25th & 26th Hours Of My Day !

" Who invented Time ? ", this is a question from a toddler. can you answer it ? i mean can you answer in a way he gets satisfied ? do we really know what time is and when it all started ? when does the real count down started ? what is HOUR? MINUTE ? WHO GAVE US PERMISSION TO FOLLOW 60seconds, 24 hours ?? Who accepted it universally ?Do we know what,why time stands for ??
A BIG NO is the obvious answer
, we don't know what TIME is all about yet we speak A to Z about time factor.

Punctuality they call, time management they call but all of them are similar and that similarity is, they deal about SPENDING time, Note the word " SPENDING ", what do you mean by spending ? Spending is way to use,utilize,waste something that we possess, it might be for good reason or for a bad reason(in others view). so one affirmative information is that WE HAVE TIME WITH US.

When i was in face book, there me and my friends had a boring and stupidest discussion, my friends were arguing about " How to kill time ? ", i sneaked in and answered this " You can't kill time, even if you kill it, it cant be a murder.. It's a suicide " , they told me that i went insane.

UNDENIABLE TRUTH " time commits suicide all the time ", just think when you have no work to do and when you want that moment to extend, is it really possible to hit PAUSE BUTTON ?
It doesn't matter whether you use it wisely or not, it is a fact that you can't save time and you can't save time from committing SUICIDE.

If you have two extra hours, what will you do ?, according to me this is an obtuse and feeble question, it is like " i will give you a chocolate, what you will do with that ? ", purpose of chocolate is to be get eaten up, either you or loved one, someone will eat that chocolate for sure, if you waste it ANTS will eat it up, Like that IF YOU HAVE TWO EXTRA HOURS OF LIFE, WHAT YOU WILL DO ? sounds.

Life is not soccer game to have EXTRA TIME, so that we can try to score a goal and try to fulfill our dreams, Life is not school time table, 8 A.M to 12 P.M you have exam and 1 P.M to 2 P.M Lunch, it id definitely not a riding horse inside a circle !

Our past is buried and our future is not at all visible, we have only our present with us, which should be used in a way WHICH WILL GIVES US JOY, it should not be in the expense of others, together we must enjoy what we have.

1) if i have a busy day, which is not at all possible, fine suppose if i have a busiest day in my life, i will use that 2 extra hours for a good sleep.

2) if i am soaked boredom, i will use that extra two hours to watch some movie, hear songs and perhaps a healthy interaction with my family,friends.

3) if i am playing some game and if it is the time for packing, i will use that 2 hours to extend my game.

4) if i have a worst day with my best friend, i would certainly use that 2 extra hours to compromise with him/her and will strengthen the bond further.

5) if i have to submit a thesis next day and if i am running out of time, i will use that 2 extra hours to pack the task.

6) if my boss or H.O.D says, if you fix this work i will give you 100 grands, certainly will use that 2 hours for money.

7) Will communicate with a family, perhaps will make a cup of tea and if they allow me, will cook and serve :)

8) If i haven't blogged for months, i will spend those 2 hours in blogging.

So obviously, what we do and what we are going to and what we did are totally based on that particular time, we are not politicians to say " If we come to power, we will bring ganga to your house ". It depends on that particular day you have 2 more hours.

When you allot no time from the 24 hours for a significant thing of your life, how can we expect you to do that in that extra minute ?? INSANE !

Whatever magnitude my free and extra hour has, i will definitely use that to enrich my joy and definitely to help people around me mentally and physically.
Just because this contest is sponsored by SURF, i won't tell " I WILL USE this 2 hours to help my mom ", no use of being a shadow of something which we are not.

Again i quote, Life is not like school or college time table, this time you should do this and that time you should do that, life is to enjoy the present moment, i am not a motivational speaker( as of now) to say how wisely we should use time.

Finally i finish this with " 25th,26th,27th whatever hour it may be, i will use it in a way my mind says to and i wont plan it now " " Time can't be saved, we can neither utilize nor destroy time, which(time) is dying every second "

{" By posting this post, i have wasted 30 minutes of my 24 hours ", so if you are about to give me 2 hours of extra time, please add this 30 minutes too }

Life and our every moment on this earth is definitely not a satellite launch to go for a countdown, let's ( at least try to) enjoy every moment of our life. for a person who spends every second of his/her life with satisfaction will never need any extra minute or hour or day, unfortunately Humans are the antonym for SATISFACTION.

By thinking about the future which is not at all real, we are missing today's moment :) similarly by thinking about how to utilize time we are simply killing the present moment, time and tide wait for none :) Lets spend every moment for OUR happiness.

Time is NOT a SCALAR quantity, because it has a direction which travels towards FUTURE, never forget TIME HAS NEITHER REVERSE GEAR NOR AN AIR BRAKE to PAUSE :P


  1. I don't know if you have heard the quote - Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.
    -Ambrose Bierce

  2. well, you say you are not a motivational speaker---but i have my doubts! you could very well qualify for one ;)


  3. Abhishek:) nice quote !
    Pri:) Thank you soo much, its my dream job !

  4. I love the logical flow in your thoughts... Your approach towards spending two extra hours is very to the point and commendable. All the very best! :)

  5. similes and metaphors well used friend; the quotes related to time are awesome friend!!!!

    From: www.sriramnivas.com

  6. @ANukriti:) THanks a ton..
    @Sriram:) thanks for noticing that bro :)

  7. Wow!I'm so impressed,Well done Deepak, All the best for the Contest

  8. nice post. all the best



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