Aurangzeb Wake Up Please !

          Almost every educated Indian and few other people beside historians are very well aware of Aurangzeb, Not only to the literates and historians, he is also famous among category of Indians, Mughal emperors are famous for dethroning their predecessors and Aurangzeb is not an exception to those tradition, What Aurangzeb did was, he dethroned his father Shah Jahan from crown not only in the interest of the precious post but also to save the dynasty and also to strengthen the treasury, shah Jahan who was deeply devastated with the loss of his love built a symbol of love( of course we are lucky to have a wonder of a world with us ) and spent most of his money in building monuments rather than showing a good governance, as he went ill Aurangzeb timely acted and dethroned and obviously saved the dynasty,it was past and they are sleeping eternally now, now i request him to come back alive and save a similar state which is not much away from his old reign.

DALITH, is a word used and powerful word, mantra for politicians to lure the votes, because majority of these people exercise their duty that is voting, Northern India these people decides and appoints who should come to power, so wise politicians never miss a chance to lure them, DALITH PRERNA STAHL which is built by honorable chief minister of Indian state UTTAR PRADESH and quoted as DREAM PROJECT, which costs RS 650 crores, while most of our people are struggling to beat poverty and unemployment do we really need it ? yes, says Mayawati.

If this rate continues, Number of statues will surpass the population of India, she says that there were no statutes for DALIT LEADERS and she names this park as AMBEDKAR park, even Ambedkar would have denied this project, these people plays DALIT card and in order to sustain their party in power they may do much worst than what we witnessed, i was shocked to see her own statues and ELEPHANTS, which his her party symbol, it makes a question.. ARE WE STILL IN 2011 ???

Opposition parties other than trying to capture the power, they never stand up to such things.... Encephalitis which attacks brain and kills, killing more number people in her state, budget allotted to tackle that disease was just 168 crores, she still demands rise of quota for SC/ST students, if this stage continues, it is fair enough for a SC/ST student to attend an exam and he will be given pass marks.

So Respected MR.AURANGZEB saab
I request you to come alive and as you saved Delhi from going bankrupt and you provided a better rule than this(i believe),i again request you to dethrone people like this and save INDIA too !!   
People are wrongly taught about the meaning of infrastructure as building their own images and parties emblem, please come alive for the sake of your once home !Taj Mahal which has no way and no sense related to this, you jailed your papa for building such world wonders, what will you do to people who wastes public money like this ???? come and answer saab !


  1. Very nice Insight Deepak... a lot of changes are needed.. even in the field of education and gov jobs.. where this caste separation plays a vital role..

  2. Loved your latter part the post.. Comparison is good.. New!!


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