Vroom Vroom, Rey Rey ! ( whistle sound )

           Inspired by Diarios de motocicleta Walter Salles made an biographical film on iconic Che Guevara, Inspired by seeing that film, i was riding my 1000 cc all new Suzuki GSX-R1000 at a speed of 150 Km per hour, if using mobile phone while driving is dangerous, thinking of something you are fond of is also equally dangerous, i literally ran out of control and while before hitting on " Laxmi " , that's the name that old women shouted on cow by seeing me speeding towards it, suddenly a heavenly voice, it said " Get a ticket and then Sleep ".

Oh gosh, even in dream i was not allowed to enjoy the thrill, but already i got a ticket for my travel, how many times should i nod my head like a buffalo, hell ya. at this point, i am going to define as best i can, about a journey on Metropolitan Transport corporation bus of CHENNAI city Vroom Vroom, Rey Rey
(whistle sound )

It was a dusky evening and also a dusty evening, either of them is common phenomenon in urbanized India, In cities like Chennai, it is damn dangerous to cross the road, even crossing in Sepang F1 circuit could be easier, but here people who walk will also travel at an abnormal speed, neither asks sorry nor looks back whether you are safe, such a clock work world., i was waiting for C51 bus, it is a bus which connects sub urban places with major hubs, it was first time for me in that route, i was searching for bus stop, i saw group of men and women standing, i picked best among them to ask " where is bus stop ", the man i chose was a software profession but he answered in a hardware manner, " this is bus stop ", i gave a bad glimpse and stepped back in Que, but this Que has no order.

One good thing in MTC bus is that they have L.E.D Displays and it will be visible at greater extent and at darker evenings too, but the bad thing is that, all of them will be on TAMIL, only people who knows it can get a correct bus, rest of all should either use a mobile which supports translation or should learn Tamil, never ask a fellow man who is standing with you, he will tell a way which even a Chennai guy cant understand and reach., since i know Tamil very well and since i can see the route number, i rushed towards the bus, but bus dint stop near me, instead it moved a far and stopped, few clever fellows perhaps experienced fellows got in to bus easily and waved hands, as a spectator i watched my route bus going, no matter, there are lot of frequency for this route, so i waited still.

This time i moved a bit further pretending to be a smart chennai guy, as i expected bus came soon and bad news is now bus stopped at exact place, errrr Murphy law's :( next time i decided to get in to that bus and as i wished i got in, but situation was much worst.i had space to keep only one of my leg and i was doing Bharathanatiyam there, at least i should have learned classical dance, it would have helped me in such travel.
Plot starts here, conductor in the voice of Army major said to a boy who was in foot board " you stupid, who will answer if you fall down, come up you monkey ", that guy never showed a sign of having ears, he enjoyed the air, funny thing is " conductor's in MTC bus would neither stand nor walk inside bus, they will sit in a seat which fits their ass and orders people to get tickets, if you delay a second, strong words will rock your ears.

I was standing on single leg and holding my bag in one hand and another hand gripped towards a steel bar, i was a gymnast for that moment, i hardly made attempts to get the money out of my pocket, at one time i made it and while protruding my hands toward the conductors durbar and old women pulled my hands unintentionally and all those changes rolled, i bend down and i cant with stand the smell of foot wears, i decided to dedicate that money for that mat, which bravely withstand these people including me.

" Give me change " said acting reserve bank governor, i said " No change ", he posted as fast as i replied " without change why you are boarding this bus ? ", a very common phrase came with the change, phew phew, hurray i got ticket. half battle crossed.
English language is a funny one, though i use it to blog and so half of Indian youth's, but it has no respect as our mother tongues, for ex , old man of 75 age is also HE and young boy 5 years can also be addressed as HE, but in Indian languages we have aap,Thum, neenga, nee, etc. but they are not used by MTC conductors, they will address everyone with low languages, an old uncle came and got the same word used for a school boy, you cant expect respect when you travel in such bus.

I really love traveling MTC bus, of course only when i am seated, you can enjoy the sky scrapers of Chennai and colorful advertisements, it will be a good feel to travel in a less crowded bus, MTC buses are highly furnished and so their costs, but a journey like a crowded travel will put you in position to travel never ever again.
People begin their day with these bus and when you show them a bad sign of beginning it will definitely spoil their mood for entire day, when you had a brawl on very morning, i bet it will affect rest of the day, but these conductors can't be blamed always, they are highly stressed than politicians, in this steam traveling it is so hard to keep your senses calm. espl guys from colleges will scare conductors, they will neither worry for his harsh words nor spend their money for tickets, at these times i really feel pity for conductors, we can witness such mixed feelings in India alone. 

we can see people from different platforms traveling together, they are strangers but its like a quote " Life is full of chocolates, you don't know what you will get ", sometimes we will have good friends in journey's and they will make it memorable one, sometime bad memoirs too, i still remember a drunkard who was constantly abusing Mr. Obama :P :P 
Vroom vroom, bus started it's journey again, it may have some pit stops and sometimes pits in roads will stop it :P :P Life is Journey towards a goal, but in life we have such memorable moments, when we remember it , smile will develop without reasons, Diesel engines, Cars might have been invented by Other countries, but rey rey, vallam vaa and espl whistle blowing as an act of intimating driver that bus is ready to start, these technologies are invented by Indians, so rey rey !!!!!


  1. Well, though it is funny, seeing the reality of Chennai. Being a Madrasi, i'm got used to these Herculean tasks! :P I wanted to blog about this for long time. NOw, happy that u've wrote it instead of me!
    BUt u see the experience varies! :P :P

  2. yes, experience will vary a lot, views differs and it's human nature to find fault on others than their own :P :P :P

  3. Loved reading this- there was a day I have experienced this too.


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