My 50th post and Thank you Indi(Bloggers)...

           Hey Bloggers and especially Indibloggers without your support, feedback, appreciations and slams sometimes, i would not have got the inspiration and thrill that i have now now, which is undoubtedly a prime reason to keep me blogging, apart from my personal interest and without your responses, i would have remained as a stagnant pond, your responses and both kinda feedback made me to run like a fugitive :P

For few people 50th post might look like a small numeral but obviously view differs and i consider this as an achievement (excuse me), there are few people who digests my English and errors in it, i take this as an opportunity to thank you all, i have special thanks to Indiblogger community and my beloved school and college friends who shared my posts on various social networking sites.

Months ago i deactivated my Facebook account and few years ago i deleted my orkut account, it was solitude filled time of my life, i started to blog in the year 2009, if you check at my earlier posts, you can smell a sense of childish post in them, but as the number of posts increases side by side i started to mature as a blogger, way of taking and utilizing things also differed.

I am obviously a sentimental idiot, i cant control my emotions, just like Sreesanth of our Indian cricket team, so often i would have used dirty words to express my view as a nail, i wont regret for that, it is a style and way everyone adopts, i wish i will get maturity in upcoming days and i will keep blogging and definitely will bore you with my social posts and for sure i will show some variety, i dont wanna confine myself as a category blogger.

Since it is my 50th post and which has no public use in reading it, i would like to speak about bloggers who impressed me over these days, India has got so many brilliant and vibrant minds, from Photography to any kind of category, the bloggers i found in Indiblogger community are excellent and phenomenal.
I have listed the bloggers who impressed me, it does not means that only people of this list impressed me, everyone in Indiblogger community and Bloggers community and Bloggers all over the net have made their impact on me,

1) Prasanna karthik - My elder brother, it is because of him i created a blogger account and most of my posts are because of an argument with him, he is my godfather (Sad part is I lost his blog link :( )

2) Vidhya Chandrasekhar - One of my close friend and arguments with her will lead to a new post, she blogs as My junk page, which i acquired without copyrights as a title for my about me page :P ( Sry )

3) Rene Ravin - owner of Indiblogger community,without him i would not have got a best blogger group !

4) Seema - Never seen such a spectacular Art blog, one of the best art blogs and thanks mam for all your Indivotes.

5) Saru Singhal - She inks poems, i really wonder how she has that imagination to ink continously ( My first Indivote will be wither from saru or seema )

6) Abhijith Arjunan - Only guy i knew who is younger than me, proud to be a senior for at least one guy :P this guy blogs about tech and one of the emerging blogger.

7) Subrashis - often known as SUB, this guy has got a great sense of humor, his blog title itself speaks for his talent, KHOJ ( In search of )

8) Deepak Doddamani - Another Genius named as Deepak ( first one is me ) hehe... He is a variety blogger and a frequent blogger, nowadays i am seeing more of his post on Indivine !

9) Joshi Daniel - Other name for photography, he rocks with his lens...

10) Christy Rathnalatha - yummy blogs of her will remind me where kitchen is, never tried any of her dishes, but i ll keep on voting for her :P good soul :)

11) Magiceye - Another best photography blog i have seen, there are lots of best blogs in photography and hi snaps are very different,, keep going dude :)

12) Thoughts Connect - Name itself speaks for his blog, good blog and have admired about few of his posts.

13) Arti - Her photographs added blogs on holy sites will be at its best, though i dont believe in god, i ll check her posts espl for her photos(Polaroids) and blog elements..

14) Venkat from hyderabad- This dude will always be a person who have visited my indivine posts, though i have hardly seen his posts, he have a good heart to appreciate others, good soul :)

15) NRI ( non residential Indian ) wide variety and collection of his blogs will show the other side of certain places, proud to have him in Indiblogger.

16) Avibration From Dhanbad - I have a great respect for his decent posts, way of using his words and arrangement of sentences will be easy for me to understand his essence,, keep going sir !

17) Krishna Priya From Chennai- Actually, i must have mentioned her very before, because she have made a MOU with me, on using my name for one of her fictional character in her short stories,,,, Good blog to steal stories from :P :P

18) Ashwini From Chennai- Her post have made an entry in THE HINDU open page, it speaks for her talent, glad to follow her blogs.

19) Sushma's Art Gallety- Another blog which inspired me with snaps of monuments and good narration..

20) Rajkumar From Chennai- last but not least, This person has a vast knowledge on historical monuments and science, in fact i have gathered several information from his blog, wonderful blog to learn !

Thank you all, people who have listed and sorry sorry if i have missed out your name, but every single blogger on Indiblogger community have inspired me at some part of time, not about the intensity of inspiration but i have always learned how to post how to write and how to style my blog from my fellow bloggers, thank you all for teaching me and guiding me and especially thanks for excusing my language when it is harsh and thanks for adjusting with my English, i can assure you that i will keep growing and will will gain more maturity in future, i will try and give my best posts !

Thank you all folks :) Have a nice day :P


  1. Hey Congrats, that's a gr8 achievement and I wish you cross many more milestones :) Also, many thanks for the mention! It's truly an honor for me to be one there :)

  2. Congrates ! beautiful mind to generously mention all the top ranks ...

  3. @arti:) Thank you mam
    @sahana and @ashish:) Thank u so much, though i dint mention you both, you have appreciated my effort, am glad for it !

  4. Congrats Deepak..! and I kept my promise..

  5. heh heh.. :) anyhow congrats!! way to go,deepak! btw, thanks for mentioning this silly girl in your blog!! :P:P

  6. @KP
    Thank youu :) so you wrote a story with a character as u promised ??

  7. Congrats and wish you all success with your "500" posts :)

    Ms Sharma

  8. Dear Deepak,
    Yes! indeed an appreciable achievement.Considerably, surprised 2 find myself at your list of favorites.:)
    Sincerely wish for your.. " A quiet confidence as the source of strength"
    Stay proud & happy.

  9. Oooops; I am so sorry that I read this post today at 17/1/11; although I voted it without reading that time....I am startled to see my name in those eminent bloggers ;) Thanks Deepak 4 this honor... ;)


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