Difference B/W 100 and 99.

This post consists is full of words which disturbed and disturbs me in my bed time, i swear the time before i fell asleep have thought about these thousand times, asked several questions and almost at a point i have become mad,insane and even thought of giving up, here i write....

We passed schools to college and then to office and retirement and a final sleep, since first impression is best impression, your life will be decided at your very first entry on this society and that is school life, i have hardly seen a boy or girl who never cry before leaving for school, i have several times strongly stubbornly stood against going to school, whenever the school van honks " butterflies ques in my stomach ", after 16 years it now looks funny scene for me, but this simple thing will decide the fate of our rest of life, our education system is such thing that a guy who scores 100 is very brilliant and a guy who scores 98 or 99 is brilliant, one mark makes difference !

Chetan, so called best selling author came in defense of India's prestigious institute, according to Indians anyone who studies in IIT are intelligent than other students, such a stupid thought, i believe what Narayanamurthi said was totally correct, if IIT is really what is has been portrayed it should have brought more laurels than what it has brought now, instead so many youth of India wastes 1 to 2 years in preparing for IIT and when they can't make it, it really Hurts them !

According to our great Indian education system which is also dumbest, stupidest, whatsoever i can add. society sees a person who scores 100 as brilliant, we always have a opinion that 1st rank getter is clever and smart out of the class, by which we add pride and self weight to that top scorer and we add a label of FOOL and LOSER to that gut who failed in exams.

If a guy fails in exam, he will not be promoted to next class, as if by promoting him the whole world will tear apart, by failing him you fail his future too, he will have a negative image on education and thereby he diverts from the society and who knows can become a terrorist too !

We have set an eligibility criterion to join colleges, why don't you set an eligibility to enter politics ? like politicians should have completed U.G with 90 % ??, it looks insane ? if it is insane, whatever taking place in our education society is equally insane !

There was a huge uproar for infosys muthi's comment, a person can not able to deliver his views too, by being an IIT alumnus he is not much bigger than normal guy, everyone has talent, but people don't have a talent to appreciate it, what has the prestigious institutions of India achieved ? they neither tops in world best universities nor their students ? then why this show off ?
One of the funniest system in world, a guy belong to backward community requires 90% or whatever to cross the eligibility but a guy of same age,same school. everything same other than marks and community, just need 80%, WTF ? no use of blabbering here i know.

A film which shows this inequality is not allowed to screen, politicians are more concerned about their minority votes, not only in this matter. vote is the only thing other than money which receives more attention,, another funny thing, what we studied in 8th class will be over shadowed by 9th and so on, there has never been an improvement in education or way of teaching.

Children of Mumbai,Chennai,Bangalore will differ from their sub urban, rural kids. there are no way all kids get equal knowledge and exposure, with such things revolving around us, it is so lame to comment on a kid with the marks that he or she scores.


  1. A good post..! education system is indeed a mockery!

  2. You're right marks aren't anything.
    And yes Mr.Murthy was spot on when he sad that.

    I just wrote a post on life at a coaching center. IT's pathetic and I find it strange we do it in the nae of IIT


  3. @KP: Thank you :)
    @vijay: yes i have seen it already, in fact i wrote this blog after seeing your title, thanks for that, but what i wrote inside and my intentions are truly mine :) you gave me the spark :)

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  5. Yes you are right. We havetotally forgotten that getting failed in classes is just a part of the learning process which is always considered a sin. By being scornful to the failed student ,the society only shows how immature it is and how badly it needs to be educated in a different way.

    A good post. Feel lucky to have found the blog.

  6. what do you think of the education system in the US?

  7. @Gulraiz and Neeraj: Thank you so much, am happy for your appreciation :)

  8. Screw marks yaar! I mean who really gives a damn? But, the truth is yeah ppl give a damn only to marks. When I get 98 or 99 in maths my mom asks "1 mark enga pochu?" that's pathetic you know! I mean she isn't happy that I got 99 she is sad that I lost 1 mark.

    Trust me being from a household with dad from IIT, sister from Madras University.. Pressure was high on me. They treated me like scum when I didn't get IIT in B.E and when I got M.Tech in IIT I became a princess.. Well, I ditched IIT, Engineering, IBM job for writing! My marks - well who cares now!


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