Mars or Venus ??

           Men are From Mars and Women From Venus, I swear i never read that book entirely, i saw the heading and it really provoked me to write this, Venus is roman goddess of love and beauty and often Venus is considered to be a familiar feminine name, While half of the women population consider this world as Mars(Roman God of war), i mean most of the women considers this world as Male dominated society, a question arises " Really, This world is Male Dominated one ? "...
My answer goes below !!

           I am really happy and all of us are fortunate for one reason, That is Earth and Mankind has got 2 major genders, If we have 3 or 4 genders, World war could have happened very earlier, i am very sure this world WAS ONCE a Male chauvinistic society, yes in past Men are really harder and stubborn to give away power for female counterparts, it has happened from Europe to America...

Who forced them to be partial on giving powers ? Even in some Middle east countries, women are banned from driving and working and they don't have voting rights, it is a shame to humanity, I find both Men and Women are equal, though they are not exactly equal in all aspects, like men will be physically stronger and they can survive hard times, Women are delicate and they are known for their intelligence and sympathy !

Nature provides a balanced power to both men and women, Forget not both men and women are brought to earth with the struggle of a women, But not all the men are chauvinistic and not all the women are good will !
                             In  India, we have almost 4 women chief ministers and to 10 ministers and forget not President of India and Speaker of parliament is also women, it is such a good thing India provides power to female gender, but in order to show that India gives equal power we can't exaggerate and give away all power to female !

There has been a case in a state, where a women who neither knows to write nor to read was once a minister, just because her husband is also a powerful politician, Many cases women are made as setup like a doll to execute the invisible power.. Giving away some % of total allocation to women for contesting in elections may sound as women empowerment but you can't ruin a country for proving the world that women hold equal power here !

Politicians, irrespective of gender and party are known for their good rule and also bad rule, If you take Hitler, Idi amin and most of them are male, While Indira Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi though they are not known as best politicians ever, they dint make any such worst moves (apart from few).

Science tells that women are known for their Multitasking skills and they have good management skills, IF you take a family from making up food for the child to getting herself ready for work, it is not such a easy task, full of pressure and agony.. I respect women in such cases, but many of the women sees men as chauvinists and go for argument in such a way that men gonna eat them !

There are special coaches and seats for women in Train,Buses etc, There is a specific category of police to check for women safety after marriages and to put a full stop for dowry cases, we appreciate that. In the recent local body elections, Plenty of women participated, why ?  certain constituency are allocated for women to contest.. such a sad story..
There was a 102 year old women contested in election.... See most of the political parties are interested in votes, so they give away all powers to people who are emerging... This is a sad state !

Why don't you give few powers to youth ? such, constituents exclusively for youth to contest ??
Women have civil societies to safeguard them, but for men ?
Still there are injustices happening for women, like abduction and harassment in public and even inside house..I will tell you an incident which i witnessed, a girl was speeding up in her moped and dashes with a guy who was going perfectly well, but after that dash girl started to cry and police doubted that guy for imperfect driving and imposed fine on them, there are several such cases happening too..

For these reasons we can't simply come to an conclusion that, this is man's world or this is woman's world.. I do not know who created genders, but whoever or whatever they are, they created for harmony in life, which is seldom seen nowadays...
Answer for whose world it is ?? remains a Hypothetical one, FOR NOW !


  1. A topic to think about n argue about! :P :P

  2. Each gender has its share of hardships. from a woman s eye, there are aspects that make her feel the bias, from a mans perspective there are incidents where he may feel a bias. For harmony we need to feel the troubles of each other and not focus on ourselves


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