Koooo Chikku Bukhu Chikku Bukhu Koo Koo.......

                               Koooo Chikku Bukhu Chikku Bukhu Koo Koo, sounds funny right, yeah i remember these words very well, when i was a kid and when most of us were a kid, would have played a typical childish game of " RAIL ", kids of our age will hold our shoulders and forms a human chain, first person will keep his hands at mouth and makes noise similar to a train engine ( Koooo Chikku Bukhu Chikku Bukhu Koo Koo. ), which means he is the leading train engine and others are coaches, kooo chikku bukhu means noise or sound made by a train !!!

After 7 hours of wonderful train journey, i would like to blog about things i saw and share about typical Indian train journey, There are buses,cars,flights and even ships, but nothing will be entertaining like an train journey, several reasons are there to justify train journey as safer and cheaper mode of transport!

Train journey's are not like other kinda conventional and boring journey's, though you have an air conditioned and brand new BMW to travel, the joy of traveling by a train cannot be experienced,
Train journey has got its own principle and philosophy to preach us.

1) We cant get in to a train which is more stylish and highly equipped, we can only enter in the train which reaches our destination, Bus journeys are not that kind ( we can board in to the best bus ).
2) We are not supposed to stop the train anywhere at anytime, if you are ready to pay the fine yes you can stop, we have to go by trains way !
3) When the destination is reached, we are not supposed to travel beyond, even if we have money and ticket, once we reach our destination we must get down asap !
4) We make friends in train journey but when their destination has come, they must leave us and for sure we will have a sad feel of missing them !
5) Very importantly, train journey will be safer only when train is stable on track, when it dances much, people will dance in front of our bodies and we must be sure of which track and platform that train is standing !

If you relate all these points with our LIFE, we can really learn much better than spiritual guru's preachings, i share my train experiences here !
Traveling by train will always gives me a sense of joy and reminds me of a leisure time, once we reach station on time, we can easily board in to train ( only if we have credible ticket ), can sit, sleep,read,eat.songs and importantly can finish pissing and etc without any urge ( luckily if you have water :P ), undoubtedly train journey is best 

Tambaram( Chennai ) 16:00 IRT , i boarded Chennai - Thiruchendur express, which connect Chennai with south most districts of south most state, my destination is THANJAVUR, usually i will travel and prefer night trains, where you can board and sleep, when you wake up, you will have your destination. this time i preferred a day train, it was so good.
I boarded the train and in my compartment An old man, two young studs were already sitting, i got my seat with its number exactly, train started to move and in next station, very old women boarded, her son helped her to settle and successfully he got down before the train departs, hardly 7 hours for me to reach my destination, India Vs England 3rd ODI :( sad time for me to miss it and because of  TRAI norms, my friends cant update me scores regularly, i was in hungry as well as angry ( on TRAI ).

Train journeys are really different from others, because vendors will stand outside and sell in other kind of traveling, but in train, you can see so many small vendors bribing officers on train and will sell eatables to passengers, groundnuts steamy as steam engine was in basket and a man was selling it, i got my packet and i had a thought to buy a packet for that old women too, in that hesitation vendor left and old women was still searching for her purse, i regretted for not buying her one, at the moment she happily opened her purse i told her about this obituary !!

Goa fruits and cashew nuts, cold drinks, Hot drinks went on a Que and here comes villi gang, at the moment i saw them, i rushed to the window seat, they are transgenders who have no work than beating young guys and asking for money, one of her came to me and " Brother Give money to sister " she said, i was in dead silence, she repeated that phrase in same tone twice thrice and at last she scolded and gave a knock on my head and left to the next seat... ufff sigh of relief  :0

I opened one of a novel from my baggage and at the moment i opened, those two other young guys, watched me as if i took off an AK-47, they gave me a trademark of geek and i could hear that with their giggles, who cares ?? i started reading, that old man who were near to me looked like a traditional south Indian in his dress and he was busy with his brand new Nokia phone, which is inversely proportional to his age, i left him in a thought he has some serious work !

After reading few pages, i was hit by famine in my stomach, bought something and had it, i was very much interested to see Wat that old man seriously doing, though it is a shame to see others work, i tried seeing his phone, Damn That old man is playing SNAKE game in his mobile errrr !!!  

BY 22:00 i got down at my station and reached home and had good time, but i really felt train journeys are really comfort way to travel and spend money, you can sleep,eat and enjoy !!! And importantly it has many good things to teach us, which runs a parallel platform for LIFE :)       


  1. Yes,i do accept train journeys are lot more comfortable than other mode of transportations :)
    INteresting n funny as well, but i expected more description from u!! :P :P

  2. What an interesting story you have. We all have little experience with train journey from childhood.


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