From " 0 " To " F1 "

    October 30 of 2011 will be a day to remember for all Indian moto maniacs and for all Indians, we can proudly shout that India hosts an international event, which is fastest and costliest sporting event of the entire world, Buddh International Circuit at greater Noida is all set to push your adrenaline level.. since we are believed to be the inventors of " 0 ", i named this post as From 0 to F1, 

Few people believes this F1 is of no use in a country where petrol prices are speeding up, yes it may look insane, but hosting the world prestigious motor sport event will give you a good fame and name across the globe, people have always seen us as country with bullock carts, now we can shout with collars up that "we host Formula 1 racing, we are nothing lesser to you", Indians are believed to be the pioneers of maths and according to that case, we are always at our best in any FORMULA and for sure F1 is not an exception.

Buddh International circuit has one good reason to not afraid of, it is constructed and maintained by Jaypee group, unlike our CWG mess with dirty toilets and unfinished rooms, Buddh circuit is really a better one, International standard toilets have been imported and security levels are monitored by retired army and police officers, F1 India has seen good reception and tickets have been sold widely irrespective of their cost.

Logistics for this event are mind boggling with a demand of 20,000 rooms for that weekend in October. The event will provide a huge push for tourism and allied industries, news are flowing in that Mahindra and Mahindra will be providing special scorpio's for specific purposes for this prestigious racing event and Incredible India campaign will be rocking both domestic and foreign crowds too, tourism dept has finally using some special brains to lure tourists.

Largest telecommunication service provider of India is wisely using the chance as they sponsor this very first grand prix show of India, people who have treated as undeveloped will now understand the developing Infrastructure of India, one thing to claim proud of. Force India the F1 team which holds Indian license is already spreading our brand name to all continents.
Still we have people in fact vast people under poverty line and we are struggling with inflation in all forms, in-spite of all such dirt words we are still progressing, though there are several threats from farmers that they will stage a protest, i wish and believe that F1 in India will be a huge success and it will be milestone for our infrastructure and all i wish that is it should not be like Common wealth games dirty mess, it is a time to show our power.

Built at a cost of 350 million USD and with approximate length of 5.5 km, very important belief is that, Buddh international circuit may be the second fastest circuit in terms of average speed, will have a capacity of 118,000 spectators.
All of this statistics and expectations are not only to note, when China can astonish the world with their Olympic performance, let it be our trial run to achieve more and more feats, India is capable of anything and Indians are not underdogs. i am proud to have grand prix at my homeland.   




  1. I concur. I'm really thankful to God the F1 race track contract was given to Jaypee group instead of a government body. While the company may take time to see monetary benefits, the positive impact on hotels, air lines, shopping in Delhi, etc. will be seen in full flow from Year 1 itself. I hope this race goes off smoothly (unlike the race which should be the most action packed one of the year). Our country's reputation is at stake.

  2. yeah exactly i wish the same, it should telecast our efficiency on international grounds !


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