"Hey 420, i know you must have done that to him,, confess it by yourself and escape else i will kick your ass", these words are not new to mischievous people, according to our local(Indian) slang, 420 is the number used to pin point a fraud,cheat and forgery, i am sure at some point either we would have called others as 420 or being called as 420...
My blog has become an absolution for me, earlier i have confessed my dirty failed secret on Google Adsense as Bitter Experience, Now yet another post on my funny,lame experience. though this confession is not exactly about Google but somehow it shares some relation with it and this time my confession is all about Blogjunta :P

Blogging is my recent addiction, without facebook i don't have big companion @ online to spend time with, but blogging is also like my diary where i frankly share about things which disturbs me, in that way I'm lucky to be a part of Indiblogger(another blogging community), While checking through some random indivine posts, something caught my eyes, in one blog i saw an award, it said "Blogjunta Editor's Pick", it looked great and it is a pleasure to hold a award, i am spending half of my time on decorating this blog, so i thought that an award like this would help me to get fame :):P

Yes,people will think me as a great blogger if i have an award(My opinion), so what my wicked, silly mind ordered "Hey Deepak why don't you forge that award ? so people will have a great opinion on you ? try it ". Indeed it is a cheap but somehow clever idea to gather people for your blog..

Google Images helped me to have that award like picture and it is easy make a badge if you have a photoshop software, Google served me and will serve a lot for both negative and positive works, i edited that specific award like photo and added it as badge to my blog, It looked realistically and there are no difference you can spot between an authentic and this bogus one:P

I checked my page after adding that badge,Wow it worked(as if i have invented a new element) :) " See you have made a forgery without a flaw, now people will consider you as an excellent blogger" said my wicked mind :)

After adding that badge i just went to that BLOGJUNTA site, Just to check the things out there, to be frank it is not as easy as indiblogger, as a matter of fact anything which comes new to you will be considered as difficult one to cope up with ", While gazing through that site a pop window blossomed and It is from the Editor of blogjunta :O

My mind alarmed, " you are caught red handed ", " they gonna kick you from that community", before replying to his HI, i went to my page and removed that badge:P
and comfortably i wished him a HI back, actually i thought he caught me for forging his site's award, but he sent an formal HI to welcome me... LOL

Ha ha, i shouldn't have deleted i murmured and as we chatted on i confessed him about that forgery and promised him that i wont repeat it in future :P :P
Just shared my so called funny experience, Try having a look at that Blogjunta site, looks cool, for bloggers who have an aspiration to promote their site, Blogjunta is not an exception and definitely a user friendly site :):)
with a smile your respected 420 signs off..


  1. thats nice,,

    being open to the world makes you releived and happy..


  2. You are indeed an honest 420!!!
    ha, ha, ha

    From: www.sriramnivas.com

  3. @Geet: Lol, thanks for reading and understanding it :)
    @Readitt: Yea bro, being open is soo cool :)
    @sriram: Thank you :)

  4. Hello Sarcastic Satan,, yes you are doing some 420 activities :-). But yes blogging is a good form of self expression. I enjoy it too!

  5. Lol :0 Thank you Meera, none calls me with that name :P thanks for calling as satan and thanks for vistitng by, Comment from a blogger like is something precious for me :) :) Keep correctig me :)

  6. The time you spend on designing your blog is worth it man. It is visible throughout .. Love your design and specially that globe-like-tag gadget. :-)

  7. Oh...thats a bad 420;) These blogosphere awards wouldn't mean anything to me:)

  8. @Cloud Nine Yeah indeed bad :) ppl can't be same everywhere,differences in opinion will exists, no wonder that awards doesn't mean anything to people :P few shows it offf and few hides it :P

  9. hahaha You proved again that all Deepaks are born intelligent ;)

  10. Haha, yeah the mind thinks up plenty of such ideas. But what to do, our own conscience comes in way ;-)

  11. That made me LOL. It's always difficult washing your dirty laundry in public. Good to see you are able to confess so candidly.

  12. Terrific stuff...

    keep up the good work Karthik.

    Always a 'write' thing!




  13. @deepak: Yeah and yes we are born intelects :P :P

    @Jyoti: Thank you mam :)

    @Prasad: Thank you so much dude !

    @ramkant: Very well said :)

  14. Your post reminded me of old Raj Kapoor song from Shri 420 -Sab kuch sikha tumne na sikhi hosiyari, sach hai duniya tum hoon anari.
    What a confession!!

  15. Nice post Deepak.

    Thank you for coming to turning the wheel and posting your views on the women. I will surely reply to your comment there.

    Thanks and Regards,


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