India's 29th State: SAD STATE :(

I am watching English Premier League and I never knew about I league or Durand Trophy.. I listen to Eminem and Britney and i never knew about Mohammad Rafi or Zakir Hussain and very Importantly i live in India and i never like Indian products !!!.. " Welcome to the Sad state of India " says a welcome board on 29th state of India !

           Two news that drove me write this post, " Stampede in Metallica concert " and Flash news on all TV channels " Lady Gaga Tweets Namaste " , am not against globalization and am not conservative person, i love changes as far as it don't hurt our own identity, today i feel India's own identity is at stake..

           " Hey yo man !! What's up nigga !! ,, you betta off buckin yaself, ya need to stop frontin "", i do not know what song it is and what language it is from, trust me i heard a Akon's song on a construction guy's mobile, he looked like a man of 1980's and neither shoes nor slipper, but a costly mobile phone and some unknown hip hop song on it !

Good that people uses mobile of new range and it is a development indeed, but he never know what song it is and who sung it and meet another punk, he seemed to be a fellow college student and i identified it with his pant, sorry i can't call it is pant.. all that i saw was a Jockey underwear and some pant beneath it ( so called style ), he had a headphone which developed from his T shirt portraying an American flag. Just tell me one thing, Do any of an million American travels in a transit with an Indian flag on his T shirt ??

Football, Hardest to digest, Veteran Indian Football legend Baichung was retiring and i never saw any good farewell for it on media, but when some Argentine player came here, Crowd packed the stadium, running all over the street holding Argentina's flag and even some advertisements showed a brawl like situation between two Indians, one supports Brazil and another one Argentina,,, OMG why no such crowd came to watch Durand cup and i fear many of us don't know what Durand cup is for !

Some sick pop singer, wearing a similar dress to that of Indian slums and Hair has no difference than of a Beggar near my house, Young Indians rushes up for tickets,,, Another instance, Some news about ice hockey match between two states of USA which was relayed on a famous news channel, Do Americans relay IPL news ??

People wanna forget their real identity and wanna merge with some so called best group of the world, Most of the young Indians are in fatal attraction with alien products....
Change is inevitable and Change is only thing which wont change says scholars and writers, True... We cant ditch our real identity for some stupid rock band or sports star..

Don;t forget there were people and there are people who are attracted by our values and came, coming and will come here, While so many are here to learn us, Why you ditch our identity ?
No subject or no book will teach us to remain and follow Indian things, can be done only by understanding and realizing our values, Listen to world and watch world sports and fashion but don't forget that we are in India and we are Indians, India and Indian are our identity never try or dream to ruin it...



  1. Wow! Great post with a lot of reality check for all of us Westernized Indians.
    We all need to start realizing and respecting our own country.

  2. Deepak, today people have "outsourced" thinking too!

  3. Hehe :) :P Nothing to wonder even if all such works are OUTSOURCED(Other than Reproducing_ LOL...

    JOJO:) yeah, too hard to accept but is is what happening and will happen for sure..
    Thank you :)

  4. It is indeed very surprising why we, the Indians, do not feel the pride of being Indian [or it seems that,now, being proud seems to be in-thing!].
    And look at the state of other nations, whom we were blindly copying it till now.......
    Any 'great'(!) country , with any 'ism' has , by now faced, or is facing, the impact of individual and collective human greed, which we, the Indians, have taken as granted, and which one of the reasons of feeling ashamed till now.
    But , let us get out from the shell, be bold enough to accept what is wrong with us and have courage to correct it, whatever it takes.

  5. Well said man. People just want to follow "hip cool" tide without knowing what it means or stands for. For them it's not important to find any relevance in the trends they try to follow

  6. Nice post! I recently wrote on the sad state of Desi Born Wannabe Firangis - We are ones aren't we? We all want to change and be stylish but fail to forget that we can always alter our own culture to be traditional yet trendy.

    Yeah, traditional and trendy is an oxymoron but I strongly support it.
    See, I love dressing up in Saree to a wedding and in shorts to Goa. I hear Eminem during travel and I sing carnatic every morning.

    I dance hip-hop and western, I attend arangetrams (i wanna learn). I eat sambhar rice and cook authentic south indian food yet try mexican eateries in weekends..

    I don't say I am doing it right, may be I am wrong and confused but at the end of the day I am globalizing and I am still preserving my culture.


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