual visuals of crying,mourning relatives friends destabilized my emotions. i could not keep away myself from being emotional and then i started writing this blog, a blog which speaks my feel.

I really wonder what the hell those bloody cowards need, what they do with all these bloods and tears ? what they do with these severed body parts ? which religion teaches them to do so ? which stupid god asks them to do so ? these questions were asked by billion people whenever and wherever a blasts occurs. with so much drastic improvement in technologies we could not save our lives ! That is a shame we should embarrass about.

They feel proud of themselves as our government desperately waits for a group to take responsibility for this fatality, it happens only here, if a bomb blasts in Israel , a bomb of equal or strong magnitude will rock the epicenter of terror, if a bomb blasts in USA, Afghan or Iraq will hear a blast, but we are India we will just watch watch watch !

One side i feel proud to be an Indian whenever a terror plot is foiled by Army jawans who sacrifice their life through day and night, one side I'm ashamed of being a Indian who never retaliates, i am very sure that these things are not going read by a terrorist, if at all any one of that coward swine is reading it, just come and do your shits in front of army, be like a man and fight like a man, instead of killing innocents with bombs just come kill or get killed by army.,

How does it feels inside you when you are about to identify a mutilated body, to see severed hands and to smell the burnt skins, what sin they did other than being born at India. I really do not know how many Ganesh or how many shiva or even how many khan's died in this blasts, neither god nor goddess helped them, but you bunch of idiots burn each other for those statues !

There are pages and pages of agony and angry coming in words but they are of no use, A national capital is bombed twice in months span and you can arrest a old man for just protesting in a silent way and jail him prior to his action, but you wont and cant arrest these vampires ? Hours after the blast, government says " TERROR ATTACK ", what else it would be ? a Diwali cracker ? Unless we have a good use of technologies and good implementation of our security personals other than working for politicians, we cant never never learn a lesson ! I swear and challenge, few weeks or days later, some other news like sports of film will shade these things off, after all it is just another day of Indians life !


  1. Who says that the blasts are a 'lullaby for the Govt.'?

    Lullabies are for toddlers needing a singing incentive to go to sleep. This Govt. is like a big , smelly, belching hulk that is snoring while the nation burns!

    Arvind Passey

  2. I just read this blog post and I can imagine how you feel. The photo tells me that people need help. Someone is being mistreated and I'm feeling Blue.

  3. Photos and words will not, can not tell the agony and sufferings of the victims, it is just a way for expressing our anger.. all that we can ask is " Find out the vampires behind this incident shoot them on same streets"

  4. eye for an eye will make us all blind...the problem is more complex than bombing Afgan and Iraq...US has their own reasons to bomb them and it is no way related to terrorism...

    these attacks are sad and our govn is sleeping...a lot of mending needs to be done...the sleeping elephant has to awake...

    i understand your anger...i live in Delhi and i know the fear that lurks in our minds

  5. i accept your point sir, that eye for eye will make us blind, but just think are those cowards are equal to us ? we have to show some retaliation, should make them fear. most of us are loosing our eyes day by day, instead we can go blind and save our next generation ! i have never been to delhi sir but i ll raise my voice and my anger will not vary for attacks on any part of india !

  6. Very straight post and so touching. Deepak. agree with you. The worst could happen was easily capture the old man who has some capability. The Agony delhi beld sent a shiver in us but alas like you said angry words are only words after all.

  7. Yeah mam, words out of agony can thrive for few days perhaps few weeks, after all this is just another blast to us ! Trend has changed like that, that is something we must accept and something we must be ashamed of :(

  8. My heart bleeds for those who lose their loved ones through such unfortunate attacks. We live in a country where Govt doesn't give a damn about our protection.

  9. Here in the US, there is a huge run-up every September 11. Reminiscences, talk of how horrible the day was, footage of the towers coming down. People here do not realize that the world is full of other people who have to live those horrors almost every day, nor do they seem to care very much. And forget about talking about how US policy fans the flames.

    I wish I could say that things will be better soon, but they won't. Not until all of us absorb some lessons.


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