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About Qvendo:
Qvendo- The Luxury Private Shopping Club, which sells international trends and must-have brands at discounted prices to Indians. Qvendo also provides an efficient door to door delivery service and a flat shipping fee of 900 Rupees from their German Headquarters to anywhere in India.
The exclusive ‘members only’ site, founded in 2010 by Oliver and Reema Von Quadt, offers both current and previous seasons collections at discounts on European retail prices. Thus, it enables the members to avail the same quality items that are found in European stores, but at reduced prices

Western products in India will reach either too slow or so costly, so that rarest of rare will think about purchasing western outfits in India and most of them would have been outdated, Once Indians followed a ardent style of boycotting foreign goods and followed SWADESHI style which means ( Self owned and Self produced Products ), But now i don't think any Indian would follow it, i am sure not even 1% of Indians follows it, reason ?
Reasons To Prefer West:
1) Power of Globalization, Today Indians are everywhere from Vatican city to China, it would be absurd for an low scale officer to wear a traditional dress in a conference where world level meeting is going on.
2) Strong and Stylish foreign players like Hugo Boss,Gucci, D&G, Armani etc, outplays our local outfits in terms of style and features !

Though they exist for long time, why they have not reached us earlier ?? Reason is, their Cost is so high that it can't be afforded by Middle class Indian families, But nowadays online shopping stores like Qvendo makes it easy to buy at low and reasonable price !
E-Commerce will be a booming platform and there is no doubt, Internet reaches people of all kind and so E-Commerce.

Why Qvendo ?
Very Important Thing purchasing by E commerce is about Authenticity and Reasonable price, As far as Qvendo is concerned, They offer products with reasonable cost and high grade authenticity is guaranteed, I am so fortunate to be a member of Indiblogger and to know about this brand and i registered in their site, browsed through few products and made my wish list here, wanna see those hot and spicy brands of west ?
http://qvendo.com/vip/indianbloggers, use this link to register yourself and gaze through the high grade products, If you Decide to buy ? Buy them at Qvendo !

Wish List NO 1
: Tommy Hilfiger Sack Coat

Rs: 9,400 , M
oney doesn't matters when you are in love with a product, By keeping 9,400 Bucks in your wallet will not give the joy and pleasure of wearing this coat, According to me Tommy Hilfiger is a iconic brand, i have never owned a product of them, As soon as i saw their brand name, i decided to move that item to my cart.

Made of VIRGIN WOOL: Virgin wool is wool spun for the first time, an example for how they care to make a product.
It is so hard to find such product for 9,400 bucks, then why thinking ? I have added to my cart :)

Wish List NO:2- Emporio Armani Shades Brown

Sun glasses gives a cool effect for eyes and forget not gives a stylish look,Emporio Armani Sunglasses are made by the those designers who have good skills, intelligence and using the highest quality materials available in market today. You will get style, color, elegance are combined in this collection
Emporio Armani is a Georgia Armani brand, creating product to target a young boys and girls. Their eye-catching looks are gender ambiguous. When you have 100% UV PROTECTION and synthetic material,Cost of Rs 6,700 doesn't matters much.

Wish List NO:3- Replay Gents Watch - Big RM3303FH

Rs 4,600, Gold Dial with stainless steel strap is more than enough to prove that time is precious, watch is something all men wears irrespective of their purposes, whenever and wherever you go you need to have a check on time, i feel that Watch should be more
It's specifications:
stylish and precious, so that we will take care of the watch and also it's time.

Water-Resistant- Depth 30M

Calendar Type- Date

Strap Color - Gold

Band Length -Standard

Watch out guys, You can expect more number of people to ask for time ( though they have a watch ).

4) Wish List NO

Leather and Black
has huge role in luring and attracting people more than what a witch does, when you have a combo of leather and black, it looks phenomenal and that's why i chose True religion shoe, which is renown for its leather quality and its typical iconic logo has no other match, sole of the shoe has a cushioning effect which hardly gives a strain to the user,Laces of the shoe are awesome, they are placed in the best position to add sexy looks, For 5,300 bucks it worth and means a lot to the user who really understands it true value !

Wish list can be added much more, in fact i would like to have all the products with me, but money matters, but for those who don't give a damn for money and for those who loves to buy western iconic brands in reasonable price, i would like to remind you a link for buying such products in affordable price..http://qvendo.com/vip/indianbloggers.

If you don't wanna miss these special products in affordable price Do not forget to register yourself with that link above, register yourself and gaze through products and shop shop shop !!
Fare acquisti @ Qvendo.. ( GO for shopping at qvendo )..


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