JAILOPHOBIA- Diesease That comes After An Arrest !

                          Ministry of Information and broadcasting is not doing a fair job, yes it can be clearly visible in the last National film awards, how can they be so partial ? Giving all awards to actors and actress who acts on screen, But no awards for the real actors who really acts for escaping and forfeiting their punishments, perhaps we should have a separate category for those actors who suddenly falls ill after seeing police.

Like Exam fever for students, students will feel like getting fever on the night of exam and wants to skip the test, but actors am mentioning about are far far greater to them, they will bee involved in scams, loots people money, tax payer's money and when they are prover as guilt, they will fall ill...

Months before For cash for vote, Amar singh was arrested and he suddenly falls ill, faints and admitted in hospital, his loyal follower one famous actress cries for him, pleads for him, no mistake in showing her loyalty to him, but sad state is there are none to show their loyalty to India or justice.

These traditions are in effect from past, Politicians will be arrested and at the time going inside jail, they will faint, they will have chest pain and whatever disease, it all affects them only inside jail, it will be nice if those who cheats in the name health problem are given a punishment like, for ex if a person sights chest pain as reason which is also a lie, if he is detected as lying, his organs like kidney should be transplanted to those who have no money to do such operations.

It looks damn funny, to see politicians falling ill right after their arrest and it will be flashing in news, all ministers and their party members will visit them, opposition party will slam it, but they wont slam when their party men do like this. Hospitals have been the safe haven for politicians who are facing a jail term !
This position must change..
I have a humble request to I&B ministry, while giving awards kindly consider these real actors too.
if they are really unwell it is fine, for those cheaters they deserve a better and harder punishment and please dont forget to give them an award for their performance !


  1. Hahaha...indeed politicians are the best actors...

    village girl


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