My Bitter Experience With GooGle Adsense !

           Money Money Money... is the language of life, though they are named differently across boundaries, Without money " Food,Cloths,Shelter " is ultimately Impossible one, Money is the fuel which makes the world spin, It may be a Dollar of USA or Rand of RSA, Money has one thing in common and that is " Value ", Man without a money will deserve worst than what a Pet of an rich man deserves !  
           Jimmy of an Billionaire will eat steaks and may bath in jacuzzi, but a man without money can only dream about them, Money has become an untold eligible criteria to survive this planet, Though you cant eat them and though you can't wear them, Money can buy any edible thing and Money can buy you any top brand, but only condition is " You Must Have Money in your Account "

My Bitter Experience: Google is a giant, without him it is damn hard for almost 99% of Internet family to survive. as a common man am very much thankful to Google for making my search fast, Google can find anything what Scotland yard or KGB can't find !!!

I started my in blog in mid 2009, i don't know what blog is and what to blog, so i just made some amateur stupid posts and they are damn childish, then i gained some experience and started to blog like an normal man, i heard of earning money through blogs by advertising, GOOGLE ADSENSE is the word uttered by most of the community to earn money !

By Placing Ads in your blog and if some people clicks on it, you will have your account balance increasing, i was so stupid that Google can't find my malpractices, so i asked my friends and their friends to click ad's on my site :P lol, believe me in a span of week i earned 145 $... :0

I was so happy, converted it to our local currency and excited to see a Huge sum, i spent most of the time in checking the balance, before getting the pay i got a mail from GOOGLE, Your account has been deactivated !! My dream shattered, i tried to lie by mailing Google that i didn't do any malpractices, but they are clever than anyone and caught me red handed and then BOOOM gone ! 

              So i didn't give up, created another id for adsense, this time i dint do ant malpractices to increase my balance, i neither asked anyone to click, stayed calm and my interest on checking balance diminished, soon after a week i got a similar mail that my adsense account has been deactivated !
This time i dint do any mistake though they deactivated, after yelling at my monitor and hitting my keypad, i created another id.. After a week same mail came in my box,
            WTF ?? i decided not to give up and continued my routine work of creating a new adsense id, This time too result didn't change,,
Same killer mail came !

This time i decided to divorce adsense and added Flipkart and Amazon affiliate to my blog and as of now it is surviving, i don't know when i will get a similar killer mail from them !
My money earning dream is so far Just a dream,, am looking forward now :)

Just shared my experiences with you, if you know any reliable ad agency or wanted to place ad's guide me :) just because of my bitter experience i can't blame Google and it is absurd to blame them.. I remember a story of a boy who fooled people by gathering villagers for a tiger  which has never come and those disappointed villagers dint show up when he was really surrounded by a tiger ! Am that boy now :) poor boy :P


  1. good.. one..

    your experience enlightens us. I too came to know that no one can decieve google.

  2. Hello Brother... Same experience with me too... On my blog most if the things are copied from internet, and the best ones are on my blog... I have seen many content copied on the website and blog and still have Adsense Ads on it... Its really ridiculous, I dont know what actually the adsense team wants... I guess more traffic and unique clicks...

    In between you mentioned you want some suggestions, i would like to suggest you Adbrite or Chitika, as after google this two advertisers have good standing... I'm also looking forward to place ads from this two advertisers as soon as i get time...

    Really nice post, most of the young bloggers are facing this...

  3. hmm! i do not click my ads....and i never ask anyone..i think they can trace the website which was refused earlier..

  4. @J'D
    thanks for ur info bro, i added with them, it looks average, so i have added Flipkart and Amazon afiliate

  5. @TheBluntBlogger

    yep they are masters in that, i was doing that but not now :) a lesson !

  6. Hey buddy google is a big cheat when it comes to adsense and no one speaks about it caus they feel that they have done smthing wrong..truth is google is a cheat..thats all

  7. Its same like that with Banks buddy; sadly, once blacklisted - will most of the time remain black listed.

    But adsense is not the end of the world. their are many such programmes out there.

    The main point here, though is, Keep Blogging :)

  8. oh yes, google is very smart. i know a colleague who experienced the same thing. he too created many adsense accounts and all, but in vain. kuch bhi karne ka, google ko ullu nahin banaane ka ;)

  9. There's no fear of your flipkart and amazon account being disabled for your friends can't keep buying thin gs just to help you make money. :-)
    - Ranjith

  10. Very honest blog. Interesting to know these things. Luckily I never felt the urge to go in for the ad income!

  11. Reading about your experience I felt i could share mine with you too. Initially when i asked my ad-sense account to be activated, i was told to add more posts. Recently after completing a year blogging, i again thought of activating my ad-sense account. But to my dismay i found out it was disabled due to some terms and conditions violation. How can i violate its terms and conditions, when I had not notification of my account being activated?

  12. HI

    It is interesting to note that you have acknowledged the mistake. Its not the end of the world and you can make money from other sources. I came across this great article you might want to read through.

  13. I had a similar experience with Adsense who deactivated the account after I earned some money. After that I tried to put ads from various other online ads agencies but could not get even a single rupee from those ads. Now I have removed all the ads making my blog neat and clean without ads and the postings also come fast now.

  14. Hey

    How did you get Flipkart and Amazon affiliate on your blog?

    Google Adsense never approved my Blog. I don’t know why. I am fueled with anger. Trust me, without any reason

  15. LOL!!! I never had an Ad sense account, as I wasn't sure of its credibility. Anyways, good post:)

  16. Even my blog was not approved for adsense. i have no clue how to get that.

  17. I never had any problem with adsense. They approved my blog just after I entered the pin and they verified my address. I never get any cheques from Google, though I din't yet hit the 100 dollar mark yet too, and I don't care when it will be. Google adsense is just lying on my blog, working silently. (I use it on my Blogger blog not on my Wordpress.Com blog)!

  18. @Ganesh Dhamodkar Dude, i'm happy that adsense is working perfedtly on your blog, i have no worries on that, i just shared my experience on it, to me adsense is not god, i am not born depending on that, i just ditched them after some time, 100 dollar or 10 dollar doesn't matter... i can't figure what you are trying to say....

  19. hey

    i had a very similar experience with my adsense account.

    you can read it here:

    now my adsense account peacefully RIP.


  20. This article is the need of the hour for each blog writers.

    Good Show! Keep it up!


  21. Awesome writing, After i getting adsense, i am also went for this stupidity, Nut Google warned me, i get alerted on false clicks,

    Then i make a genuine way to earn,

    my blog link is

    after earning though adsense, my friends wanted to earn by them, so they did the same thing and get blocked,

    பேராசை பெருநஷ்டம் :(


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