" Strive constantly to serve the welfare of the world; by devotion to selfless work one attains the supreme goal of life. Do your work with the welfare of others always in mind.”
- Krishna in Bhagavat Gita.

Krishna who is considered to be an avatar of Vishnu in Mahabharata, saves and guides good people to success and as i started this post lord Krishna is famous for his philosophical quotations, with his name our external affairs minister Mr.S.M.Krishna is observing silence. sometimes we have a doubt that whether India has an external affairs minister or not ? From Pakistan.China in north to small island nation called Sri lanka in south we have no great relationship, other than shaking hands and posing for photo shoot, our external ministers have hardly stood up,

I don't believe in god which can be neither seen nor felt, god is someone who saves your life,protects your life, feeds your life. he can be anyone for sure other than statues,i am sure you people are aware of our southern tip of India, a state called Tamil Nadu, this post is about the sad story of an tamil fisherman.

Who are lankans ?  From mythology itself Sri lanka, which is Ceylon by then, famous for kidnapping Sita and was believed to be crushed by Ram, it may be either true or a fantasy, no matter i just hate Lankans. Buddhism originated in India, but Buddhist countries like china and Lanka are not showing any sign of grace, While dragon encroaches Arunachal pradesh, so called nation Sri lanka attacks fisherman.

India Vs Sri Lanka, World cup Finals and India Crushed Sri lanka to win the 2nd world cup, it happened in Mumbai, but in south most India, Sri lankan Navy(Bunch of cowards) tortured Tamil(Indian) fisherman for the loss of world cup match, so except all other Indians whenever there happens a match between Ind and Lanka, Fisherman families will pray for sri lankan victory :(

Few days ago, Lankan navy opened fire in air to disperse fisherman's who were calmly indulged in their work, Lankan navy destroyed their nets and personally harassed them and humiliated them to the core, but luckily fisherman's returned alive, everyday it has been a day at the jaws of death for south Indian fisherman's, they were just fishing in Indian waters but lankan navy(Bunch of cowards) threatened them and humiliated them, it happens often at least thrice a month, i wonder what Indian navy is doing and what our External affairs minister and Foreign secretary are working for ?

Sri lanka which is just less than the combined size of Uttar pradesh and Madhya pradesh is now attacking Indians on Indian water, why should we have navy ? why should we have a ministry for external affairs ? those fisherman's are Indians not aliens, once you threaten the so called navy of lanka with INS shivalik or INS godavari  they will realize that we have senses.

LTTE which Killed our Indian prime minister, it is a grievous mistake and it has no way to accept it, if it has maintained a cordial relationship with India, by this time all lankans would wet their pants.
Tamil Nadu government and CM are doing their best to save the fisherman's life, they voice their concern but there are no response from the union government, they are busy with luring votes in Haryana polls.
Attack on TN fisherman should be seen as a attack on Gujarati and it is a attack on Sikh. but we lack that basic unity which is indeed essential to achieve the power over problems.  

“The Indian fishermen, especially belonging to Nagapattinam and Ramanathapuram districts, venture out into sea for fishing with the constant fear of being attacked by the Sri Lankan Navy or miscreants"

I have some words for Navy, i don't care who you are and what post you have, attack on innocent civilian who never has armaments like you, it is an act of cowards, are you bunch of cowards to attack innocents ? if you(sri lankan) navy are really bold, try attacking INDIAN NAVY, you will return to your home in coffin", save your country but for that don't attack innocents ".

At the end of post, Indian External affairs ministry wake up, Indian Navy southern command wake up, they are attacking your brothers, they(Lankans) are attacking our blood, they are in our land, KILL OUR ENEMIES, BLOOD FOR BLOOD" and importantly save Innocent fisherman of India and let their family to pray for Indian cricket team victory too "

Till now, Lankan Navy is BUNCH OF COWARDS and for sure I HATE LANKANS !


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