Child Missing :(

                             Much awaited Diwali perhaps Deepavali is on the way, Festival of lights as it is praised, it will bring hell lot of happiness and fulfillment in everyone's heart, with full packed sweets and newly bought dresses and bunch of crackers, i will tell you " It will be thrilling and one of the happiest day in a year "

Why we celebrate Diwali ? Who cares man ? Some god killed some giant, because that giant got some invincible power from some another god, none can destroy him but only the god who gave him all powers can, Leave it leave it, According to me FESTIVAL is a name given to social gathering and a day to be enjoyed, so it doesn't matters whether good won over evil or light prevails over dark.
All that i need is to be a happiest man on a day, at least for one day !

Diwali, why it is so famous than all other festivals ? ? Diwali has a significant reason to be specifically portrayed, It has Sweets, New Dress, Crackers and hell lot of entertainments..
Enough, Let's go for the post topic, CHILD MISSING :( 

Child Missing : Who is that Child ? Is that what you ask ? it's simple, CHILD WHO IS MISSING IS JUST READING THIS LINE NOW !

Tell me honestly, Diwali that you(we) celebrated when we were kids will differ a lot from a Diwali of today, I am sure for me it differs a lot lot lot !!
             I will tell you how my childhood day's Diwali's are: Quarterly exams will be just got over and we(students) will be seeing the diary for calendar, all our eyes will see for one single day and it is Diwali :)

We all will be excited about dress and Crackers(boys), In my school there was a system, after Diwali,Christmas,Ramzan we can wear color dresses, other than birthday and such festivals we will be in boring uniforms...

So we all will plan what kind of dress should we buy, How many set of dresses and what colors, it will be full of fun to discuss in class :) More importantly we will have a week as a holidays, You cant understand until you experience such thing ! It still tastes in my memoirs !

It is really an interesting topic, when we guys discuss about crackers, there will be a tough competition regarding who buys more crackers and who buys for more bucks :P everyone will have a war of words regarding who spends much in buying crackers, i will plunder my dad, " Appa, Shall we buy crackers today ? " It will be still 2 weeks for Diwali and most of the shops would not have opened their account, everyday i return home from school i wont leave my dad without that routine question.

Aunty Diwali sweets, Uncle Diwali sweets ! , we will move house by house distributing home made sweets to all other families and wishing them HAPPY DEEPAVALI :) so we will get some kind of appreciation in the form of sweets back, there too we will have competition among neighbor kids, who visits others home first ?
I would love it !

DEEPAVALI DAY :) I wont get sleep at all, it would be 12, i will roll roll and roll on bed, try hard to sleep, all that runs in my mind and says is " Deepak, Wake up earlier, you must fire the first cracker of the street" wake up wake up !! It would be damn interesting, i wont even take a bath, will just run fast to fire a ATOM BOMB :P

OIL BATH : Oil bath is another significant routine on every Diwali day, Mom will pour a cup of oil and soaks it on my hair, have to wait a while and take a bath !! LUV IT

School Reopens: :(  it would be sad to go back for school after a long holiday series, but post deepavali day will be thrilling, to see my friends and enemies dress, teachers will comment on our dresses and feedback,,, I remember it :)

IMP POINT: Guys, " How much you spent for crackers ? " , " I spent 800Rs ", What just 800 ??  " i spent 100RS ", someone " i spent 1500 ", its my turn " i spent 200 RS "...

Definitely some guy at last will surpass my lie :P we will exaggerate our actual sum to greatest level, it would be damn funny :)

THE END-----

Where is that KID ? Now i dint even buy a single cracker and Dress ? Got one, But Tomorrow is Diwali.. where is That Deepak of fast ? where is that YOU of your past ???

                        As we grow we really miss some interesting things of our life, when i compare myself with me on my past.. i sound like a pathetic man who never enjoys !!!
                        Life is journey of years, as years rolls on, we miss something and for sure we still receive something that we never had !! ALL FOR GOOD :)

I hope that this Diwali brings in a lot of peace, happiness and joy for you, your family and your blog:)
Iniya Deepavali Nal vazhthukkal ... Happy Diwali :)


  1. Thank you Deepak and wish you a very happy and prosperous Diwali

  2. U sound sad, deepak. But do not worry, i am here to give you company!:P Btw, I really hate u for writing this topic :-X :P because i wanted to write something similar to your post! :P :(:( :'( Anyhow, it is good. HAPPY DIWALI!! :)


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)