This Wall Has No Flaws...

I have never written or dedicated a blog post for a single man or women, but it breaks here, From here you all gonna witness few words about a man, a man who saved the pride and restored the dignity, a man who sacrificed and a man who never created scenes and especially a man who received a less attention than what he deserves, as they call " The great wall of India ", i rather regret for calling as wall, wall has no emotions but this great wall of India is BEST HUMAN !

Being an ardent fan of MSD, Mahindra singh dhoni, i often consider other cricketers as side kicks, but at some instant i overthrown it and started respecting Dravid, personally i have a huge respect for his calm,silent and well civilized behavior, there cant be any other cricketer to play a classical cut shots and It all started at Singapore with a replacement came for vinod kambli, it was a disappointing start for him, but he capitalized and proved his potential in England by making debut together with Sourav ganguly, while sourav is holding to a mike now but Dravid still holds his bat with him, he is physically and mentally a man of stamina.

In 343 matches, Dravid has scored 10,820 runs, averaging 39.06 and at a strike-rate of 71.16. Adding to it, Dravid also has 196 catches and 14 stumping to his credit. Rahul Dravid is no whirlwind that sweeps the opposition away. He is more like a undertaker when everyone comes to him crying, he silently takes off the burden and places in his own shoulders and then finishes the tasks at great risks.

Sacrifice is an essential entity for any sportsman, perhaps very very essential for those who love to represent their country, i can say that they can learn how to achieve that by seeing Dravid, Rather calling it as sacrifice we can say, he came to the line of duty, when we needed a wicket keeper, he accepted, when we needed to guide team for world cup, he came forward, no matter he succeeded or failed, but the commitment matters, when nayan mongia, one of the good cricketing keeper of India, we suffered and tried a lot for fine wicket keeper batsmen and at some point India decided not to waste a man for just wearing gloves and this tough task has been assigned to Dravid, he accepted and kept the wicket for India, captaincy is just like thorn chair, whatever you do people will always blame you, few finest of finest cricketers from India feared to sit on the captaincy chair after ganguly, Dravid made a chance. these sacrificing things has never brought him to a place what he deserves.

He is player who play for his TEAM not for his individual records, i bet no idiot or no stupid or no (whatever decent bad words :P ) can tell him that HE PLAYED FOR HIMSELF, he is a player who played for his country, though people slammed him for his poor record in T20, wall never gave a damn for it, some young boy, just because he born to a wealthy dad, he made a quarrel with OUR WALL, as always wall can with stand whatever stress and strain it faces.

In India, cricket means Sachin, GOD they call him, no doubt Sachin is one of the finest and best cricketer that India has ever produced, for sure It takes centuries to imagine a replacement for legend like sachin, but to replace Dravid, it is much harder than replacing sachin, Rahul is not as great as sachin when it comes to the matter of records but he has his own list of records. Dravid is not Prince of Bengaluru but he was admired by all prince and princess who really values his human values.

Dravid is also much respected by rival teams, he often encourages people of other team with his words sometimes with gifts, i can still recall a incident after losing a match to bangladesh in world cup, Dravid was believed to give a bat to ashraful a bangladeshi cricketer.

For one thing which i can be proud of Dravid is, we share a common ancestor place, he he . sorry for publishing about myself or my place, Dravid belonged to a Marati speaking family and his paternal grand parents are from Thanjavur district. Dravid might have been named hardly beacause of Dravidians of south India. but whatever he is and wherever he is from, by representing India in cricket, it might be white or blue jersey, He is such a gem of Indian cricket and unsung hero of our time, one good news for ardent Dravid fans and silent admirers like me is WE CAN STILL THIS WALL IN WHITE JERSEY !


  1. the bestest post ever, deepak! :) i dont know whether this Indian will miss him or not, i'll miss cuts n shots on screen! :P :)

  2. no problem madam, you can see him on TEST matches and if you miss him very much, better you can go to banglore and bowl him :P :P

  3. Cannot agree more!
    Wonderful post. This man can never be put in words, how much ever I read, I feel he deserves more.
    Sad that he was not projected as highly as other players.

  4. AS if this guy is willing to sponser for the trip!! :P :P


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