Big Bampot Boss !

           Group of celebrity contestants (most of them well off) stays in a house together for a time period of three months or so, what they do has no use to the country nor to to the people of that country, but it helps telecasting channels to see some profit and the winner of the show will get huge money, interesting part is " Everything shown here is tagged under the name of Reality and they have no connection to the outer world, they are banned from owning a mobile phone and they can't have any contact outside that house ", Funniest part is " They will be monitored by a BOSS who will contact them with only by his voice and he own all rights to punish or eliminate a member "

           Simply what is this ??? Nothing, it is an act of a BAMPOT (IDIOT).. With a country where quarter of the people struggles hard to see food and another quarter of people struggles to receive a proper medical attention, these bunch of people doing some disgust things on screen !

           Government which bans smoking and drinking on screen (anyhow people screens it by showing a tag " Smoking and Drinking spoils your health ", None will see anything other than smoke and drinks "), why don't they ban or tax them badly ??
           Simply group of celebrities enjoys inside a house and few brawls are spontaneous, when you check for some useful news " Watch steamy photos of big boss ", WTF man ??

           I would advice those great thinkers and producers to give away the money for needy people and why not improve out infrastructure rather than blaming politicians ? we copy everything from west, from what we wear to what we eat, we claim proud by following them, SUCH A SHAME would never take place outside India !

           Big Brother,
From where they have believed to be copied from and in Asia Except India and Philippines none follows such a stupid program, Racist comments and iridescent behaviors blah blah !
What is this India ??? We can and we have to develop ourselves but development should be uniform and something useful to the society,, What is the use that we have from watching some stupid reality shows ??? group of people enters and 1 person claims the price and receives applause, instead of doing such stupid shows, why not telecast an informative show which educates those who watch ???

Everyone knows the racism that involved on of the famous actress, it is not just an insult to a person, it is an insult to the nation, some of the stupid whites showing racist comments on Indian, why should we hear all these ?? because you went there for an useless program which just gives you money, then you deserve those harsh words !

A film which displayed the injustice of caste based education to students saw a widespread agitation and political parties took it up heavily to woo votes, but they wont take such steps in a useless program where some pornographic graphic actress will show up as guest in that house, what difference its has between watching that show and spying your neighbor's daily activities... SHAME ON US ....

If people boycotts such shows, it will have effect on the TRP mantra of  idiotic channels and in turn it will make producers to think twice on investing money in such shows !
It is upon us that how we build up a ethical and prosperous society !


  1. Reality shows sucks in Real! :) good post!

  2. The government actually encourages programs like these & the Ekta Kapoor serials. They are happier off with the normal Indian crowd (men & women alike) watching these crappy shows during prime time instead of news channels. The latter will lead to people becoming more aware of what's happening and might bring about more revolutions like the Anna Hazare one. The same is true with India's so called Robust Consumption story. It's a myth. We people are moulded to think we should spend on luxury the more we earn. That ensures we stay in the trap of our daily lives and don't venture off elsewhere which might harm the corporate bigwigs and invariably reduce revenue for the government. If you actually reflect, most of us are living a farce.


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