It Takes Two To Tango !

          Hair is a filamentous biomaterial, that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Found exclusively in mammals, hair is one of the defining characteristics of the mammalian class, Underst00d anything ? Then i will rather Put it up like this...
          Hair is something similar to the fur or fiber like material on your Jimmy or Tommy (dogs), Similar black feathers of us which covers our head and will definitely fall when we don't take enough steps to Care,Protect and Enhance it.

Mantra Behind Hair Fall:

is Inversely Proportional to the Love that you Show for it (hair).
It reminds me a famous Quote, "We will not realize the value of a thing when it is alive with us, After missing it and perhaps at the time of its departure, Realization arrives and that thing departs, Sad but true !

I remember scenes of my father's(Bald head) finger combing my hair and in a minute i will yell at him for that action, With a smile his reply as follows, " I Don't have an hair style like you which i had it once and lost because of carelessness.. If you don't show enough care on it, you will be receiving these same words(yelling) from your successor.",

It sounded funny at that stage, now it upsets my stomach(often). When we don't care for a thing which sticks to us, Without that care and love Soon it will leave us for sure, Hair is not an exception, "When we seriously care for a car which worth just 3-5 Lakh, Why should we fail to care our own body which is Priceless ?! "

Causes For hair Fall:

1) Improper hair care
2) Increased Stress level
3) Overdose of certain medicines.

4) Improper Thyroid activity.
5) Genetic Reasons.
6) Using Shampoos With more chemical content !

How To Avoid:
Your hair color may be black,brown,white or whatever, but all hairs have one thing in common, when you don't care them, they will Ditch you for sure.
MAINTAIN A GOOD RELATION WITH KERATIN : Because keratin is responsible for your skin,Hair,nail growth and their looks.

It is considered normal to lose 40-50 strands of hair everyday, especially if you wash it everyday. There are no immediate remedies to control excessive hair fall, but by continually practicing certain changes, there will be significant improvement in the long run.

1) Drink lots of water.

The chances of infection on your scalp are higher when it remains dirty. So shampoo and condition always, with reliable products. Dove dry therapy shampoo and conditioner will work, It has no harm causing agents, But Be sure Don't switch on your shampoos often..

3)Avoid unhealthy hair practices like frequent blow-drying, tight hairstyles, ironing, perming, rough toweling wet hair etc.

4) Good sleep and good lifestyle is necessary for overall health, including the hair, forget alcohol and tobacco use.

What I do ?? People Who knew me very well and all of them who wrote my slam book had one thing in common, Best Feature in me is HAIR :P lol, Without my Hair i will look horrible like half mummies of Egypt and half decayed Neanderthals, Hair is only feature i have best in me.
                          I don't have any mantra's or tantra's to convey, I will wash my hair with hot water at least twice a week and i will apply maximum Coconut oil before taking bath, so it will keep my hair in moisture will give me a wet look, Never used Gel's have heard that they are risks, i have totally ignored them, to be frank i used and use Dove shampoo, even for past a week I am using the Gift hamper pack came from Dove, Thanks for that, It smells good and keeps my hair stable and set alike the way i combed it ! 

i would like to tell about the products launched by Dove for specific Hair care purposes and Hair Damage therapy :)
  1. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo:
    The new Dove shampoo with Vita Oils is a unique blend with natural coconut, almond and sunflower oils that go deep inside and restore smoothness, softness and shine
  2. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner:
    Dove nourishing oil dual stripe conditioner with the power of double nourishment, instantly nourishes hair from deep within to give amazing smoothness, softness and shine. The Gold Strip contains revolutionary vita oils and the White Strip contains conditioner that seals cuticles to lock in nourishment and smooth frizz.
  3. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Weekly Vita-Oils Repair Mask:Dove Nourishing Oil Care Mask provides advanced care and repair by nourishing hair from deep inside. It effectively repairs damage for 99%* smoother hair.
  4. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Vita-Oil Serum:Dove Vita-Oil serum provides instant smoothness and shine without weighing down the hair.

    I am sure these products will be helpful for those anyone who wants to protect and care their hair, Instead of spending money for Hair Transplants, you and Me can spend money for buying and continuing these useful products !

    Forget not, try natural Coconut oil and shikakai powder too and also if they dint give enough benefit, switch yourself to Dove new hair care variants and also forget not, Don't keep on Switching your shampoo brands, it will have grievous effect on your hair !
    It Takes Two(people) To have a Tango(dance) and alike that If you are gentle and caring to your hair, for sure, "It Takes Two(hair and you) To Tango(Look Beautiful) ! "

    Forget NOT..
    Love is a 2 way street, Love your Hair it loves you back :)...


  1. Nice take. Best wishes for the contest! :)

  2. Nice tips..gone are days when only women were worried about hair/beauty.

  3. Nicely written.You analyzed it well. Luv it Deepak!.


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