The Enemy Lies Within..

          Fathers of our nation struggled and got freedom from aliens, we are blooming and developed to a lukewarm radiant state, but still we are facing several numbers of anti-national and we are facing dangerous aliens revolving around us but in the name and looks of our own native people, these people are thinking themselves as shepherds saviors Samaritans etc.. But the ugly truth and undeniable fact is these bunch of Indians are deteriorating and degrading our integrity and our worsening our society which is already decaying.

Nowadays it is better to skip the act of watching or reading news, by reading or watching some visuals it really puts me in a state of total damage and distress,hours after watching the shocking visuals of a senior lawyer and anti corruption activist who is beaten up to the floor by a young blood, another scene " group of people in saffron dress attacked an elder man, kicked them to street, never stopped it and police, which is there to maintain peace and security were silently spectating it "

Reason for the attack on that senior lawyer is " His words provokes the question of Indian integrity and it is an act of traitor ", the attackers justified, If you people attack anyone who stand against integrity of India and if you people break bones of people against India, where were you when group of terrorist came inside Mumbai ? Where were you during Delhi Bomb attacks ? Where were you when your blood related Shiv sena provoked and attacked North Indians ? why you all young bloods dint stand against it ?, what were you doing when Naxalites are attacking Polices and CRPF ?

When we are deeply disappointed with the terror havens outside the border, we have few similar threats with in us too, Naxals who were safely hiding out in our forests and land, attacking and posing as a threat to all Indians, ugly and dirty truth is " INDIAN ARMY OUT THERE IN BORDER SAVES AND PROTECTS DAY AND NIGHT IS PROTECTING THESE PEOPLE TOO ".

Terrorism lies within too but in different name and different cloud, Indian army can easily remove these black spots if they are given a chance, there is no use of having cruise missile and fighter jets, when people inside India are not safe, Government can check the feasibility of bringing army in, of course they know and do a lot better than us, but it could be done in fast track, which for sure will save the lives of Policemen and their family, who were distressed daily.

No only the senseless sena's and Naxals are considered to be a threat for India but also people who demand separate state and doing blockades and people who stops development project such in Koodankulam are equally dangerous too, these zero tolerance practices are dangerous than terrorism.
Due to telangana uproar we are seriously facing power crisis and if koodankulam not operates same position will widen to few other states too.
Government can not change everything from A to Z, we the people should realize what is what ? and which is good ?, instead of doing politics and making everything sensational, we can develop harmony and a equal growth, it happens only by realization not by beating or hurling with stones.

The opposition party at center is concerned much about taking the power and the ruling party of center and state is concerned much about sustaining the elections, if this stage continues, the biggest question mark perhaps world largest question mark can be seen when a question about India's future arise !


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