The Bandwagon Effect !

Two guys were shouting a slogan, " Release Him ", people who passes them notices all their actions, few had no works, so what they did is just joined them and shouted " Release Him", they don't know to whom they are shouting and they really don't know for whom they are shouting, they shouted because two insane idiots shouted, that is called bandwagon effect, i write most of my posts in pinnacle of anger, this post am writing in last step of ladder above my anger's edge, it happens very close to me.

Power shortage is a serious problem that all or most of the Indian states faces, we have got no freedom on electricity like the developed countries, though people raises activities to save power, it turns to be BIG 0, we have neither responsibility nor power, in this stage when government steps in to solve the power crisis we are going for road blockade and fast, the reason for the fasting is so funny, " HALT THE N-POWER PLANT", what the fuck you are doing right from the inception of construction works ?? were you in heaven or hell ?? hen all works got over and when a plant is ready to produce power, which is more essential like food water shelter, you are asking to halt it !

Not all of the people, innocent people who strikes there knows what nuclear plant is, How it works, what it takes and what it gives, how safe it is ? just because someone threatened them " if this plant explodes you will die ", of course all of us are going to die one day, if this thought has come to Gandhi or Edison, they would have never achieved a pebble.

In a cost of 3.5 Billion US dollars a plant is built and it is all ready to produce power, that too only because of the help of Russian technologies, which satisfies southern states power demand, people started to go on FAST, it is so easy to turn Prime minister to you, just by staying fast for a month, you can have appointment of PM.
Obviously government dint take enough measures to make sure that people understands and knows about the safety features, if government have given such prior info about the safety, this crisis would have never happened. but they cant be blamed entirely, these NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS directly comes apart from RTI, which means things which happens inside are highly confidential !

Japan's Tsunami and earthquake which stirred a huge wave in world about the safety of their N plant, it had the effect in India too, after that we are believed that our N plants are safe, Fukushima is a 1st generation N plant, where koodankulam is 3rd generation,

SAFETY FEATURES: Out of 20 operating reactors of India, koodankulam is safer and newer of its kind,
1)Kudankulam site is located at LOWEST SEISMIC activity zone, which itself states that grounds are free from quakes,
2)Kudankulam site is located far off (about 1500 km) from the tsunami fault (where tsunamis originate). Thus a tsunami would take time and lose some of its energy by the time it strikes Kudankulam site.
3) Passive cooling unit, which uses the condensed steam to cool the plant in case of any such thing happened in fukushima, it has got multiple diesel generators to provide power for the operation of plant in emergency situtation.
4) The safety features of Kudankulam project have been comprehensively reviewed by a task force of NPCIL in the context of the recent Fukushima accident and it has been found that the safety features of the reactor are adequate to withstand such extreme natural events. The report of the task force is available on websites of NPCIL and DAE.

If all the people who stay near to N plant agitates, we all should go back to dark ages, i really wonder why people never understands what is what, they are just motivated wrongly, MLA wants to retain their post,. so they jump in to the agitation and sits along with them, government fears of losing votes, all go backs to a single point called VOTE BANK POLITICS.

People demands for uninterrupted power supply, but at one point they don't want a power plant to operate, which provides life saving power, they simply demand that plant to shut down and move somewhere, how selfish ?? so it states that it is OK for them if other people dies.

power that comes of Kudankulam is cheapest and continuous form of power compared to non reliable hydel and wind energy. unless people understands and co operates with government and unless government takes brave steps, we cant even imagine of being free from power cuts !


  1. I am really not sure why they protest about this.. but educating them would help i feel...! after all they are those who work in there..!!

  2. yes they are not aware of what is it all about, govt failed to compromise them, they should have made all the safety measures public very before this crisis :(


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