Har Ek AD Zaroori Hota Hai !!

These days people spends negligible amount time on leisure activities else what they will do is a plan for a long vacation, apart from these Television channels are sticking with their traditional programs while very few channels tries something new where others copies the content and just changes the title, just like old wine in new bottle, even though people has a tight schedule and a busy life, watching televisions for match and festive programs are still in practice, no doubt upon it !

Cricket matches on television is still a very important thing for all people in our country and wide spread among all ages and especially while a new film is going to be telecast for a holiday, no matter what and where, watching televisions are formidable.

When i was a kid, i grew in the time of late 90's, very very few channels were there, Doordarshan was a familiar one, though it has lost its pride now, that time Doordarshan and SUN TV( in Tamil nadu) are very famous for their programs, especially Doordarshan theme music for news will be an alarm in my times, while watching some interesting programs that too from very rare channel, colorful circles will fill up the screen or rainbow vertical bars will fill up, it is a sign for advertisements :P :P

Nowadays anchors with a mix of English and their regional languages and tones up their best to make viewers stay seated till advertisements are over, STAY GLUED, STAY TUNED are famous quotes of them !

In past we had very few interesting advertisements, because there were no great companies no foreign players to advertise, but time has changed now, companies spend a heavy sum on familiarization and even they involve in sponsoring major sporting events, they do their best to market their products, one among a way for better marketing is advertisement.

From 1Rupee chocolate to 1 Crore property, there are people to advertise and it is a good way to earn money for advertisers and publishers, which enables and creates lot of jobs for advertising agencies and especially to Television channels for telecasting it, revenue that gave them is vast, they utilize all the time they have to make money, in cricket when 3rd umpire review was given, TV channels will telecast advertisements.

Especially in marathon serials, which evolves around a family and blah blah, old women and aunties will be watching it eagerly, they will give a commercial break in interesting scenes, it makes those people to scold them, because advertisements were boring those days, apart from WASHING POWDER NIRMA Ad and VICCO tooth powder ad, there were no better music and scenes in other advertisements :( LOL

But now, Airtel, Docomo, Vodafone, Flipkart, etc etc are using their own skills to create interesting advertisements which are very much interesting compared to boring programs, television channels have no useful program other than dancing,singing, singing,dancing blah blah,, they will run it for year and over over !

Whenever someone insists us to stay tuned, we will have a urge to change the channels, but nowadays advertisers are growing like anything, any channel you switch for will run a telethon of advertisements, but good advertisements will really lure us, still we do have worst of advertisements where a car of a woman will catch fire, she will neither jump nor stops the car but drives it to nearest fire station with her datacard (BOREDOM) such stupid ads are still there and even a hero will drive a bike in hurricane and jump from mountain to mountain, advertisers uses all such stupid ideas too,

From film stars to cricketers everyone are linked with some brands and they promote it, no mistake in that as it brings them money, but if they are produced in way that it will be interesting, they will be welcomed :)
In today's trend there are really good advertisements coming out.
Like there is toast for tea, like that every AD is necessary.. Koi Nature Se Best, Koi bore Hota Hai..Par Har Ek ADVERTISEMENT Zaroori Hota Hai ...
so in that case HAR EK AD ZAROORI HOTHA HAI YAAR :) :) :P

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