Read This If you Own A Heart !

     My dear fellow human beings, i request you to read this post till last word, my request to you is not for claiming popularity, fame or money, being born as a human other than just spoiling resources for living a life which has no difference than to the life at caves and other than showing our immortal interest for money,pleasure, products sometimes we must also listen and look towards the love and care that we show to fellow people !

Yesterday one article in INDIAN EXPRESS newspaper stirred me, thanks to the person who wrote it. that article is about growing numbers of old people who left unnoticed by their families, i could not digest and i got affected with the facts and words in that article, i wanted to share those with you, i commence it.

An old women quotes," i could have grown some coconut tree's in my young age, by this time it would have benefited me with its products and it would have definitely provided me a shelter ", her comments doesn't come out because of an terrible and sad reason, she have 2 sons and she lost her husband in her early ages and took all efforts,pains to make those two sons grow and sustain this sarcastic society, at present those two son's are well settled, married and have a fine house, they have everything other than a heart to CARE THEIR OWN MOTHER, as a result she stays in bus stand shelter and works in some match stick factory at the age of 60 and lives by her own, such a sad story doesn't happen in another planet, it is happening with in our society.

If you still have a strong heart to read more, read this another sad story "One good heart which helps these people and provides them shelter has a sad story behind a old women to share, that old women was brought to bus stand by her own son and that son has told her that he would return after buying medicine for her, that poor old women believing her son words stayed in that bus stand for hours, but that great son never showed up".

Facts shows that year by year amount of parents left unnoticed and orphaned by their heirs are growing growing, it cannot be changed or eradicated by speaking, it can only be changed by realization, i really wonder how do they have heart to orphan those who protected them, fed them on time and successfully grown them as a full human(without heart).

I leave it to you, isolating people who shaped,protected,developed is a an ultimate sin, neither Allah nor Shiva nor Satan will show mercy, even with their presence(so called) this world is worsening everyday and every minute, instead of rolling in temple premises and falling to the foot of some stupid fake guru, we can surrender to the living gods.        


  1. Very true and sadly it happens in India.Its good to know that U voiced ur concern over the issue.

  2. thank you mam, lets hope for the better world :)

  3. Its sad n real scary.. I felt real bad after readin bout tht lady who ws left at the bus stand...

    gud tht u brought it up man.. I'm fairly sure thr r some links on indiblogger tht focus on elder abuse.. think u shud share this thr too so tht this issue reaches out to more people..

    Gud one,Deepak.

  4. Saddening reality of our society.
    It's good to see someone writing about this.

  5. Such a sad story :(. There are 1000's like this everyday..
    One thing I never understand is, how can one ever leave their parents on road? Or for that matter elsewhere? :O. They take care of us and get us everything we want, give is all the love in the world, and they can't expect the same from us? Shame on people :|.

  6. Kudos Bro for voicing your opinion...Appreciate it



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