White Wash For White's..

           A Month ago, Along with billions of Indians, there was a toughest and hardest time in England, we stood in the pinnacle of Humiliation, While having to loose anymore, we came back with hardest memoirs with us.
           Past is Past, English medias exaggerated themselves much and some stupid retires so called English cricketers, proclaimed themselves as BEST OF THE WORLD and quoted as 2015 will be won by English team, blah blah blah... Intolerable words and Intolerable actions,,,, ufff....

English people thinks themselves as BEST of the world, INDIANS are far better in English and also in Hospitality, If you come with a rose you will leave in peace but if you come with vengeance you will leave in pieces, lol :)

English cricket team came here with full of smile and over confidence, even in press they said that they will win every game they play, what happened is something in other extreme !

Nasser Hussein, Vaughan so called cricketers, slammed Indians there but they seem to be lost now, these two Idiots never played a better cricket than Indian Domestic guys, such a funny punks they are, perhaps funny asses !
                                 Mahendra Singh Dhoni India's best ever captain after Kapil Dev, is straight opposite to English team, Never speaks in press meet, His bat speaks and spoke a lot....
India Thrashed ENGLAND 5-0 , Sweet revenge taken !!!!
                                 Indians are not easy targets, My dear English cricketers mind your tongue and language... HISTORY is something which is dead, never come again in the idea of conquering.
And English Media, My mid finger goes up for you :P


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